Sony’s Executives were Cheering and High-Fiving As Microsoft Announced the Price of the Xbox One

SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida shared a colorful piece of information about the competition between Sony and Microsoft, telling the Escapist in an interview about how the Sony camp reacted to the announcement of the price of the Xbox One at E3

We’re extremely proud that we’re able to offer PS4 for a 400 dollars price point.

There were some rumors before the announcement at E3. They had the press conference before we did. We were waiting in the reharsal and watching the livestream of the announcement, and towards the end of the show they announced their price point, and we were like “yahoo!” We were high-fiving, because there were some rumors, but we didn’t believe it. We were like “Wow, that’s awesome!”

You know, competition is fun.

It can definitely be fun, and even more importantly, it’s good for the industry and for gamers. Unfortunately it becomes a little less fun when the fanboys of both camps start slinging mud at each other, but I guess that’s the (bad) nature of the beast.

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