Check Out the PS Vita TV Value Pack Unboxed and a Full Overview of the UI and Settings in Three Videos

The PS Vita TV Has been released today in Japan and unboxing videos are starting to surface on the internet, showing off Sony’s new and extremely small brainchild.

Below you can see three videos by YouTube users  OmniOmegaOB and megumi sakaue, showing the coveted little device from all angle. The third video is very interesting, as it gives us an in-depth overview of the console’s UI and settings.

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  • Balalaika

    Your average Playstation Fan.

  • Bankai

    Dat 1080i!

    Seriously though, when the Vita TV makes it West, I’m buying 2 and posting an unboxing for each one.

  • PrinceHeir

    good stuff!!