Microsoft Working on AAA Free to Play Game Based on Established and Successful IP

Microsoft Game Studios recently posted a career opportunity ad that sheds some light on a  project that definitely sounds interesting. Below you can read an excerpt of the announcement with the relevant parts bolded.

Microsoft Studios is looking for an experienced Technical Producer to drive the future of gaming through a hybrid of AAA quality games and service-based experiences, technology, and business models. You will work with external game developers and an internal team of cross-discipline employees in Microsoft’s Xbox organization.

– Lead the production, execution and integration of key technologies and features necessary to support the service components of a new game based on an existing, successful Microsoft Studios IP.

The first part of the description basically translates to “Free to play game of AAA quality with a business model based on microtransactions.” We also learn that the game will be developed in collaboration between an external studio and internal developers.

Finally, the game will be based on an established and popular Microsoft IP.

Of course nothing official has been announced yet, and we have no idea on what IP will be involved in this project, but it’s definitely interesting. It may very well be Microsoft’s response to Capcom’s PS4 exclusive Deep Down.

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  • Dennis Crosby

    I bet it’s crackdown

    • Maurice Wilburn

      I really want another Crackdown, I don’t know about it being a free to play though.

      • Jason Boyd

        Same. I’d love another Crackdown that got back to it’s roots of the first one, but I want it to be a real Crackdown game…not a F2P.

        I could see them making Fable into a F2P rpg though.

  • Necro

    Its probably that Fables game.

  • DarthDiggler

    AquaZone: Life Simulator II

  • You are flat out wrong

    Now wait for Xdrones to start lauding F2Ps as the future, such innovation, wow.

    • Usman Khan

      well even sony fans are saying same arent they? f2p isnt new it was started ages ago on PC. both xbox and sony fans are dumb.


      What’s funny is that there are more F2P games on PS4.

      • You are flat out wrong

        What’s funny is that there are more games on Xbone.

        Funny what happens when you don’t focus your entire line up on crap 360 ports, isn’t it?

  • Nicholas Vladislav

    Black and White mmo? Please QQ …