PS4 UI Showcased In-Depth in Three New Direct Feed Videos

At long last you can see the UI of the coveted new console by Sony in three new videos, showing basically everything you may want to see.

The videos, by YouTube user Arekkz Gaming, explore several features, like the DVR, Twitch TV, the PSN store, Remote Play, the profile and the friend list.

The next generation is finally happening, and at last we can take a good look at it. Personally, I do love how it looks. What about you?

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  • Bankai

    I started fapping halfway through the first video.

  • xboner

    facial detection is weak with this one. Otherwise its a good looking UI

  • Jeff

    So glad I made the right decision w/the silky smooth UI for the Xbox ONE along with all of their great instant multitasking features. This is just still too far in the past.

  • RealityCheck2013

    PSN Store seems fast THANK GOD LoL:D Shame SONY don’t seemed bothered in fixing the PS3 PSN Store tho :-/ It’s still to slow to load up & sticky :-/
    Anyway it all looks well COOL 😛 + I might get faster internet really because it looks like you will get the best out of the PS4 if your internet is super fast.

  • KuchikiSentou

    The 3rd video navigation sounds sound like Gran Turismo 5