Insta-Forum: Playstation 4 #GreatnessAwaits – Are You Ready?

We’re T-minus 2 days away from the Playstation 4 launch and holy crap are we excited. We’ve got so many questions to ask you guys. Let’s get the ball rolling:

  1. What are you looking forward to?
  2. What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get your hands on the PS4?
  3. What your plan is for Friday?
  4. Where did you pre-order or didn’t?
  5. Have you had a chance to check out the PSN app for AndroidΒ and IOS?

…and didn’t you secretly wish the PS4 looked like this instead?


…that’s a pretty design.


If you DIDN’T pre-order the Playstation 4, why? Are you waiting and seeing? Getting an Xbox One instead?

Either way, we want to know!

So let’s talk about it in the comments section. Conversation can be heated as long as they stay on topic and respectful towards each other. Those that can’t control themselves will catch the business end of the ban-hammer.

Keep it classy folks!

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  • Al_Zamora

    I didn’t pre order because I enjoy the hunt of finding things. I did order games via Amazon because the deal was just too good, buy 2 get 1, so I am ready with nba 2k14, knack and BF4. I did get my vita for the remote play and PSN for a year because it’s a great value. I am ready, now just need to hunt a console down.

  • James Richmond

    That ps4 design is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s also impractical and probably impossible to create. Thank god.

    • HA! See I think it’s neat. πŸ™‚ It sure as hell isn’t a block box.

    • oGMo

      It’s pretty impractical. It looks like someone photoshopped some rings on a baseball helmet glued to a glass room sign. And no shoulder buttons on the controller?

      I like the “italicized PS2” look of the PS4. And it’s practical: it’ll hide nicely under something else, not require a dedicated display table. πŸ˜›

      • But but.. it’s so sleek! Can you image a design like that coming to the market, oGMo?? Look at the sleekness!!
        Worship the Sleekness! πŸ˜€

    • Al_Zamora

      That design reminds me of the girl robot from Wall-E. lol

  • Langkasuka

    Singapore’s release date is in December so we didn’t pre-order from Amazon or similar. A mistake though, since the final price is almost as high as a Brazilian PS4, *sigh*. Didn’t help that PS App is listed as ‘unavailable in your country’ on Google Play.

    I’m waiting for the price to drop, hopefully by March, so I can upgrade to a 1TB HDD. The game that convinced me to get a PS4 was Knack. Yes I know I know, but I did it for the love of two little PC players, ages 8 and 6, who have yet to experience the couch co-op. :3

    And if the DS4 is still too big for their hands, they can always share the Vita for remote play.

    • Al_Zamora

      That is awesome that Knack will give them some couch coop, there needs to be more of it.

      Wow I didn’t realize that the price in Singapore would be so high as well, wow.

      • Langkasuka

        Oh haha, not THAT bad. I’ve exaggerated since I shop duty-free whenever I fly down from Malaysia. It’s USD 530 or so (PS4 retail price), so it’s still cheaper than a high-end PC or latest Samsung phone. But still more expensive than an Amazon pre-order + tax + shipping, so we were groaning about an opportunity well missed. πŸ˜›

  • oGMo

    I preordered during the E3 conference, because I was going to play Watchdogs. That might have been delayed but I certainly wasn’t going to cancel. This is going to have a lot of great games even if they’re not day 1.

    Day 1: Contrast, Flower, Killzone, and Knack. NFS should arrive at some point.

    The Android PS app is there, but it has some issues .. some text overlap on trophies, etc. I expect it’ll be fixed. The store is just a browser link and hopefully that will be fixed as well.

    • Woohoo!!

      I’m not seeing any overlap of the trophies on either my Nexus 7 or Galaxy S III, but yeah the store link is kind of a disappointment, hope they are working on a real store for it

      • oGMo

        Ah looks like it only occurs on games with multiline trophy text. I haven’t gone through many, but for me this occurs with Tales of Xillia (first one I checked because I just played it). The two other games I checked look fine, but they only use one line.

  • OnlyWar

    Greatness Awaits

  • Woohoo!!

    27h 10m till Greatness Begins! I’ll be there tomorrow at midnight to get mine πŸ˜€

  • islan

    I have not pre-ordered, but I might pick one up in December to stick under the tree if there are any available. I plan on picking up Shadow Fall and gonna play the hell out of Resogun. Shame about Knack.

    • Al_Zamora

      I’m curious if there will be fake shortages for the holidays.

      I am keeping my hopes open for Knack but we will see.

      • islan

        I think shortages are mostly caused by the manufacturing process. You can only make and store so many devices in expectation of launch and still remain cost-efficient. Even after the NA and European launches, I’m sure they’ll still have some stored away in anticipation of the Japanese and Korean launches.

  • Dollow Rlance

    In Cerny We Trust!!

  • Al_Zamora

    The countdown begins!

  • PrinceHeir

    i’m still waiting for lots of games and i have tons of backlog.

    so i’m in no hurry to buy one.

    maybe after a year or two.

    plus people can beta test the console and iron out some of the bugs.

    so i don’t mind waiting ^^