Sony Introduces the PlayStation Plus Official Features Trailer, Just in Time for the PlayStation 4 Launch

Sony has released an official trailer showing off some of the features that will be coming to PlayStation 4 with the PlayStation Plus membership. If you aren’t already a PS Plus member, membership introduces you to the instant game collection which will give you free games such as ContrastDon’t Starve and Resogun. PS Plus will extend across your PlayStation consoles for the same membership price of $49.99 a year, or a three month membership for $17.99.

You’ll have access of up to 75% discounts through the PlayStation Store on games and add-ons, the ability to save your PS4 game saves to the cloud and automatic game updates.

Check out the PS Plus Features trailer below.

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  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    Why do i need this if xbox live can do everything too but better.The only thing xbox live does not do is game discount’s To me that’s fine.i dont buy game’s on xbox live.I buy them else were.Thank u sony for trying but sorry xbox live has been very very good to me.And it’s getting better on xbox one.Ps4 just give me good exclusive’s.That’s all i need u to do sony.Everything else i will keep my xbox one or 360 for .

    • Eat it

      Go play with your Xboner, Troll

    • XBOXer to PSer

      then why bother to comment ..?

    • Topless Stang

      I have both, but does Xbox Live give you 20 free games a month included in the membership cost?

    • Guest

      Xbox Live is useless. Paying to play games in 720p. Meh.

    • Flyte_79

      Anyone else sick of microsoft pr guys spamming the hell out of every sony article they can google up with complete lies about everything being better on the xbox 720p? I know I am…