PS4 Reported Failure Rate is 0.4% So Far; Time To Stop Panicking (UPDATED)

There have been some reports surfacing about PS4 units received early suffering from hardware problems. As a matter of fact, several sites have been scrambling to report about every bricked unit they can find.

What many of those sites (conveniently, as it would turn a possibly profitable story into moot fluff) won’t tell you is that there are a whole lot of PS4 units already in the wild. Many more than you would expect a day before launch.

Consoles awarded by the Taco Bell contest have already been shipped and received (a few of the units reporting problems are indeed from that contest), and the fast food chain announced a week ago that the winners were “nearly 4000.”

At the moment we have learned of seven different PS4 units suffering from a variety of hardware problems.

Even not counting all the units sent through other channels, to the press, and already delivered by retailers for one reason or another (one of the owners of a bricked PS4 claims he got it at WalMart for instance), the reported failure ratio is 0.175%, which is minimal.

As a term of comparison, in 2008 the Xbox 360 was reported to have a 16% failure ratio, while the PS3 and the Wii had a 3% failure ratio.

According to Consumer Reports data the average failure ratio of consumer electronic sits at around 15%.

Quite obviously this kind of percentages is related to devices that have been used for a while, and it’s very possible that some users that received a PS4 did not publicly report it (even if in this day and age that’s quite unlikely considering how fast people are to go complain on the internet about every problem, especially gamers), but one thing is for sure: the amount of PS4 reportedly non functional so far is negligible, as SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida himself says:

Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues. The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents.

Maybe it’d be a good idea to sit back and calm down, as panicking over a 0.175% seems to be just a slight overreaction. Hardware failures happen with all consumer electronics, and while they definitely have to be addressed (that’s why warranties exist), the number of reported cases is way too small to indicate a widespread problem at the moment.

Even if the reports were to raise in numbers (and they doubtlessly will, with millions of consoles to be shipped over the next few months), the road to reach even the remarkably low 3% failure rate of the Ps3 is still very, very long.

Update: Sony provided IGN with an official statement, that provides their own estimate, which obviously is generated by much more complete information than what I have access to. You can read it below in its entirety.

A handful of people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems. This is within our expectations for a new product introduction, and the vast majority of PS4 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and are on track for a great launch.

There have been several problems reported, which leads us to believe there isnโ€™t a singular problem that could impact a broader percentage of systems. The number of affected systems represents less than .04% of shipped units to date, which is within our expectations for a new product introduction.

Update 2: in a further correction, Sony told Game Informer that the correct percentage is 0.4% and not 0.04% as they previously told IGN (and Game Informer itself). While It’s worse than the 0.2% resulting from my earlier calculations, it’s still definitely a very low percentage compared to the failure rate of any electronic device, and again, the road to the 3% of failure rate of the PS3 is still very long, and hopefully it’ll never be fully traveled.

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  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    This whole situation has definitely been blown way out of proportion.

    • mickrussom

      0.4% in a week? No, its not. That’s bad. And its going to get worse.

      • Mr Apple.

        It is bad, the Xbox 360’s failure rate didn’t reach 1% till years after. Then it started rising due to age and such.
        Same goes for all other systems, in a week, no system has gotten over 0.2% failure rate. Sounds to me like Sony is trying to hide the real number of the amount of reported PS4’s being broken to me.

  • On the side of caution I will very gently slide in my HDMI cable tonight.

    • Al_Zamora

      Buy it dinner too before you slide it in. Lmao

      • SwappingFrom360toPS4

        also, apparently the HDMI cable likes to be stroked whilst you plug it in.

        • @disqus_UUkKErnABC:disqus @Al_Zamora:disqus we’re doing this again, aren’t we?

    • Larry Skells

      no homo

      • Al_Zamora

        But of course no homo, that makes it ok, right? Lmao.

        • usrev

          it’s not gay if a ps4way

    • Anthony

      is this including the IGN console and Kotaku? im just concerned because im getting mine tonight as well..

  • Be Our Guest

    Im no fan of sony, but Finally a sensible article …… well said!

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    DAMAGE CONTROL!!! lolol the reports are literally flowing in…. not to mention its only been 24 hours since first retail unit… also how many people were obliged to post online? (Or whos online posts havnt been see?) You are comparing data from consoles that were out 3 years to a console that has been out 24 hours and on top use incomplete data … dual shockers are just sad.

    • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

      O and dont forget … it’s just dumb luck that major reviewers and first recievers kotaku and ign got bad consoles too right? …. when more reviewers get units and find them to be faulty it will literally be afirst. Xb360 even lasted for longer than 24 hours.

      • You’re right. We just put on the “money hats” we all got from the review event that we didn’t attend.

        • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

          when did I say anything about any kind of event?

      • Mr Apple.

        Lol yep, the Xbox 360 lasted years before the 1st RROD or crash even made its appearance. At 1st people didn’t even believe it, because no one’s 360 ever crashed. Then the 1st video popped up, and yea.

        The PS4 has been out for 24 hours from where your standing, 7 days ago, and now the PS4 has been out for a week. Guess what the numbers are now? Over 100’s.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      What is just sad is people throwing s*it at the wall and hoping it sticks ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Gorgon Lazardda Numther

    LOL More like Phony GayStation, cuz it sux and is 4 teh gays TROLOLOLOLOL FEGGITS

    • Gorgon Lazardda Numther

      I hope that like was due to appreciating my sarcasm, and not genuine agreement.

      • Nazreth

        It’s ok, I remember being 12 years old once.

        • Gorgon Lazardda Numther

          I was just poking fun at the people who do post those comments. There is an alarming amount of them. You are right though, it was very immature of me regardless of my intentions.

      • lol I was with you @gorgonlazarddanumther:disqus XD


    • Larry Skells

      Grow up man

    • TjaldidTjaldid

      don’t use gay as an insult please, use shitstation or something else instead

      • Dwight Shalders

        No Shitbox and Gaybox sounds better lol

  • Jessenia Lopez

    love my PS4

    • Al_Zamora

      Did you receive yours already? Your in the future from us? Lol

  • Larry Skells

    This is dissapointing news, but im happy Sony is acting fast and helping out the early adopters of the PS4. All the Taco Bell winners were told they just need to send it back and receive a new one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • cfrau15

      Yeah that’s what they told me, but they also told me that it could take 3 weeks to a month for me to get a working one now.

  • cfrau15

    Welp, mine shipped broken.

    • Al_Zamora

      Was it shipping damage? Or out of box failure?

      • cfrau15

        Couldn’t tell you, boots on for a second with a blue LED then clicks and shuts off. This will only happen when i unplug and re plug the power cable

        • Al_Zamora

          What are you doing now?

          • cfrau15

            Staring at the wall. Wishing my PS4 worked. And waiting for them to send me a box to send it back in.

          • Proof with a picture please?

          • cfrau15
          • Xannic

            Is it coincidental that every reported console failure seems to stem from a contest win/reviewer?

          • doublespaces

            No. Because thats pretty much the only general public that has consoles.

  • Anchorman

    My brother got his PS4 from taco Bell and it crashed after 30 minutes. This problem is bigger than jut those reporting failure

    • Al_Zamora

      I heard the taco bell batch had issues. Do you return it to taco bell or Sony?

      • generic-user-name a.k.a GUN

        Click his name.

        Read the pro MS/Anti-Sony comment history.
        Proceed to doubt what he is just after telling you.

      • Anchorman

        Taco Bell wont take it and Sony keeps asking for proof of purchase

  • Guest

    is this including the IGN console and Kotaku? im just concerned because im getting mine tonight as well.

    • Yes it is

    • Mr Apple.

      Nope, its not. They only listed IGN and another place, no where does it say Kotaku.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    The only site saying that increasingly reported failures of ps4’s within the first 24 hours since retail release including many major reviewer outlets ( not to mention those who haven’t reported online) IS NO PROBLEM AT ALL…. what a joke dual shockers.

    P.S. there is a reason they are the only site blindly support ps4 failures as a positive.

    • 3rdworldgamer

      i don’t understand what you just posted

      • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

        Because I fragmented my sentence horribly in the middle when describing people who have reported broken consoles … still dont think it takes too much comprehension to understand.

        • 3rdworldgamer

          here’s the thing, you knew that the way you presented your sentence(s) were incorrect yet you’ve gone ahead and made it anyways. you hate sony, i get it, and a lot of other people feel the same as you (although i can’t comprehend why is that, same with the XBox One). but please do try to write it in a way people would clearly understand your message.

    • Not really, facts are facts. It’s failure rate is 0.2%.

      • *Made-up statistics are made-up statistics. Seven out of ~4000 is indeed about .2 percent. But that’s seven self-reported failures that the writer was able to find on the internet. Highly scientific polling there.

        Then comparing that ludicrously flawed number that doesn’t get close to being able to be reliably called a “failure rate” to other failure rates from unlisted sources?

        Definitely can draw conclusions here.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You seem to be mad that the facts don’t support a widespread problem.

      Maybe you wish there was one?


      • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

        No just crap that you are fooling consumers into buying into a potentially failing console (may turn out to be minimal, but you state it matter of factly, which it is not) by telling them unconfirmed and incomplete information.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          While you and the sites spreading FUD over this and trying to make it look like a widespread problem have “confirmed and complete” information?

          At the moment the number of reported cases is minimal compared to shipped consoles. Sony has confirmed this officially (and they’re the ones with the most “confirmed and complete” information out there), so you simply don’t have a point, and seem just mad because the FUD you seem intent on spreading is unsubstantiated.

          If there’s someone trying to fool people here, it’s you ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            Factual and conclusive evidence of multiple failures is FUD? … its not like I am saying the fail rate is astronomical, but it very well could be especially with so many reports in 24 hours … you on the other hand seem to think it’s impossible.

            Guess we will see, this sites in for a rude awakening if you are wrong though, as many customers may have been swayed by you stating the above as fact.

            Other sites are simply saying many reports are coming up of failures.That Iis a fact, the above is not fact, it’s assumption.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Wrong. The above is saying that the number of reported cases compared to shipped consoles is minimal. Which is hard, cold fact.

            No matter how you try to spin it, that doesn’t change.

            We’re not “swaying” anyone. We’re simply putting a few isolated cases in their factual perspective, which is that there are already multiple thousands of consoles out there.

            Scrambling to report every single failure case of a piece of consumer electronics without mentioning that fact is FUD, or at the very least shoddy journalism intending to create a story where there’s none.

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            How do you know how many failed? And for that fact how many retail boxes have been shipped … if you don’t have that info that is what I call conplete BS and bias, regardless of whether it ends up being true or not.

            What website is posting every single incident???? Thought so….

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I suggest checking N4G for a lovely catalogue of “throwing s*it at the wall hoping it sticks”. I won’t name names, but you’ll find quite a few there.

            We have the info on how many consoles are shipped (actually a conservative estimate, as there are more out there than just Taco bell’s) and how many cases have been reported.

            Which is why it’s a “reported” failure rate. This article puts it in perspective, thing that many others fail to do.

            It’s very simple, but you seem to be unhappy with having those cases put in their correct perspective. And I wonder why…

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            How many cases do you think have been reported? Online at least? I bet you guess wrong … and I will link you to each seperate report. But since you are so informed give me the number of online reports you think there have been so I can prove to you how wrong you are.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            At the moment we are at 7 actually documented, but you don’t seem to understand that even if there could be more than that, the percentage is still minimal compared to the consoles shipped. And as for the consoles shipped the numbers we have are lower than the actual number of consoles out there, as we have only Taco Bell’s numbers.

            So it still doesn’t matter. The percentage is still minimal, and you’re reaching.

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            As of this morning I have 17 reports, 14 of which have provided proof will post link at 7pm tonight … that doesnt count the unreported or those reported since 8am forward today…. way to change your story now though … you went from

            ” we have info”
            “Well currently we have the wrong amount, but that doesnt matter.”
            (Above quotes may have a bit of added prose, but accurately relays what was said)
            And you do realize that when factoring in the 14 (17 if you want to include the other possible fakes) and the unreported your .2% instanly becomes laughable just like this article.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Maybe you should not add prose, when you try to make a point, otherwise you falsify your point, like you just did.

            Interesting that you just admitted scrambling to look for every reported case in order to spread FUD.

            For every case you can find, there are tens of PS4s out there that come from other sources than Taco Bell, so the under .2% percentage is still a very valid estimate, until you can prove the opposite, which you can’t.

            How many of your “proven” cases (would really like to see that evidence) are from Taco Bell units? Unless it’s all of them, or the vast majority, your flawed logic goes down the drain.

            You’re trying just a little too hard to be moved just by a genuine intention to inform.

          • Right now they’re working with reported cases, of which right now there are 7 out of the 4,000+ units currently out there in the wild. Just for fun, say there are 20 times more than that which have issues, so now we’re at 140. Even if the number was that high, we’d still only be at 3.5% – as in not a widespread problem. Not enough for you? Okay, we’ll triple even that – let’s say that there’s 420 units with issues. Still only 10.5%.

            Quit trying to make mountains out of molehills.

  • redavutstuvader

    Q: It’s great for Sony to say that PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One, it’s a great marketing point but…

    Shuhei Yoshida: Well, I always say “I believe” or “We believe.” I’m not saying that it is.

    wake up guys

    • generic-user-name a.k.a GUN

      So many inaccuracies in that MS Paint chart it’s not even funny.

      PS3 supported 7 controllers, not 4.
      Sony did remote play between PS3 and PSP long before the Wii U came along.
      Are you trying to tell me that the 360 controller is innovative and didn’t ape from other controllers, including previous dualshocks?

      PSN and Live offer different things.
      I’ll give you the trophies and the move but why not criticise Steam for adding achievements? And as for the Kinect, Eyetoy, PS2 days.

    • Bankai

      You do know that most (if not all) of the things on there are false over reaches, right?

      A few examples: Sony did remote play long before the Wii U came around, it doesn’t matter if few games supported it. Sony only made trophies because everyone was bitching about how the PS3 didn’t have an alternative to trophies – thus their arm was twisted.

      If I remember correctly, the Dreamcast had lan support and an internal HDD, while the N64 supported 4 controllers. And how convenient that they forgot to mention how Microsoft stole the PS2’s dvd functionality.

      Then there’s motion gaming which Sony did back in 2001 with the EyeToy and PS2. Not to mention how Microsoft stole all of the PS4’s social features. Mario kart wasn’t the first cart racing game and Microsoft just recently copied PS Plus, but once again, that was left out.

      So apparently, Microsoft and Nintendo aren’t leaders in innovation either.

    • Flyte_79

      Enjoy your 720p box you hate filled jerk. We don’t want people like you on our network anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anthony
  • Lacarious

    .02% is still a % of failure… what will it be when the ps4 launches? could that .02% jump to say… 20.2%??? I for one will feel some xbox 360 RROD anger if my ps4 is DOA at midnight tonight!!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That’s not how percentages work. Unless things change the number of consoles shipped shouldn’t raise any percentage.

      • Right, but counting self-reported failures that you can find on the internet and extrapolating that into a “failure rate” is not how statistics work.

        Maybe check out that Consumer Reports article (that you failed to link) and see how they gathered their data to reach that 15% conclusion. I’ll wager it was not by counting how many people complained online in the first 24 hours of receiving their electronic device.

      • Eric Monteiro

        Unless of course the sample size is to small and potentially biased…

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          You’re right. My sample size was too small. In fact Sony just provided official figures, that you can find above. I was too pessimistic. The percentage is not 0.2%, It’s 0.04%

          • 0.04% of 4000 is 1.6. Meaning if there are around 4,000 consoles shipped, only 1.6 of them have failed so far. Obviously there must be more than 4,000 consoles shipped, right? For 0.04% to be true, there would have to be 20,000 consoles out already and only eight have failed. There are way more than eight reported failures, so has Sony ever said how many consoles are out right now?

            Maybe they forgot to convert a decimal to a percent and they really mean it’s 4,000/16 failures=0.4% failed so far. That’s not what a failure rate means, not even close, but semantics.

            Either way, Sony PR’s claim of a 0.04% failure rate is just as fake as your claim of 0.2%.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You’re assuming that only Taco Bell shipped the consoles so far, which is, quite obviously, a false assumption, as not all the reports are about consoles from Taco Bell.

            I’m afraid the only “fake” thing here isn’t in the percentages provided by me or by Sony, but in the scrambling of some like you to try and and spread FUD on a new console.

            Fake and rather disgraceful.

          • I got the 4,000 number from your article. You used 4,000 in your calculations to get your original claim of 0.2%. It was your assumption, not mine. I used your assumption in my calculations to keep it consistent.

            Sure, there are more than 4,000 consoles out. I conceded that in my post. But there would have to be more than 20,000 consoles out for the math to check out at eight failures so far. Sony’s never confirmed or denied that, so it’s speculation.

            Can you give me an example of how I’m spreading FUD? I’m simply checking your math and Sony’s math and saying it’s inaccurate. Never once said it’s a big deal or you should probably not buy PS4.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The fact is that you have absolutely no element to say that it’s inaccurate. You don’t know how many units are out there nor how many malfunctioned, they do.

            So you’re trying to disprove official data with nothing = a clear attempt to spread FUD.

          • Official claims, not data. Data = numbers. They’ve released one number, 0.04%. So in order to take them on their word I have to make calculations using that one number.

            Which is what I did.

            I’m glad you’re a mind-reader, though. I wasn’t even aware I was spreading FUD. My bias must be buried pretty deep, compared to someone who’s writing for a Sony blog. I don’t have a dog in this fight.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            It’s interesting how you come here just to try and spread FUD without even knowing that this site has a full multiplatform focus. Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, and basically everything related to games. We even talk about arcades lol.

            Data = Numbers. They gave a number: 0.4%. Ergo they gave data, and it’s data you have nothing to disprove, even if you’re trying very hard with the “sony lies!” mantra.

          • Nope, read your headline claiming 0.2% and came to check your math.

            Yes they gave data (0.04% by the way, that extra zero is easy to forget). I used said data to do calculations. Those calculations give me more data that they didn’t tell me. Such as, based on X failures, in order to reach their provided 0.04%, there would have to be Y consoles in the wild. Those calculations based on their provided data end with incredible numbers, which leads me to believe there was an error with the provided figure.

            I’m willing to admit I might not have all the data to make correct calculations. But I’m also not going to let a company that has financial motivation to tell less than the truth tell me “Oh, there’s no problem here.” When clearly some people are experiencing a problem.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Sure. Some people are experiencing a problem. *Some* people will always experience problems with any consumer electronic device.

            There’s no way around it, and with the easily connected world we live in, those reports will always be overestimated and will always receive the spotlight, even more so with so many websites that have a vested interested in throwing sh*t at the wall hoping that it sticks.

            From there to having a widespread problems. there’s quite a long shot. And there’s absolutely no reason to believe that such long shot has been made, which is exactly the point of this article.

            As for the Y number, you simply have no idea of how many consoles are already out in the wild between contests, press, promo units, units delivered earlier and so forth. let’s not forget developers, because even developers are delivered retail units beforehand as a normal practice, and there’s a whole ton of PS4 developers out there.

            If a single contest had 4,000 winners a week ago (and more were added to that since), the Y number is nowhere incredible.

            You’re of course not even counting false positives. How many of the reported cases are due to user error? or to something that was afterwards fixed very simply?

            Simply enough. Sony has the data to make those calculations. You don’t. Based on the few numbers we have, the percentage is negligible. Based on what Sony says, the percentage is even more negligible, and their number is more credible than any other.

            If you don’t want to believe it, that’s your problem alone, but until it’s disproved, which it hasn’t, it’s official.

          • Yep, which is why I’m not FUD FUD about PS4. If anything, anyone who buys a new electronic device should know there is a possibility (albeit usually slight) that yours won’t work. Your point is valid that even compared to PS3/X360/Wii launch it’s much easier for someone reporting a problem to be given a wide audience.

            False positives on one side, unreported actual failures (TBell winners who had a PS4 problem but didn’t run to social media) on the other. Negligible, and speculation at best.

            How ’bout this? Change the headline of the article to something factual, like “Sony reports 0.04% of pre-launch consoles have bricked” instead of mentioning a 0.2% failure rate (which is inaccurate). You counted seven “confirmed” failures (based on your unexplained methodology of which are legitimate and which don’t count), used that 4,000 you just criticized me for using, and made the claim of a 0.2% failure rate – also not realizing that failure rate usually is measured by failures annually, not failures in the first hours/weeks of a console being plugged in.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The post has been updated to 0.4% now that Sony has communicated that percentage, which is still plenty good for an electronics launch.

          • Thanks. That’s much more fair.

            The headline much better supports your (totally agreeable) overall point that it’s way too early to worry.

            If things change and there’s a higher percentage of day-one failures when more people get their consoles (could be caused by different batches from different factories, just as a hypothetical) then we’ll reassess. But right now, you’re definitely right it’s not panic time.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            And we have a point of agreement. Sorry for calling you FUDDer, but I think there’s a lot of people out there with a vested interest in throwing as much mud as possible on the launch of both consoles, and it’s starting to get a bit stale ๐Ÿ˜€

    • incognito

      apparently you didnt read the part that said “According to Consumer Reports data the average failure ratio of consumer electronic sits at around 15%.”….thats the average of ALL electronics…no electronic ever shipped never had a 0% failure rate

      • Lacarious

        apparently you didn’t understand that i don’t really care that much and it was just a basic response to possible unknown failure rates growing. PSN login probs anyone???? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • incognito

          i have had zero problems with PSN login btw….and associating the 360 RROD to PS is ridiculous considering the failure rate of those console was 34% or more….hell, the lifetime of the PS3 only had a 3% failure rate….so going off history, Sony has the more reliable console when it comes to failure rates

      • Lacarious

        BTW is your first name ritchie?

  • islan

    There will always be a few.

  • Can’t tell if clickbait or actual, woeful misunderstanding of statistics.

    If clickbait, I’m sorry I visited.

    If zero grasp of statistics, I’d be glad to give you a quick tutorial.

  • thuglove68

    OH MY

  • TristanPR77

    The only ones making an hurricane out of this is the xbox community.

    Then, when the xbone launches and present their problems the PlayStation fans will do the same and the Xbots will be crying and embarrassed.

    All this has simply be trolling issue. 0.04% is very good for a new product that is in mass production.

    What percentage do you think the xbone will have? Wait and see.

    • 0.04% would be a good failure rate, if true. It’s not true. See math above.

      Don’t believe everything PR tells you.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Those PR have access to more precise data than you do, that’s for sure.

        • Access is irrelevant. They’re not using the data correctly in calculations (see my reply to you) and they’re just throwing out unsubstantiated claims like 0.04% without even telling us 0.04% of how many? All shipped units? No, all pre-launch units. OK, then how many pre-launch units are there?

          There have to be more than 20,000 pre-launch units for their claim to even possibly be true, based on eight failures (which it’s already more than that).

          • Ren

            All those demo machines in retailers and those send for press reviews has to work, just do your numbers.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The only unsubstantiated claims are yours. Since you have absolutely no data to back them up.

            On the other hand, if there’s someone that does have the numbers to make that calculations, it’s Sony, ergo their official numbers are what counts.

            Access is completely relevant. They have access to the data. You don’t. Ergo unless you can provide evidence to disprove their claims, yours are irrelevant.

            And no, “Sony lies!” is no valid evidence.

          • Substantiated: To support with proof or evidence

            Read Sony’s quote again and tell me where the accompanying evidence is. I’ll trust them to make correct calculations when they release the data they’re using and let someone double-check their math.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The evidence is that They have direct access to that data, which you don’y. When a company makes an official statement, it’s considered valid until contrary evidence is provided.

            Since you have none, your claims are completely unsubstantiated, and pretty sad.

            It almost seems that you *hope* that there’s a problem, and I wonder why.

          • OK, so when a public company claims they have sales of $100 billion in a quarter, I just have to trust their official statement and not be given access to their financials?

            If Wall Street worked like that, it’d be worse off than it is.

            Again trying to read into my intent. I don’t hope anything. I hope we all have a fun gaming experience, that’s why I’m into games. All we’re doing right now is observing other people having problems (bricked PS4s) and trying to determine how widespread it is. Doesn’t seem worth worrying about, to me. Things break. But it also doesn’t seem worth making up “failure rates” just to calm people’s fears.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            “OK, so when a public company claims they have sales of $100 billion in a quarter, I just have to trust their official statement and not be given access to their financials?”

            As a matter of fact yes, you do, considering that it’s illegal to provide false financial data.

            When there are quite obviously people around with a vested interest in causing panic and FUD around gaming, it’s definitely worth putting the numbers in the right perspective (which is that the reported cases are a negligible percentage and there’s really not much to worry about at the moment), so that people can approach this new generation with a bit of much needed serenity instead of believing the boy that cried wolf.

          • Yes, it’s illegal to provide false financial data – and my point is they back it up by having to substantiate those claims. The SEC’s EDGAR database, for example, is open for consumers to check companies’ reports. There is no similar accountability with claims like these. I’m not saying we need to regulate PR claims, but I am saying we don’t have to believe everything a PR person says, especially when it’s not accompanied by any evidence or transparency.

            I believe financial claims because they’re accompanied by reports I can verify.

            Yeah, there’s shady people on both sides. Just as you can choose not to trust contest winners and game news websites reporting non-working consoles (what is their motivation to lie? Microsoft shills? That old paranoid claim?), I can choose not to trust a company that wants my money (that has a motivation – and a track record of deception, cf. “All I Want for Xmas is a PSP” – to spin whatever problem so that more people buy their junk).

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The difference is that we’re a day from launch. If there really was a widespread issue, the folks at Sony know very well that it’d explode starting tomorrow.

            It’s not believable or realistic to think they’re lying on the issue, when doing so would be a lot more damaging not even in the long run, but in the short run.

  • Odinoize

    E’ colpa di Microsoft, eh?

  • Brian Santiago

    This is .04% of total shipped is it not? I wonder what the percentage is of people who have actually received the system. I’m sure it’s much higher than .04%.

    • Brian Santiago

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Sony fanboy and I’m picking one up tonight! I’m just wondering about the numbers… I feel like I’ve heard a lot of complaints, albeit with an easy fix.

      • Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios at Sony (@yosp), said earlier that it was a small number compared to pre-launch consoles shipped (so not 0.04% of total like 1 million preorders, but 0.04% of consoles in hands before Friday).

        But there’s no clarification about where that 0.04% number came from as far as I’ve seen.

        • Brian Santiago

          Ah, ok I hadn’t heard that Yoshida commented on the number. I assume that the number comes from people who have contacted Sony customer support as it’s their only way of reporting on it that I can think of.

          • He didn’t comment on 0.04% specifically. All he said was:

            “Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues. The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents.”

            then clarified “shipped” meaning pre-launch units already shipped.

            Your point is correct, we don’t know where they got that 0.04% number from and that would be a historically low failure rate (not that a failure rate = number of consoles that brick in the first week of use). Unless this is the best-made device ever released, it’s going to be more than 0.04% once everybody has their console.

          • Vinรญcius Bastos

            IGN has corrected their article, saying that actually is 0.4%, not “0.04” as initially announced.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Still way within more than acceptable ratios. It sucks for those affected, but that’s why we have warranties.

            If the percentage remained around 0.4% even during the actual life of the console, it would be a luxurious result.I doubt it’ll stay THAT good mind you. If it’ll be around the 3% of the PS3 it’ll be great already.

          • los3rfac3

            Taco Bell gave away 4000 units with the PS4 box.

  • TVippy

    I want to puke so bad because of your fanboyism. You can’t even see clear.

  • Orlษ›anลพ

    Just got my PS4 this morning. Working great, and didn’t have any problems yet. All I need now is BF4 and Destiny.

  • RealityCheck2013

    I never trust if someone says they have a faulty console because of this –

    Some guy on YouTube bought a PS3 slim & took out the Hard drive then posted on YouTube that his PS3 didn’t work!!! LoL:D But what gave it away even more was that he had a Xbox 360 & loads of Xbox 360 games in the back ground(& even Halo posters to!!!) ๐Ÿ˜€
    Anyway hopefully this is a minor problem & not a sh*t Xbox 360 RRoD MAJOR problem.

  • MrZweistein

    I suggest just wait a week how all is playing out. It is standard tactics of PR. Just remember PSN outage and Sony’s PR behavior. However I feel with all the purchasers of the PS4 that will be part of the 0.04% group (doesn’t matter if its higher or lower) because they will be pissed.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    LOL can someone explain how a .4% fail rate has managed to affect such a large group of reviewers???

    not to mention some others (just some, to spare wall space) (all sources have photos and videos, except kotaku)

    Funny how just about 5 hours ago the Author bashed me earlier for questioning his .3% … only to be downtrotten by sony who said .4% (firs they said .04% by mistake and he got all happy) … and now we have the 3rd major reviewer with faulty console…. Do we really believe this is all possible (let alone probable) at a .4% fail rate?

    EDIT: LOLOL author edited his statement to me about the .04% to save face, what a freaking backtracking biased journalist we have here … can’t even stand by what he says.

    • Careful with the J word. That’s not a title you automatically earn by posting on a website. They’re commentators at best.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The difference between .2% and .4% is minimal, and we happily correct our calculations when provided official figures.

      But it’s funny that you keep trying to contest official sources with absolutely nothing to back up your claim. “But a couple journalists got a faulty ones! Sony must be lying!”

      Yeah. Doesn’t work like that. A few links of an extremely small number of cases are no back up of any percentage over what Sony specified.

      It’s quite obvious by how heated you get on this issue that the bias is not on our side.

    • You are flat out wrong

      A few dozen out of tens of thousands of consoles sold over the last few days?

      Congratulations on wrecking your own argument.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Seems to be mostly Xdrone griefing and crying after six months of butt-frustration. It’s pretty sad, actually.

    Meanwhile, in reality…

  • mickrussom

    0.4% with a runtime in less than a week is a hardware holocaust. Wait until the 1 year mark. This looks like a nightmare in the making.

  • Erik Colquitt

    Can you hear that Sony?
    Those are Chickens coming home to Roost.