The Last of Us Story DLC will Be Premiered This Thursday at PlayStation 4 All Access Launch Event

Looks like not all the content of the PlayStation 4 All Access launch event that will be broadcasted live on Spike TV this Thursday at 11 PM EST will be PS4-related. Host Geoff Keighley just announced on Twitter that we’ll see something about The Last of Us as well.

World premiere of THE LAST OF US story DLC from @naughtydog this Thursday during #PS4ALLACCESS live on Spike TV and online at 11 PM ET.

While it’s not exactly related to the main star of the evening, The Last of Us is one of the most popular PlayStation games nowadays, so it’s not too surprising to see it get some spotlight during such a crucial event for the PlayStatation brand. The question is, will there be some kind of surprise linking Naughty Dog’s new IP with the PS4? Is this the only thing Naughty Dog is going to bring to the party?

You never know. That said, there’s no doubt that Sony is going to pull out the big guns.

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  • DNA

    I feel like a girl who just discovered her g-spot right now.

  • jdp12

    huh? this is a PS3 game…

    I’m not complaining, just find it odd that a PS3 game is being showcased on PS4

    TLoU GOTY edition on PS4 confirmed?

  • HeczTehFinezt

    Can’t wait to see who’s going to be the playable character for the single player DLC.

    • Suzaku Kururugi

      Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill.

    • I’m hoping for Ellie.

  • Synthetic Construct

    I have to settle for this DLC and Into The Nexus since I can’t get a PS4 yet.

  • stamps79

    I really do hope ND decides to do a PS4 version down the road, I really did enjoy this title and I would love to see it running at 1080p 30FPS or higher, almost no load times, touch pad inventory controls and all the DLC included. ( x’s fingers for the future )

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait!!!