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Sony’s Adam Boyes Takes a Jab at Kinect’s Forced Inclusion with Xbox One, Explains Philosophy with the Camera

by on November 15, 2013 7:17 PM 120

There has been quite a lot of talk on the different approach by Microsoft and Sony on the sale of their glorified webca… ahem… of Kinect and of the PlayStation 4 Camera, and at the end of a long and rather hilarious interview on GiantBomb Sony’s VP of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes took the chance to throw a bit of a jab at the competitor’s strategy that ended up pushing the Xbox One’s price upwards:

It’s out on November 15th in North America and South America, It’s 399 US Dollars… And in Europe on November 29th in a variety of currencies that I can’t remember off the top of my head… Camera optional! Crazy! 

That, besides the obvious hilarity,  sparked a question on Sony’s philosophy with its own camera, and Boyes explained what the key factors are and his own experience:

So, here’s the thing: I brought home my retail kit. I brought the camera and I have my kids with me and they’re young, they’re super young, right?

I had the most special moment ever with the camera when you have the controller and there’s a bunch of little guys in the controller you can spit out and play with, and she’s shaking it, she hears them in the speaker, she hears them in there squeaking and she goes: “Dad, are they really in there?” And that was the most adorable, magical thing.

So I love the magic about what can happen with that. Double Fine is doing dome cool stuff with PlayRoom, but I think what’s possible… the thing is when it organically makes sense, right?

When does it makes sense for a game to have that stuff? I think that’s key, and that’s why we have sort of two kit options, not like a primary… We didn’t force you to buy it. It’s an option. It’s there if you want it.

Personally, I enjoy the idea of buying only what I actually want to use, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the best strategy in the long run. The real competition hasn’t started yet, and we’ll have to wait quite a bit to see who’ll have the last laugh.

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  • Edonus

    The Ps4Eye is a comparatively a piece of junk. It isnt even as good as current kinect. So leaving it out and not innovating is an easy decision.

    You dont innovate by only selling pieces and chunks of something. You make an idea make the commitment and execute. thats why kinect broke records and made tons of money while sony had to sell of buildings to be profitatble.

    • Bankai

      First off, the PlayStation Camera is far more advanced than the current Kinect. Second, the Kinect didn’t break records, though it was fairly profitable.

      Finally, Kaz sold off those buildings because they were costing them too much money to keep. Oh and the Kinect is essentially a slightly more functional EyeToy.

      • b00mfargl3

        have you used either of the two. I found the new eye to be extremely weak in comparison to the kinect on the 360. I like what they have done with the new eye and it is improved above and beyond, but I will agree it is inferior to the kinect 1.0.

      • JayD

        Kinect Achievement Unlocked: Record Broken!

        “Microsoft Kinect ‘fastest-selling device on record’”

        • Flyte_79

          That’s not true though, microsoft got caught lying about sell in vs sell through. The iphone is still the fastest selling device.

          • JayD

            They didn’t use MS’s numbers to declare the award. It came from an independent research company:

            “According to independent research, no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, which is an incredible
            achievement considering the strength of the sector.”


            It looks like it has since been passed up by the iPad but those numbers still make it the fastest selling gaming peripheral.


          • You are flat out wrong

            Sold a lot really quickly =/= good

          • JayD

            And when did I say that “Sold a lot really quickly == good”… Quote me! At least try and follow a conversation dumb ass..

          • Flyte_79

            Please, you really don’t know how corporate bs works do you? They pay some independant nobody to say these things so they’re legally clear from lying. Do you honestly, honestly believe that the worlds fastest selling device, from iphones to ipads to novelty dildos… is some dumb ass webcam from microbucks that didn’t even work? Kid grow up.

          • JayD

            Haha how stupid! You think MS paid off these people for Kinect? That product really doesn’t matter at all to them. If they pay so many people off how come nobody got payed off for WP/tablets/Windows 8/etc.? Those are much more crucial to the future of MS.

            You lost me at the crazy conspiracy theories. It is pretty sad the leaps in logic some will make here…

            “Kid grow up.”
            Take your own advice…

        • Zenbithal

          Also, one of least used devices percentage wise. Currently the number is less than a million of the 20,000,000 who purchased one.

          • JayD

            Who cares? It doesn’t neglect what I said earlier… Nonetheless, let’s see some sources for your assertions.

            Of course I am assuming you are not full of sh*t or using some crazy leaps of logic (see conspirazy theories posted by Flyte_79). I hope that I am not expecting too much…

    • tubers

      “You make an idea make the commitment and execute.”

      Except 180. What’s next? The camera in a year or two becoming “optional”?

      We’ll see.

      PS4 Eye is better than the 1st Kinect.

      50+ by 40+ degrees (kinect) vs 80+ degrees (PS4 E)
      640 x 480 @ 15 FPS (kinect) vs two lesnes for 1280 x 800 @ 60 FPS, 640 x 400 @ 120 FPS.

      It’s no Kinect 2.0 but it’s not worse than the original.

      • The Long Gamer

        Can the PS4 stay on long enough to use it tho

      • Edonus

        The 180s arent really 180s more like 15 degrees, a little off course but still landing on the same land just not the same spot.

        As for the Ps4eye vs Kinect 1.0…. yes the Ps4eye is a better “camera” but the kinect v1 still had infrared so it could see you in the dark. Its method of tracking you was required less power and would be more stable.

        Ps4eye would beat it as a standard webcam but not a sensor. all that FPS stuff is only good when talking about human eye visual fidelity, it would make little to no difference in tracking and would require lots of extra power to get that small result.

        Truth is MS could have just kept the current kinect with the X1 but took the time to implement some improvements like viewing distance and kick the camera to 1080p and improve the infrared system. with extra power design in the X1 dedicated to the kinect it would be very impressive. Look at the PC guys playing Skyrim with kinect and doctors doing surgeries with kinect v1. It was not weak peripheral just didnt have environment to push it on the 360.

    • You are flat out wrong

      No one wants your crappy Wagglecam, Xprick. “Muh innovashun!!!” Yeah, let’s make your average Xdrone’s ADHD even worse.

      By the way, Xbox has yet to turn a profit for Microsoft so your argument is garbage. Sorry.

      • The Long Gamer
        • You are flat out wrong

          That’s got nothing to do with what I was talking about. Typical Xdrone idiot!

      • Tyler Davis

        As a game developer – knowing the system requires the connect I can now develop more games that utilize this as a tool. Last gen I never wanted to waste my time building for the old PS3 motion controllers or Kinnect because not everyone had them.

        Making every console have it is a win for developers and eventually for all of the consumers. Your notion that “No one wants” … Take a look at your name and take that as advice because You are flat out wrong.

        Innovation is what drives new experiences and creates cool new change. I guess if you don’t like that stuff then stick with the PS1 and hope Activision creates COD just for you.

        • You are flat out wrong

          “As a developer?” You can’t even spell the name of the peripheral you shill for.

          • Tyler Davis

            So what you are saying is – you have no response to my explanation because you know I’m right and are forced to nitpick over my spelling and misquote me?


          • You are flat out wrong

            My response is that you are a liar and if you aren’t and you are making a game with waggle gimmickry in it I hope it fails hard.

          • Tyler Davis

            #1 – My day job is running a Quality Assurance department for a AAA game studio

            #2 – By night I’m a programmer/producer on PSN Network games/XBLA arcade games with friends.
            #3 – You have anger issues apparently as you hate me very much for knowing nothing about me. I think you should seek therapy for what seems to be a mental problem.

          • Gekko36

            Some people like You are flat out wrong, were born to be Cu@T’s.

            Don’t worry, he’ll probably spend time in prison with anger problems like that, maybe it’ll help redefine him man on man action can do that!

          • You are flat out wrong

            Chill out, mate. No need to project your suppressed homosexuality onto me.

          • Gekko36

            Hey man, I have been out and proud since I was 14. If your asking for a date or “fun” just ask!

        • Zenbithal

          You bring up some interesting points, but what you fail to understand is that not companies, but consumers decide what is a win for them. So regardless of how you personally feel about this device it would seem it has been more or less rejected by the general public.

          The easiest example of this to cite is of course that 20 million Kinect’s have been sold, but less than a million are actually used when the system is turned on.

          Call it what you want, a public beta for Kinect on Xbox One, the demo for the final product… etc… but by in large, it would seem that voice control, was rejected by the Xbox community.

          It is for this reason that we are left in an interesting position. So how should Microsoft Proceed?

          Well this is pretty easy, the simple and easiest thing they can do, is to make the peripheral optional and DEMONSTRATE why the user would want to upgrade.

          The problem with forcing something on to people who don’t want it is that it do nothing more than piss them off, regardless of the precised benefits to console manufacturer, the publishers and developers.

          In order to regain positive attention Microsoft MUST make the Kinect OPTIONAL and DEMONSTRATE the reasons why a consumer would want to upgrade

          If they don’t they are no better than a stubborn chef insisting the food is superb when the consumer begs to differ.

          • James Bauer

            The flaw in your argument is using experiences with the first Kinect – a peripheral that was released years after the console it was designed for, rather than the new Kienct, which was designed from the ground up to work with the system. The kinect has also undergone many upgrades and changes, and allows for more functionality than its predecessor.

            Regardless if we are speaking about a new version of a previous product, you can’t make claims based on something that hasn’t even been experienced by the public yet. That being said, for you to claim that Kinect has been “rejected” by the public, yet X1′s are sold out virtually everywhere, kinda contradicts itself, unless a majority of those pre-orders are simply going to disregard the Kinect.

            Second, and this flaw is huge among the community in general, is that the Kinect is not “forced” onto anyone. The Kinect coming packaged with the X1, is nothing more than a packaged deal – just like all those channels that come with your cable package that you never watch but have to pay for anyway. In addition, it is not mandatory that you use the device, so nothing is forced in this regard either. Saying, “well if the xbox didn’t come with a Kinect I would buy one,” doesn’t strengthen your argument. If a lot of products did/didn’t come with things people would buy them…

            The way I see it, I think MS should keep the Kinect with the X1, regardless how “pissed” people are. It’s part of not only what makes the console unique, but the consumers overall experience.If they don’t won’t buy one because of the Kinect, then don’t buy one – this is how consumerism works. Besides, if they really wanted an X1 to begin with, they would get one regardless. The issues where people claim utter hatred for the deivce to the point where they don’t even want it in their home, is completely irrational and sounds like paranoia or superstition.

          • Zenbithal

            Good points all around, but I disagree that the general public has yet to experience, that like saying simply because you bought an iPhone 4 not an iPhone 5, you didn’t get iPhone experience. Yes not all of the features are there, but you still got the general giest and could quite easily decide if you liked it or not.

            In regards to your last paragraph, your absolutely correct! But why not stride to prevent the train from derailing before it even begins. And markets don’t really take into consideration things like irrationality. Simply put, if someone doesn’t want it, they don’t want, no matter how much of an improvement it may be. I believe making this camera not mandatory will help generate Microsoft good will and therefore sell more consoles.

            Lastly what needs to kept in mind is that the consumer, not Microsoft decides if they want something. No matter how good the advantages may or may not be, if the consumer does not like or does not want them, then the product has failed. (not necessarily saying this is or will be the case, just that their is quite a bit of unease about this whole thing)

          • James Bauer

            “And markets don’t really take into consideration things like
            irrationality. Simply put, if someone doesn’t want it, they don’t want,
            no matter how much of an improvement it may be. I believe making this
            camera not mandatory will help generate Microsoft good will and
            therefore sell more consoles.”

            - Your strict “market sense” mindset, is actually keeping you from seeing a key point. Yes, market-wise, an optional kinectless xbox makes a lot of sense, since you offering something for everyone, but this could also detract from the product as a whole. You can’t always give the customer something just because they want it, because sometimes they don’t even know what they want. In this case, how are they so convinced they don’t want a kinect or that it is so utterly useless, if they are so adamant to not even try it?

            Think in terms of games development. If during the development process, the devs simply added or subtracted features based on nothing but player feedback, you’d likely wind up with a “frankenstein” of a game. I’m currently involved in a closed alpha of a game (which is in closed beta now) and this comes up a lot – you have the guys from the competitive community giving feedback and trying to mold the game to fit their needs, while the more casual players are often giving conflicting ideas.There comes a time where the devs need to step in and say, “thanks for the feedback, but it doesn’t really go with the vision we’re aiming for.”

            The players provide feedback, and often times useful at at that, but the devs still need to maintain a constant vision or goal to obtain to. It might not result in the product you wanted, or even a less profitable product, but it might result in an overall better product despite this. Relating to the Kinect, many may be turned off by the idea of including with every X1, but overall, the experience or community may turn out better by this choice.

          • Zenbithal

            I will leave it like this.

            I’m not partially against or for the Kinect, to be honest I just have yet to see any useful functions from the perceptive of a gamer. Perhaps we will see it with this newest system, but to be honest I have no idea.

            Lastly I would just like to leave that talking with you has been a much better experience than 90% of other people on this website and I have a lot of respect for making agreements clear and concise rather than a barrage of insults.

            Come back and speak with me anytime :)

          • Tyler Davis

            Zen – I understand part of your logic, but what you are failing to understand is that it was made optional in the previous generation of consoles. Kinnect was like a Xbox 360 1.5. It now is a part of the Xbox One and is a core component to the console itself.

            It most likely will not be an optional piece ever and the more people use it – the more people will understand the benefits it does have. Sadly – sometimes you have to give sheep a kick in the ass to steer them in a direction that they will like once they have tried it.

            I’m all for just having 1 system set-up so I know what my customer base has.

          • Zenbithal

            Sure, sure. But just take a step back for a minute. What needs to be kept in mind, is the consumer. Remember that no matter how good or advantageous something maybe be, it is the people who decide weather or not the improvements’ are something they want. If the consumer does not like what the company is offering, no matter how much of an improvement the company believes it too be, the product will not succeed.

            I support making this device optional, not because I think technology it is the right think to do, but business wise, I believe it to be the better move. (generating good will and in turn selling more consoles)

      • Edonus

        Actually well over 20+ million people are interested, and I personally have loved kinect 1.

        And Xbox make plenty of money for MS if it didnt they would have been shut it down. Look at the Zune and HD DVD… those things didnt make money and were are they? Those products lasted a matter of a few months to a couple years… XBOX as a brand is over a decade old the 360 is close to 8 years old. To think they arent making money on its is beyond foolish.

        And if MS isnt turning a profit that would mean Sony and Nintendo are on life support. Nintendo made a little money each console but gained nothing from 3rd party software sells. The Ps3 was selling at a loss for longer and they sold less software. MS sold the most software as much hardware as the Ps3 and had XBL subscription money and kinect sold to 1/3 of the installed base in record time with tons of software sales exclusive to it. Sony had nothing that made that deficit up anywhere. Sorry to pull up your skirt but its just reality.

        • You are flat out wrong

          20 million out of 80 million 360s sold. Congratulations! You’re in a minority.

          Xbox has a made a $3 billion dollar total loss over the last ten years. It’s a distraction Microsoft don’t need. It’s only a matter of time before the new CEO kills or sells the brand and they can go back to making OS’ that aren’t crap.

          • Zenbithal

            More over, the large majority of these Kicket’s are gathering dust. The ONLY way for Microsoft to regain positive attention from the public is to put the OPTION back into the hands of the consumer.

            By in large the public tried the Kinect and rejected it. Microsoft MUST demonstrate why people would want to use and give them the option to purchase one. Forcing people into something they are uncomfortable with will just piss them off.

            Without doing this they are no better than a chef who insists his food is great when the consumers hate it.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Yeah, that’s why you can get Kinects and Kinect games so cheap on the used market.

            …Hey! That’s why they tried to kill it off a few months ago!

          • Zenbithal

            Exactly, the proof is self evident.

      • Gekko36

        Wow, there’s no need to be a C@NT!!

        If your a Playstation fan, then fine but just because your nippon masters didn’t see the need for a camera as good as Kinect, don’;t take it out on other people.

        MS have worked hard on this and want to ensure everyone has one so there is a 100% platform for developers to take advantage of. Give it time and I’m sure it’ll pay off. Anything to make my game immersion more vibrant is worth it.

        AS for your comment on MS making NO porofit on 360, please post your statistics.

        • You are flat out wrong
          • JayD

            But the benefit of being a part of MS is that despite losses for years they are still going. Take a look at Bing it has lost even more money and is still going. MS has plenty of loss centers that stick around for years. They make so much money it really doesn’t matter the same way it would to Sony.

            To compare the situation at Sony to MS is laughable though. The cloud and server division at MS makes more profit than all of Sony.

          • Gekko36

            Xbox Division… Break down for the ACTUAL 360.

            Also total break down for Sony Year end trend for a comparison

        • Zenbithal

          Fair enough, but giving the consumer an OPTION is never a bad thing.

          • Gekko36

            You’re right!, options are a good thing.

            But look at it like this for a second, MS want to break serious ground with motion and emmersion using kinect and later on illumiroom. To do that they either build a system that maintains a kinect for every user.

            The problem is that the previous console had it optional. with 20/20 hind sight they should have never released kinect 1 as a peripheral. Now users consider it a peripheral where if they hadn’t have bothered and left it till X1 no body would be saying that.

            So for not they need to stick to their guns and let the software sell the system.

            requiring all games to use kinect is a great idea, it takes away the peripheral stigma.

          • Zenbithal

            Your argument is quite sound and engaging with you has been much more pleasant than many other people on this site.

            Never the less this is why I dissagree;
            What you may have I believe you need to keep in mind is that not companies, but consumers decide what is a win for them. So regardless of how you personally feel about this device it would seem it has been more or less rejected by the general public.

            The easiest example of this to cite is of course that 20 million
            Kinect’s have been sold, but less than a million are actually used when the system is turned on.

            Call it what you want, a public beta for Kinect on Xbox One, the demo for the final product… etc… but by in large, it would seem that voice control, was rejected by the Xbox community.

            It is for this reason that we are left in an interesting position. So how should Microsoft Proceed?

            Well this is pretty easy, the simple and easiest thing they can do,
            is to make the peripheral optional and DEMONSTRATE why the user would want to upgrade.

            The problem with forcing something on to people who don’t want it is that it do nothing more than piss them off, regardless of the precised benefits to console manufacturer, the publishers and developers.

            In order to regain positive attention Microsoft MUST make the Kinect OPTIONAL and DEMONSTRATE the reasons why a consumer would want to upgrade.

            If they don’t they are no better than a stubborn chef insisting the food is superb when the consumer begs to differ.

            Again thanks for the response in way that I wouldn’t consider spam haha

          • James Bauer

            There are options – PS4, Wii U, current-gen systems and even PC gaming.

    • Flyte_79

      Microsoft sold a lot of kinects. Because it’s a great product. No it’s because americans are stupid. And stupid americans are easy to con into buying stupid webcams with lies about magical experiences and all that jazz (remember project milo looool).

      • Zenbithal

        The other is that people got to try camera gaming and functionality and decided for the most part that they didn’t want it.

        So naturally they are going to accrue a lot of negative press.

        The best way Microsoft can gain positive attention is by allow people the OPTION to use it or unplug it. You give the choice to consumer not take it away from them…

    • Zenbithal

      Never would I have thought I would see someone advocating less options for the consumer as a better thing.

      This is simply laughable.

  • Bill E Weaver

    funny how they are just now catching up to the first kinect, and they want to take jabs at the new one that has been proven to work and add value.

    • Bankai

      Just now catching up? They did that a while ago.

      And the PlayStation Camera has been proven to work and add value as well.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Catching up with crap? Hopefully Sony continues to follow Nintendo’s lead and ignores motion controls while MS flounders with a piece of crap no one wants.

      • James Bauer

        This may hold more merit if the Kinect was merely a motion control device – it isn’t. In fact, players could use it every day for the life of the console, and never once use it for motion controls, and still get plenty of use out of it.

        One of the biggest faults on the community, is using the original Kinect as a basis to describe the new Kinect. The original Kinect was released years after the 360 was, and although it sold well, it was still just an optional peripheral with little to no design integration into the console itself.

        The new Kinect, in addition to having multiple upgrades and changes, is designed from the ground up with the X1, as more of an extension to the system, hence including it with every X1. Now I’m not going to claim that X1 won’t work or be any fun without the Kinect, but I will say that people, many of which probably never would have used a Kinect otherwise, are going to find themselves not only using it, but enjoying it.

        Also, claiming it is “piece of crap no one wants,” is flat out anti-ms rhetoric, likely with a strong hint of downplaying it in hopes it will fail. Many people are looking forward to the Kinect, and not just kids. I’m in my 30′s and my friends and are looking forward to it. Oddly enough, motion controls isn’t what we’re drawn to. It’s the other aspects that add functionality – the voice controls, the face recognition, video chat, etc.

        • You are flat out wrong

          Or I could just use the controller like a normal human being and enjoy using a UI quickly and efficiently without needing to have a “relationship with my television.”

          • James Bauer

            Yeah, because fumbling with a controller and selecting the right options is much more efficient than simply saying, “xbox, record that,” or, “xbox, open (app name),” while never disrupting what you’re doing…

            Also, being able to turn your console off and on from anywhere in home, in addition to a number of other commands as long as the Kinect can hear you, doesn’t sound useful at all…then of course, if you’re the kind of person who walks around your home carrying a controller with you, you could use the controller like a “normal human being.” You know, becuase normal human being don’t utlize technolgy when it’s available to them…

          • You are flat out wrong

            Hahahaha, “fumbling.”

            I’ve seen the horrific looking Metro-style UI in action, expecting a casual to have to learn a whole set of voice commands when they can just press left/right on the D-pad and X a few times is pretty laughable from MS.

            ” as long as the Kinect can hear you,”

            So, entirely useless outside of a small, open plan apartment. Fantastic.

            “if you’re the kind of person who walks around your home carrying a controller with you,”

            Considering I don’t use a controller unless I’m actually using the console, it’s a duff comparison. Plus I don’t run the risk of crap voice controls mistakenly ordering gay dwarf porn on my debit card.

          • Gekko36

            Yes, your being deliberately cockish!

            ..and whats wrong with gay dwarf porn, I think you’d love it.

            Having seen the comparison of both the PS4 UI and X1 UI I have to say PS4 is better than PS3′s UI but it’s like 3 different UI’s cobbled together.

            The X1 UI is simple and easy to use either via voice or gamepad, where the PS3 looks very disjointed.

            AS for the “expecting a casual to have to learn a whole set of voice commands” comment… You are a gamer so learn!. Thats part of the joy of gaming.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Hahaha, “simple and easy to use”

            Must be that Xdrone delirium.

          • Gekko36

            Hey man you’re the one being intransigent, it’s like debating a religious fanatic.

            What I saw with the UI for X1 was simple and easy to find things.

            If you disagree explain what and give me examples to illustrate your point.

            Or are you just after getting me into bed… I’m ok with either

          • Zenbithal

            Surely its all things like UI preference all all subjective guys.

          • Gekko36

            They are, doesn’t make either argument less valid, just a point to discuss why we think so.

          • James Bauer

            “So, entirely useless outside of a small, open plan apartment. Fantastic.”

            - My comment was more for those who are engaging in activities in or around the kinect, like the adjacent room, or walking down the hall on their way to play. I live in an apartment, so it would likely hear me from any room.

            If your X1 is on the first floor, and you’re in the fourth floor bathroom dropping a deuce, yeah, it likely wouldn’t be favorable to use voice commands, but then again, when would it be? What device would be able to hear you without yelling? You make an irrelevant argument.

            “I’ve seen the horrific looking Metro-style UI in action, expecting a casual to have to learn a whole set of voice commands when they can just press left/right on the D-pad and X a few times is pretty laughable from MS.”

            - “seeing” and “using” are not the same thing… You can see the “horrific” UI all you want, but until you use it, your opinion on it is moot. Also, the UI can be navigated via gestures, meaning no controller or voice needed, so a “casual” won’t need to memorize anything, whether it be voice commands or button layout on the controller. Also, the tiles in the X1 dash can be customized, both in appearance and layout, so it is actually very intuitive.

            And why would only casuals need to memorize voice commands? Anyone who has never used Kinect and/or the new Kinect/X1 will have to learn them as well…

            The Kinect provides functionality for those who want it. The fact that you personally have no interest, proves nothing. Many people have no interest in ever owning a PS4. Does that make the device useless?

          • Zenbithal

            Not trying to budge in here, but there is no way saying the words “Xbox record that” is quicker than pressing down on a button.

            Speech takes coherent though process and annunciation. Pressing a button typically takes a small amount of force.

          • James Bauer

            It isn’t just one button – this is my point… There is no “xbox record button.” The option would need to be selected.

        • TFJWM

          Umm you have a long post about it and then list voice controls – PS 4 can do it without the camera + face and video chat ps4 camera does that as well. So I guess kinect is for etc?

          • Edonus

            The Ps4eye is way under developed when compared to kinect. They have voice commands but they are not even a fraction of the function the Kinect has. With the X1 one you can control everything, you can control all of the apps, your TV the volume the multitasking features everything. Ps4eye voice commands end at the dashboard. that is a huge difference.

            The facial recognition is way more advanced too, the Ps4eye cant work in the dark or uneven lit areas. This makes it functionality extremely limited. The only thing they do that is really on par is standard camera stuff (or so we think).

            Then once you add motion controls in the Ps4eye is walking to the gallows. Lets say that they even wanted to attempt to mimic kinect tracking the method of tracking they would have to use would eat up so much power the game would have to be last gen to run terribly. That might be to advanced for you guys to follow but hey… its only reality.

          • James Bauer

            A bike can get me from point A to point B. So can a car, so I guess if I have a bike, I have no need for a car, right?

            The voice controls on the PS4 are more of a last ditch effort to say, “look, we have that too,” rather than a dedicated feature.

            “Unlike the Xbox One’s philosophy with Kinect voice commands that control everything from turning on the console to searching the online store, the PlayStation 4′s camera / mic array can only interpret a handful of relatively basic voice commands. The console can’t be “woken” while in standby mode by voice, for instance, nor can you command a video playing on Netflix to pause. In fact, at launch, none of the third-party apps on the PlayStation 4 will allow for voice commands — something Sony reps tell us they “hope” more apps will integrate in the future. The console can be turned off using voice, and you can command it to open games.”


          • You are flat out wrong

            Good. Voice controls are another nasty gimmick the industry does not need.

  • consoles4kidz

    Shouldnt this guy be in a call center taking down information to return bricked ps4′s? Not taking shots at MS? lol

    • Langkasuka

      The interviewer must have forgotten to ask Adam that question.

    • Counterproductive

      Don’t be childish. There was a handful of consoles out of millions that failed. That’s a normal failure rate. It’s only something to worry about when you reach levels like the Xbox 360 had with it’s 50% failure rate. And even they recovered from that, so I’m not worried about the 0.4% that Sony reportedly had. I doubt it’s even that high.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Don’t be logical, man, Xdrones won’t be able to handle it.

        • James Bauer

          There’s nothing logical about justify percentages for a “normal failure rate…”

          “zero” should be the normal failure rate – this goes for all products. The fact that consumers have essentially become desensitized to products failing, just shows content for unsatisfactory results. Products failing due to overuse is one thing. New products failing due to design/manufacturing flaws, is something else.

          “It’s normal for some products to fail…” Really dude?

          • You are flat out wrong

            “”zero” should be the normal failure rate – this goes for all products.”

            You know nothing about consumer electronics, then.

          • James Bauer

            I likely know more than you do…

            I know that virtually all products are a result of planned obsolesce, due the the nature in which the market behaves. It simply is not profitable to create something using the best materials that will last/perform as long as technology allows. Companies purposely design products to breakdown, to guarantee people will need to keep buying them.

            Consider this: both MS and Sony are looking for the lowest bidder when it came time to manufacture their consoles. In addition, they were being mass produced with hard deadlines to meet. Does that sound like an environment where quality is of the utmost importance?

            Just because things are the way they are, doesn’t mean it is the best we can do, or even acceptable.

          • Ray

            You have no idea what you are talking about. I design consumer equipment for a living.

            Planned obsolescence NEVER comes in to it. There is never enough time just to make sure the project succeeds, never mind designing self-destructing devices, and you always do EVERYTHING you can to make sure nothing fails, because a returned product costs you lots of money. On the other hand, if you save one buck on a device that will sell 10 million units, you save 10 million dollars for the company. Plus every single component you use has a maximum lifetime and an (ill-defined, usually) chance of failure. If your device has a thousand components, the device fails when the first component fails. You usually have tens of choices for each component, and multiple sources. Picking components is an agonising (at least for me) part of the process. One failure in the quality control for any of a thousand devices makes your device fail. That ignores problems that creep in during assembly.

            It’s also necessary to come up with a test procedure for manufactured goods, and you try to catch every possible thing that could go wrong as soon as possible.

            The further along the process you are when something breaks, the more expensive it is to deal with it. The worst case is when the customer already has the device.

            Everything has a maximum expected lifetime, and a chance of early failure. You just do what you can to minimise risk. In consumer electronics, planned obsolescence is never an issue. You win by producing things people want, and you realise that they’ll replace your device with something else pretty soon, and just hope it will be another device you make (perhaps because the previous one worked so well?).

          • TFJWM

            Really dude? What world do you live in… .4% and it will be higher can be many things. .4% wouldn’t even cover a-hole delivery people throwing boxes around

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    No way I believe the camera pack-in was never the intent with Playroom installed on the launch unit. Might be convinced if it was just a free download…

  • peterpansyndrome94

    Because with PlayStation you have a choice.
    With other consoles you are forced and stuck with it.

    PS4 is the talk of the town today … anywhere.

  • DaGeeZ

    How’s your FAILstation coming along sonyponies?

    This boyes guy needs to shut his big mouth right now… the Red Line of Death and HDMI issues are nearing a 40% FAILURE rate !!!

    Absolutely shocking… this guy needs to Shut the F up and start apologizing to the people that just got screwed over by sony. That’s the ONLY thing that should be dribbling out of his mouth right now… DAMAGE CONTROL.

    Send back that cheaply made, shoddy Pauperstation and pre-order the Xbox Won.

    The ps4 launch was a MASSIVE FAILURE.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Hahahaha, all these Xdrones lies to make their own crap launch look better.

      Xbone is cancer, go away Xbox Mafia.

      • The Long Gamer

        See if you can get your ps4 to work, Ouch thats a nice $400 paper weight you must be ballin

        • You are flat out wrong

          Hundreds of thousands are working right now and being enjoyed right now. That’s more than all the Xbones that will ever be sold!

    • islan

      Aww! I want to be a sonypony just cuz that sounds adorable.

  • DaGeeZ
    • You are flat out wrong

      Best Xdrone shitposting ever.

      • DaGeeZ

        Wow mate, you sound like a really imaginative and creative individual… I bow down to your insightful critique and will never post anything against your beloved sony again.

        • You are flat out wrong

          Why don’t you post another Downfall video? Oh, here’s one.

          • The Long Gamer

            LMAO!!!! they reversed your whole argument in this vid try again oh wait the gaystation wont stay on more than three minutes LOL so superior is plays when it wants to and right now it dont feel like it. red line beep,beep,beep,beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…… lol “Great fails awaits” LOL

          • You are flat out wrong

            Look at all this pent-up butthurt being released. It’s so pathetic. :)

          • Edonus

            This one isnt as funny as the new one. And most of these things have been reversed and apply to the Ps4 as well.

  • Maurice Wilburn

    In truth Sony shipping the camera with the console honestly just wouldn’t have worked out for them. For one it would’ve increased the price tag causing them to lose the advantage of having a 100$ cheaper console. Secondly, the technology in the Xbox One Kinect is by far superior to the PS4 camera and has greater backing from MS as well as 3rd parties. Where Kinect has several games taking advantage of it, the PS4 camera has Playroom. Good move by Sony for not including it, but to make it sound as if there is no difference between the two is quite arrogant.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Kinect is gonna dropped hard by everyone except third parties. It’s as dead as Kinect 1.

      “Bu bu but it’s packed in so it’ll be an incentive!!!”

      Like packing in Wii waggle and Sixaxis was a good way of getting third parties to exploit them. Oh wait.

      • Maurice Wilburn

        I think you can hardly compare the very limited functions of the Sixaxis and Wii waggle to Kinect.

        • You are flat out wrong

          I can. Considering Kinect 2 does the exact same thing but is only slightly more accurate and still has bad latency.

    • DaGeeZ

      Well… you need a console to work before the camera can work… so Xbox Won and Kinect2 wins… by default.

      Argument over.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Xbone is a failure.

        • DaGeeZ

          You sound very very butthurt mate :(

          You have a perfect right to get upset when you’ve been bent over by sony and shafted so publicly in front of all the Xboxfans you’ve been taunting for months… I feel for you mate… I really do.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Over the usual launch teething issues?

            Six months of pent-up frustration and a largely successful launch has sent already existing Xbro personality disorders into overdrive. Don’t worry, Flopbox Done will be out in a bit so you can tell it to order pizza.

          • DaGeeZ

            It’s ok mate, there there there… sony will be dead soon… I know it’s upsetting to see them slowly dying like this… but… that’s life isn’t it.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Elop will kill the Shitbox brand before that happens, Zaire. ^_^

          • DaGeeZ

            Keep clinging to that hope buddy… because it’s the ONLY way sony and the failstation4 is gonna beat Xbox Won now.

            Keep dreaming buddy… keep dreaming.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Xbone’s been DOA for months. The bell tolls for Xscum!

          • Gekko36

            Yes guys, he is “butthurt”, a “child”, a “Little B@stard”

            If he spoke to you like that in the street you’d feed him his testicles!

            Children, what can you do with them?

      • Zenbithal


      • Flyte_79

        God do you actually believe dumb ass kids screaming at the top of their shrill little lungs? If you have to just lie to defend your console then you LOSE by default.

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh just concentrate on working on PSN servers on PS4 please!

  • DaGeeZ
    • You are flat out wrong

      I hope you didn’t spend too long on that, Zaire.

    • Edonus

      Now that is one solid console.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Yeah, even a brick is better than an Xbone.

        • James Bauer

          Both MS and Sony contain DRM – this is why you cannot play games without the disk. Ironically, Sony uses Microsoft’s PlayReady content protection technology, for Sony’s network-enabled devices.

  • You are flat out wrong

    What Xdrones think is happening:

    What is actually happening:

  • Matt Dickinson

    Some Smart TVs have built-in cameras. It’s possible they could do away with the need for a sensor or camera peripheral if they just use tracking software like Extreme Reality’s.
    I guess that is how the PS Camera/Eye and Kinect work anyway?


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