1,000,000 PS4 Units Sold in 24 Hours Give Much Needed Perspective to Reports of Bricked Consoles

Yesterday I wrote an article mentioning that social media gives us power to keep corporations on their toes, but take away perspective from our perception of reality, warping it negatively.

In that article I tried to put the issue in the right perspective by throwing in a very conservative estimate of 500,000 units sold to date. Turns out that my perspective was quite faulty as well, as Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that a whole million units were sold through (meaning that they actually found a loving home) in the first 24 hours after the console’s debut.

Not only that’s a mindboggingly positive  number, which I personally didn’t even get near to expect, but it definitely helps us putting the reports about bricked and malfunctioning consoles in a much more realistic perspective.

In order to do so I will use the same equation I used yesterday, but I will replace my hypothetical sell-through numbers with a million. Keep in mind that now the console has been in the wild way longer than 24 hours, so the actual number is surely higher, but with this kind of partly empirical calculations being conservative is best. You’re very free to use the equation yourself replacing the million with whatever number you think corresponds to the actual current sales of the console.

Using Sony’s early estimate of 0.4% faulty PS4 units, we find out that there might be 4,000 bricked or otherwise malfunctioning consoles in the hands of the same number of rightfully dissatisfied customers in North America only.

If 30% of those customers take to the internet to present their complaints to the wide audience of social media (and 30% is a rather conservative estimate as well, given how accessible social media is for this kind of complaints, and the fact that gamers are normally very keen on sharing what happens to them with the rest of the web), we’re going to see 1,334 malfunction reports generated just by the first day of sales. And that’s a number destined to grow day by day as more consoles are sold.

That’s an enormous amount that, taken without the due perspective, would immediately prompt people to think that there has been some unmitigated production disaster of proportions comparable to the red ring of death.

Mind you, we can’t be sure that a problem isn’t there, but the current reports we have seen, compared with the perspective given by a million consoles sold, is definitely not nearly enough to prove or even indicate the existence of such a problem.

A 0.4% failure rate for the launch of a new consumer electronics product is entirely acceptable. Of course it’s still extremely annoying if you’re part of that small percentage, but it’s unfortunately the nature of the electronic beast, and that’s one of the reason why we have warranties. The true test for Sony now will be on how quickly and efficiently those warranties will be fulfilled.

Amazon PS4

If a small 0.4% failure rate has the potential to generate over a thousand perfectly legit complaints from just the first day of sales, just imagine how much that number has been inflated by false positives and trolls.

Of course there are trolls on the internet, people that just seek attention or have a vested interest in making things look worse than they are, and unfortunately they are on all sides of the console war. Here’s a comment you can read in my previous article about the issue:

My friends and I have made over 100 separate Amazon accounts today just to review our “bricked” Xbox One’s on launch day. We bought them at Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, not just Amazon, since it won’t say verified purchase. We don’t shop at Amazon, so no fear of banning. Can’t wait till the 22nd.

Will this contemptible threat really be put in action? We have no way to know, but it’s pretty much safe to assume that there will be quite a few that will try similar stunts, whether on the same scale or not, just like there have been quite a few for the PS4. It’s again the unfortunate nature of the console war mixed with the sense of safety given by the internet that seems to turn quite a few people into complete twa*s, forgive the french.

Add to that the fact that many of the malfunction reports have been bounced back and forth with amazing redundancy by media outlets with a vested interest in building up the controversy to feed their pageview numbers, and you get the idea.

So there you have it: yesterday I wrote that we needed perspective to judge the reports of malfunctioning consoles that have emerged, and today we got just that. Now that we have a more complete picture of the situation, you’re the ones that have to figure out what to make of it. Now we have the tools, and you can decide how to use them.

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  • Redditor989

    Another TFMA (Tales From My Ass) with Reddit providing everything.

  • C Micheal Holla

    This is a very serious and wide spread issue, its not just a tiny fraction of people affected by this, please stop trying to down play this issue, people need to know what is going on BEFORE they go out and purchase a next gen console. We didn’t see this with the wii u launch, and we most likely wont see failures at this scale with the XBO, so please, stop trying to make this out to be normal, and acceptable. The percentage has risen way past .4%, Sony knows it, and I’m guessing you know it.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Stating your opinion as fact doesn’t make your argument much more valid mate. As a matter of fact it doesn’t at at all.

      “This is a very serious and wide spread issue because I say so” isn’t very solid in any civilized discussion environment.

      • The Wolf 47

        The article itself says that this “widespread issue” is total BS.
        Given anyone took time to even read it before commenting.

        • xmotion

          Ugh… I can’t wait till real number come out on this issue. Everyone that has a working console doesn’t understand. I spent 3 hours getting a hold of Sony tech support. I contacted amazon and they said they have a giant list of broken PS4’s. I am not saying its 10% but to say it’s only 0.4% (4000 PS4’s) is beyond retarded.

      • Blaze Blue

        You seem upset about what he said . Do you feel like you are running a race to get your prefer platform to the top without any big issues.

    • Flyte_79

      Yes you’re absolutely right. This is irresponsible reporting! Change the headline IMMEDIATELY to “THE SKY IS FALLING ZOMG!!!” or else I will report dualshockers to the journalism police. How dare you try to use logic, reason and maths! Clearly if I’ve seen 300 reports of faulty consoles on neogaf and there was 1 million consoles sold then only an idiot would not see that there are clearly approximately 5 BILLION FAULTY CONSOLES IN THE WILD!!! Now you can stick your head in the sand but I can see the truth! It’s time to let the public know! 9/11 was an inside job, reptilians run the white house, the world IS GOING TO END on 21st december 2012 and sony is DEFINITELY lying to us about their failure rates! It is AT LEAST 800% of all consoles sold! OMG MAN WAKE UP!!!!111oneeleven

    • Jesper Jönsson

      yeah but the PS4 has almost sold as much as the Wii U already (1.7 million) so it isn’t all that weird that there is so many articles about bricked consoles in a short amount of time given the circumstances

      • Blaze Blue

        Who gives a shi how many they were sold, what about the many of them sold that doesn’t work and does it take to get some real journalism.

    • brianc6234

      Don’t lie.

  • Kamille

    stop trying to spin like desperate fanboys. Most of the reviews on Amazon are from verified buyers.

    • Iamnosuperman

      They are also 500 ish total reviews are negative (1,000 total). How many do you think Amazon has sold. 1,000 in total? Seems a bit low for major online retailer. Social media makes issues seem more wide spread because it is easy to see the people with the broken systems are likely to make the most noise. Use logic next time

      • Pyrotek85

        Exactly, there were 1m sales in NA, do you think Amazon was only responsible for 0.1% of those sales? The vast majority of customers will be busy playing, not reviewing that their brand new console is working.

    • usrev

      that is literally the last place I’d look to see how many were broken.

      I got my console on launch day, and loved it, I didn’t even get it on amazon and haven’t put in a review yet. 500 people out of ALL of the ps4’s a massive web retailer like amazon got were broken? amazon probably got 10,000 ps4s minimum

      that is .05%.

  • Anonymous

    Most of the reviews on Amazon are from verified buyers. I’ve seen many legit YouTube reviews with bricked console even mine broke and I’ve got to wait 3-5 days stop hating you must have Sony’s D#%K so far up your A$$

    • Pyrotek85

      How many did you see? A dozen? A hundred? Even if you literally saw 4,000 different bricked consoles, that would still be within the 0.4% failure rate they quoted, out of the 1m sales. That’s how math works, with such a large number of sales you need a huge sample size, the handful of youtube videos aren’t it.

      • Masoud House

        Completely, completely agree. Well said.

      • Crapgamer

        The number is probably around the 10% mark. 3-4 review consoles have been hit with issues. It’s the fact that so many of these are having issues for actual gaming sites. We’ve heard about these issues for months now, the PS4’s case is really small and that thing puts off a ton of heat.

        • Cayal

          Again you have no evidence whatsoever to say it is 10%. You just wish it were.

          As for the heat. This site says the heat is reasonable: http://www.planetextech.com/profiles/blogs/playstation-4-thermal-images

          • Blaze Blue

            Do it matter if it’s 1, 3, 8 ,10% here goes another one trying to play off the less fortunate people who are willing to pay for a ps4

        • Bankai

          We rarely heard about PS4’s having issues up until the day before launch, so I’m not sure how you’ve been hearing about issues for months. And could you provide some evidence that supports your 10% claim, because I’d love to see it.

          As for the heat, many people were skeptical of heat related issues due to the PS4’s compact size. Those issues were put to bed when everyone reported that PS4 dev kits – which were on for hours – produced little heat.

          • jayflow

            Dude you’re wasting your time asking for evidence from Crapgamer. He’s a Xbox fanboy.

          • Blaze Blue

            And what kind of fanboy are you?

          • jayflow

            I’m not a fanboy of any system. If either system has a game I want to play I buy it. Can you say the same?

          • Blaze Blue

            Hell yeah I can I have already stated that I will be getting both on this subject . But it kills me when I see someone calling out someone as a fanboy knowing that that same person is one too.

          • jayflow

            Ok. All knowing ONE!!!

          • Blaze Blue


      • Cayal

        I love it when someone calmly and easily destroys a rabid fanboys idiotic hate-filled “fact” without the need of resorting to name-calling or childish rants.

  • Opt1kon

    Great Article i do however think this console war is going way overboard with the fanboyism

    while fanboys fight amongst each other the average consumer that doesn’t even know of websites like this won’t partake in any of the fanboy arguments, sad part is all of us gamers fighting each other over who’s console is better at the end of the day your here on a site arguing with someone you will never meet, when instead you should be playing games

    a million PS4 units have been sold and probably more and thats been in just 24hrs and such a small amount of ppl have been plagued with the bad egg 4000 or so and chances are sony will more then likely fix that problem

  • Pyrotek85

    Definitely agree with the author here. People in general are bad at math and basic statistics, they just have a hard time putting things into perspective. Self-selection bias plays into this, as the vast majority of people who have working PS4’s aren’t going to post about it, nor would they even visit sites like this in the first place.

    • Marquis Regalia

      Because they’re too busy enjoying their PS4 and giving an eff to post about it 😀

      • Cayal

        Exactly. I, and I assume many others, don’t review everything I’ve ever gotten. If that was the case I’d be reviewing 50 PS3 games rather than playing them.

    • Crapgamer

      I’d take into account that a lot of people having issues with their PS4 might not frequent online forums at all. So the fact that so many people that do use social media are having problems would lead me to believe there could be a ton not on social media sites having the same issues.

      • Cayal

        so many people? At best, you’re probably seeing 1000 people with issues.

        Out of 1 million that isn’t “so many people”.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Crap Lamer in denial. 40,000 people is a lot but 960,000 is even larger. Enjoy your flop launch next week when no one turns out for the launch parties! ^_^

  • Kyoto Region

    It’s all a conspiracy, Sony are giving fake numbers! The failure rate is higher! Etc, etc, I have no proof though so I can keep spreading these lies too if Sony can do it.

    • Prime157


      • Woohoo!!

        and you are incapable of recognizing sarcasm…

  • unevenwizard

    As long as the percentage of bricked consoles stays so low I don’t see it as a problem. Anything could contribute to those consoles malfunctioning. Most likely a manufacturing issue though.

  • usrev

    I predicted 3million units before 2014 starts, looks like I am heading to the “correct” department.

    black friday isn’t even here yet, and EU hasn’t even had it launch yet.

  • Crapgamer

    The thing that is sad is the fact that Sony fans believe Xbox fans are doing these reviews for the PS4 and so they think they need to react accordingly. The problem with this is that we know the PS4 has had issues, 3-4 review consoles have had issues , and Sony has amended that 0.4% to just be 4%. I believe it’s probably more like 10%, which would mean 100,000 consoles are having issues of the 1 million sold.

    I’ll be too busy gaming on my XB1 Friday night to worry about it, but it’s just the sad state of gaming when people feel the need to make fake accounts to try and even some imaginary score.

    • Cayal

      “but it’s just the sad state of gaming when people feel the need to make fake accounts to try and even some imaginary score.”

      Or when they just randomly state a number – say 10% or 100,000 – with no evidence to back up that number.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      First of all, it’s not a good idea to throw around false information. Sony didn’t amend 0.4% to 4%. They amended 0.04% to 0.4%. Might want to check your facts 😀

      Secondly, if you believe there aren’t trolls on both sides, I’m afraid you’re a bit naive 😀

    • Prime157

      We know xbone fans like you throw false info around like you just did. It was .04 changed to .4

      Enjoy your xbone, I hope you’re not in the .4% for that console.

      • You are flat out wrong

        .4% of the population who actually want an Xbone!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Keep up that damage control. Xbone won’t be anywhere near a million launching across 13 countries on Friday.

      • Woohoo!!

        IDK, I expect that the XB1 will sell well, just not as well as the PS4

    • Eat it

      Good luck. My Xbox One died on me already. It won’t play games anymore, but it still makes a nifty cable box. Microsoft told me to just deal with it. I’ll let Amazon know how I feel about it on the 22nd.

    • Rodger Princeton

      Both Xbox and ps fans write fake reviews to Lower ratings.. If you look at best buy reviews the dates of some 1 star reviews way before it was released

  • Cayal

    Was’t it just 1 million in the USA alone?

    • Crapgamer

      North America, which is more than just the USA.

  • Cayal

    Running with the logic some people have (ie: a few people complaining = the entire console has problems), the facebook playstation page is full of people who are loving their PS4 with no bugs. Therefore the issue isn’t huge, because a lot of people aren’t having problems.

    • Woohoo!!

      Actually if we were to use the same logic then if a few people are happy with the PS4, that must mean that everyone is…problem vanishes in a puff of logic

  • dimka

    I don’t really care what the percentage of failure is. Fact of the matter is that mine was bricked with a DOA hd and none of the tips on the forums helped. When I called customer service, they ended up pitching me a 3-year warranty before proceeding with the repair order.


    Yes, that’s what I wanted to do.

    • Woohoo!!

      I’m sorry to hear that, but you do realize that is the risk you take when buying a console at launch, right?


      • Blaze Blue

        What the hell does that mean? ” do you realize that is the risk you take when buying a console at launch, right? are you for real. If that is the case why releases a produced for people to buy if this supposedly was going to happen. No this should not be expected and you shore do show some type of sympathy, it seems like you are irritated that he had the nerve to post his problem with the ps4.

        • dimka

          Yep. Does that mean I should expect the Xbox One that I am planning to buy to also be DOA? If something like a console release is such a risky endeavour, then why the hell are companies even bothering releasing it to begin with? I guess the happiness of many cannot be counterbalanced by the misery of a few after all.

          Either way, I am of the miserable one and judging by the message boards, I am not the only one.

          • Woohoo!!

            Sorry that happened to you and I didn’t mean to make light of it

          • Prime157

            You people really don’t understand electronics and machines. You know that cars have defect rates. so do washers, dryers, refrigerators, toasters, rice cookers, blenders, watches, COMPUTER PARTS….

            .4% defect rate is quite acceptable. If you can’t wrap your mind around that, then don’t buy anything (and more) I just mentioned.

          • Woohoo!!

            I doubt you would feel that way if it were your system that was defective. I get what you are saying, I’ve been saying the same thing, but you can’t blame this guy for being upset

          • Prime157

            Considering I’ve had a DOA motherboard and ram come to me, yes it’s disappointing, but it takes more energy to act like a child than to just move on for the time being.

            Everyone thinks they are more important than everyone.

            Go enjoy life while you have it. This stuff will happen in the future too.

          • Woohoo!!

            Not quite the same thing. This guy probably has been waiting for this for months, then instead of having fun with his new console, he’s stuck with a lifeless chunk of plastic
            Anyway, I’m not interested in arguing with you over this. Either you get it or you don’t..

          • Blaze Blue

            I totally agree with you

          • itsme

            Again, why on earth do people persist with this 0.4% fallacy, did you bother with the 2 seconds of thought necessary to realise that a figure given before launch means absolutely nothing.

          • Woohoo!!

            Again, when you have the correct percentage based on accurate data, feel free to come back and educate us. Till then, your observations mean less than absolutely nothing

          • Blaze Blue

            When is it not. Non of it’s not acceptable.

          • Blaze Blue

            Umm i was quoting someone else

        • Woohoo!!

          “it seems like you are irritated that he had the nerve to post his problem with the ps4.”

          You are the one who seems irritated. You really shouldn’t try to read too deeply into what people say. All I meant was that the risk of this sort of thing happening is much higher at launch. Nothing more, I did start by saying that I was sorry to hear about the problems he was having

          Same thing happened to me 2 yrs ago with my early edition PSVita, I got the thing and the face buttons didn’t work. But little over a week later it was replaced, no harm no foul

          Anyway I don’t need to apologize for your misinterpretation

          • Blaze Blue

            Apologies for what? I never asked you to do such a thing. The problem i don’t like and what I’m starting to see is that you guys are shunning off the people who are having trouble. This journalis if that’s what you want to call him, has made himself two opportunity’s to speak on this matter and he dropped the ball big time. Why is he protecting sony’s there will be plenty of people who are getting the ps4. But to talk about numbers and percentage rate how pathetic is that.

          • Woohoo!!

            The problem i don’t like and what I’m starting to see is that you guys are shunning off the people who are having trouble.
            I’m not one of “those guys”
            I knew the risks going in and this time I had no trouble, my PS4 is running great but if it didn’t, I would do the same thing I did 2 years ago, I would call Sony and get it replaced.
            I thought that everyone knew how it worked, You buy at launch, you pay the highest price and ultimately you are a glorified beta tester (without the benefits)
            I know how it feels and there’s no denying that it sucks but most likely, if everything goes as it did with me, in little over a week he and all of these other guys will be rocking new consoles and it will be like this crap never happened.
            Just remember, next week there will be defective XB1’s you can count on that, and there will be haters that will spread the FUD. I hope no one accuses you of being “dismissive”

          • Blaze Blue

            What I’m trying to simply say is for everyone not to ignore or downplay this situation help the other’s that are not fortunate like you and others. Just like the others held ms accountable for this same situation, this should be made for sony too.

          • Woohoo!!

            “Just like the others held ms accountable for this same situation, this should be made for sony too.”

            In what way do you mean they be held accountable? If you mean made to correct the problem, that goes without saying and I know they will.
            If you mean that they should also be endlessly raked over the coal by everyone on the internet for the next several years even after they fixed the issues, then no I don’t think that is necessary or fair.

            Or that the majority of the positive experiences be ignored because of the minority that weren’t

          • Blaze Blue

            “If you mean that they should also be endlessly raked over the coal by everyone on the internet for the next several years even after they fixed the issues, then no I don’t think that is necessary or fair.”

            look I’m fair to both sides i will be also getting both system’s, but to say “its not necessary or fair why not? Do you think it was cool or fun to watch the other side get that very same treatment that you think it’s not fair for Sony to get the same? What’s not fair is the double standard’s. You guys really need to regroup and come to reality and understand that if you guys don’t like any of this stuff to happen to the prefer platform of your choice than don’t do it to the other’s.

          • Woohoo!!

            “if you guys don’t like any of this stuff to happen to the prefer platform of your choice than don’t do it to the other’s.

            You say that like I was personally responsible for that. I try not to discuss hardware that I have never owned or have no intention of buying. I prefer instead to promote and defend the things I own

            But I will say this: It took Yoshida 1 day to release a statement regarding the PS4 problems. Do you know how long it too MS to acknowledge the RROD issue? I do, but I will leave that to you to google on your own…..

          • Blaze Blue

            What did he say that would help fix or resolve the issue and they better learn from others mistake.

          • Woohoo!!

            I’ve made my point, this conversation is really going nowhere…if that comes across as being dismissive, it is only because it is.

          • Blaze Blue

            I made my point long ago, you are just now making one?

          • Woohoo!!

            Yeah you did, your point was that you can’t afford one of the next gen consoles and trolling is the only fun your going to get out of it. You don’t care about unfortunate guys like dimka who wound up with faulty hardware, you are just looking for a place to spread your FUD

            That’s okay though, ’cause you are just pissing in the wind. The PS4 just sold 1 million units, probably many more than that by now. It’s already a success in spite of your impotent ramblings, so do your worst, you’ve already failed

          • Blaze Blue

            I don’t think you know what the hell you are talking about and what argument you want to make.

    • Cayal

      Sorry to hear but consoles fail. It’s unfortunate but it happens. Are they fixing it for free?

      • dimka

        Of course they are fixing it for free, but what does it help me? I have a paperweight here until the repair box ships and until it gets to Sony and then repaired (or replaced) back to me.

        • Prime157

          I doubt you even got the console; deduced from your immaturity.

        • Woohoo!!

          It will arrive a lot faster than you are expecting, if it is anything like my experience two years ago with my Vita, the turnaround only took just over a week

        • Cayal

          What does it help you? YOU’RE GETTING YOUR FRIGGIN CONSOLE BACK.

          Jesus, entitled gamer alert.

  • Caleb Escobar

    And this guys it’s what I called Real professional journalism!!! Good job!! Giuseppe

  • A 0.4% failure rate is much better than the 50% failure rate the Xbox 360 suffered from.

    • Blaze Blue

      Are you serious? Really are you serious. 0.4% failure rate for a product that just released compare to 50% rate that was taken care of over two or three years ago. This ps4 failure rate is just the beginning.

      • You do realize that people who order a brand new processor, hard drive, or any kind of computer component get components that are dead on arrival right?

        I’m assuming you don’t because you are complaining about this.

        • Blaze Blue

          Ok fool I’m not dumb i clearly can read that you just don’t get what I just said. For me to go back and point out what you said and then tell you why I replied to your post, that would be a waste of time. Ps4 failure rate is going to go up. It doesn’t make sense to interpret 360 50% failure rate as if it started off like that.

          • Bankai

            The PS4’s failure rate still won’t be high enough to cause much of a problem.

          • Blaze Blue

            Said who? Please don’t come off being full of your own shit. That’s like bush show boating saying we won the war only to find out that we didn’t.

          • Marc Ravesteijn

            The rate only goes down….. in the beginning the failure rate is the highest. after that the production proces gets optimised and any mistakes in that proces will be fixed which results in an even lower failure rate. yes, the number of broken PS4’s will be higher, but the % of broken ps4’s will be lower.

            Ontopic: Prefectly said author. And even if its a way higher percantage. The everage DOA rate of (new) electronics is 3-5%, so Sony is doing a great job even is the failure rate is doubled (0,8%) or even quadrupled (1,6%) from what they thought.

          • Blaze Blue

            Yes the failure rate do go down just like with the Xbox, but here’s the thing this is only the beginning for the ps4. It is going to climb up as more of them sell. Please excuse me for calling you out of your name.

    • itsme

      0.4% is a figure someone pulled out their ass BEFORE LAUNCH, why on earth do people keep quoting it.

      • Woohoo!!

        Let us know when you come up with a more accurate number. I’m sure you have access to the relevant statistics…right?

  • You are flat out wrong

    Bu bu but muh Amazon reviews!!!! ;_;

    4% of a million is what, 40,000? A lot of people for sure, but let’s be honest, in the age of social media these reports were also going to be amplified.

    • Woohoo!!

      that’s .4% which is only 4000

  • Alex

    I wonder how many bricked consoles we’re a result of being dropped/damaged during the shipping process.

  • peterpansyndrome94



  • ISISSecretAgent

    greatness survives a tornado


    glad to see the guy is safe as well

  • thebanditking

    This is the problem with social media, when everyone has a voice no one listens. All these morons with nothing better to do posting fake stories about their “bricked” PS4 are doing nothing but making it worse for those few who actually are. My PS4 (from Amazon) is perfect, no issues or anything. Everything fails, and even though I am not buying an X1 I don’t want a bunch of false reviews out there saying its broke when its not. The 360 RROD was a disaster and deserved the attention it got but sabotaging a product with false info is just BS.