inFamous: Second Son Playable at PlayStation 4 Review Event; Greg Miller: “As Fun as it Looks”

inFamous: Second Son has always been showcased hands-off at industry events so far, but apparently that changed at the PlayStation 4 Review Event going on today. IGN’s Greg Miller tweeted¬†about getting some hands-on time with Sucker Punch’s latest labor of love, and his impressions seem to be definitely positive:

I’ve played Infamous: Second Son. The long and short: it’s as fun as it looks. The neon dash makes you run like The Flash. <3

Having seen (unfortunately just seen for now) quite a lot of the game at Gamescom and other events, I can definitely say that the game looks really, really fun. If it plays as well as it looks good, then we’re most probably in for a real treat.

If you want to know what else is available in these secluded demo rooms, below you can see a list, courtesy of Miller himself.


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  • quinten488

    Awesome, I love InFAMOUS. I hope the story has a twist like InFAMOUS 1.

  • bigshynepo

    No showcase for “The Order: 1886”?

    I’d imagine there are some rooms not on the main list reserved for only the top people where they are showing off goods from Polyphony, SquareEnix, and of course….Sony Japan *cough* The Last Guardian *cough*

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      AFAIK it’s only hands-on demos, and from what we’ve seen, The Order isn’t yet in a condition to be demoed in playable state.

  • Mike Sombi

    Infamous Second Son is easily more next-gen than anything pc has to offer.

    Can you name anything on pc that is better than Infamous Second Son? Can you even name anything on pc that has better graphics? No… no, you can’t.

    • Spontaneous_Me

      Funny how PC fangirls complain about consoles dumbing down games in current-gen, but then when next-gen is announced, they crawl out of their troll homes and start bashing consoles. Whenever I hear the word “PC Elitist” it honestly makes me vomit at how insecure they are that they feel the need to call themselves that. They should realize that without consoles, the gaming industry would take a massive hit and gaming would be near death. I have a gaming PC but PC fangirls just turn me off the system.

      Off-topic but you want to hear something? I saw the dude you hate make around 10 alternate accounts and he upvoted himself in all of them and trolled articles on this site. The things he does can only make me come to one conclusion, he has actual mental issues, and people like that are usually mentally unable to realize how wrong their actions are due to their lack of morals. It can only be compared to a serial killer’s mind.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Now this is a real system seller, not multiplatform multiplayer-online current-gen port Titanfall.