Mark Cerny: “We Don’t Say Here’s a Box you Can Watch TV On;” “Huge Audience” for Consoles Focused on Games

on November 11, 2013 11:33 PM

PlayStation 4’s Lead Architect Mark Cerny is very confident on the potential of Sony’s upcoming console as a machine created primarily for games, and while it can do other things too, he doesn’t have any qualms in identifying the difference with Microsoft’s message, as he told Brian Crecente of Polygon in a quite interesting interview.

Well, PlayStation 4 is not strictly about games. I mean, look around this room right now and you’ll see all the different things that you can do that are not games, like the Hulu and the Netflix and all of those things.

It’s just that when we go out and we talk about it, we talk about it as primarily a game console. And by the way, it does those other things too.

We don’t go out there and say, “hey, here’s a box you can watch TV on.”

When Crecente pressed him on whether there’s still room in the market for a console based primarily on games, Cerny was positive on the fact that there is.

I think that yes, there’s a huge audience for devices that primarily play games.

Hard not to agree with him. Sure, there may very well be gazillions of people out there that play on smartphones, tablets, or other devices that have other primary purposes, but the hype for the next generation of consoles is real, and it’s definitely not the echo of a small, niche market.

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