Official Xbox Magazine UK Mocks PS4 Slogan “Greatness Awaits” After Mixed Reviews

on November 13, 2013 11:09 AM

Looks like the officially endorsed press is joining the console war early, with the Twitter account of UK’s Official Xbox Magazine firing shots on the competition after some mixed reviews that hit the PS4’s launch titles.


OXMUK2Personally, I feel that at times it is indeed better to resist.

While one can’t expect complete balance from an officially endorsed publication, this seems to me like a way to hurt one’s own credibility.

It would be perfectly fine if this kind of jab came directly from Microsoft, that is actually part of the competition. On the other hand, seeing it come from a press outlet, as specialized on a brand as it can be, makes me wonder about what we can expect from a generation that starts in this overly confrontational way. Someone may have lost sight of the fact that wishing failure on the competition is a pretty silly way to damage yourself.

But as usual, readers are the ones with the ultimate power to judge.


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