Preview: PlayStation App Impressions and How It Compares to Xbox SmartGlass

Early this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment finally lifted the wraps off of its Playstation App. Available now in Google Play and the iOS app store, the companion app provides users with full access to their Sony Entertainment Network account for their PlayStation devices. The application is the first of it’s kind for PlayStation so I figured it was worth a closer a look for those of you who have yet to install it on your smart devices.

Check out my impressions of the app as well as how it compares to (the Xbox alternative) Smartglass. Enjoy the clip.

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  • islan

    Advertisements for things that exist inside the app itself don’t seem like a bad thing. Gotta tell people that Playstation Plus exists. Really sucks that the Store isn’t included in-app.

    • I feel like there’s a place for ads, and they should be in the store. A store native to the app. It just makes the experience clunky when it does that IMHO.

      But like I said in the clip, the ability to purchase and download while on the move is what gets this app a pass… for now.

      • islan

        Aye, if the Store was actually /in/ the app it would make more sense. But at least it’s not advertising dorritos or anything like that.

        • @disqus_jRXPJ6pLaa:disqus
          “at least it’s not advertising dorritos or anything like that.”

          Not yet.

          • islan

            I’d only be worried if they were already doing that on the PS Store, which they aren’t, unlike some other platforms.

          • Daniel Lawson

            You don’t seem to get it… you PS only owners don’t understand that the Xbox Dashboard IS THE STORE…. there is no store there is only the dashboard. The whole reason it was build was so that you could get to your content more easily and find new content faster

          • islan

            What does that have to do with non-gaming ads getting plastered everywhere? In fact, having those ads plastered everywhere on your dashboard rather than restricted to a separate store app is even worse.

  • Robert Jones

    Problem is you are comparing the 360 smartglass app to the playstation app and not the smartglass app for the xbox one which is not out yet.

    • The Playstation app works with the PS3 and will EVENTUALLY work with the PS4. I downloaded 3 games and a movie onto my PS3 using the app. It’s not an app that is specifically for the PS4.

      • Daniel Lawson

        you think MS should have add a bs link to their store on the app?

  • You need to be more accurate about how you’re showing things. The Playstation app has a Store button, but it only takes you to the mobile website. I can do the exact same thing by placing a bookmark to on my home screen and order content on the go. The Playstation app’s store feature is a glorified bookmark. Please stop being so biased.

    • @quentyn:disqus Did you actually watch the video? That’s exactly the problem that I had with it and I pointed that out.

      • I did watch the video. I was talking about your comment at the end of it, saying that you could “only find this type of functionality in the PlayStation app” or something to that effect. It’s true in a way, but it’s not like there’s no mobile store for Xbox.

        • islan

          I think he was referring to the ability to initiate downloads remotely, which you can do on Playstation and not on Xbox. He purposefully mentions that the store is separated from the app, so there shouldn’t be any confusion there.

          • Except that you CAN initiate downloads remotely. I am even able to do this on the Xbox 360 right now, and I’m sure the Xbox One will have the same functionality. It sounds like he hasn’t even used before.

          • islan

            Then that is an entirely different issue, and if true, should be corrected in the above review.

          • Woohoo!!

            Can’t wait till the XB1 is released so that these guys will has something else to do besides nitpick on every article 😛

          • Quentyn Kennemer you can’t do it on Xbox 360, because the console doesn’t remain on. You will be able to do it once the app is updated for the Xbox One, because that console supports low power, always on mode.


            So, now, November 14th, the PlayStation App has a leg up on Smartglass in that one regard.

            Side note, I pointed out how much nicer MS app is.

            Quit looking for an agenda that doesn’t exist.

          • You can do it on the Xbox 360, as long as you leave the console on. You’re correct in saying that you cannot have it initiated while the console is off on the Xbox 360, but that’s not what you said in your video. You implied that you can’t do it period.

          • islan

            I agree, it is a tad misleading, but I think it was more of a misspoke than an intended bias.

    • So because you misunderstood his video you immediately assume that he’s bias? Stop looking for controversy where there isn’t.

      • I didn’t misunderstand it. You guys are the ones misunderstanding my concerns.

        • islan

          First your complaint is that he doesn’t mention that the PS Store button is a link to the mobile website (which he did). Now your complaint is that he said the 360 store cannot initiate remote downloads (which according to you, is inaccurate). We correctly understood the mistake you made in the first one. If your second one is true, then yes, that is a valid complaint of this review.

          • You’re still not understanding. My complaint was that he acted like that was some next-level sort of feature that the SmartGlass app doesn’t have. It’s true, the SmartGlass app doesn’t have a link inside the app to go to, however he made it sound like it wasn’t possible to do what the PS app does. If you rewatch the video and listen to his wording, you’ll see what I mean. But, of course, you will come in and try to misconstrue my words even more without looking back at the video for yourself.

          • islan

            Okay, so if I get it right, your complaint is that he says that you cannot order 360 content while on the go. The fact is that you CAN, just not on the SmartGlass app. Did i get that correct?

          • That’s correct.

          • islan

            Yeah, no intent to offend, but you could have said that a lot clearer. And I agree, it was a bit misleading. He may have meant “you cannot order AND DOWNLOAD content on the go”, which is true for PS3 vs. 360 but will not be so for PS4 vs. XB1, but the way he says it it makes it sound like you cannot buy content period. But I really doubt he meant that intentionally.

      • NeoTechni

        The word is biasED

  • Phil Jones

    hhhmmm pointless article as Smartglass for Xbox One isn’t even released till the 22nd. The version now is purely for Xbox 360