PS4 Is the First Device in the World to Include New DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 Decoder

DTS, Inc. announced with a press release that PS4 owners have something extra to look forward to from their new console in terms of audio fidelity, as the PS4 is the very first consumer electronics device in the world to include the new and shiny DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 decoder.

The new decoder allows the delivery of 7.1 audio data at the enormous bit rate of 512 Kb per seconds, which basically means that streamed audio will be as near as possible to lossless, provided that the user has a high-bandwidth internet connection.

DTS Executive Vice President and COO Brian Towne accompanied the press release with a statement:

Today, there are more than a couple of ways for consumers to access and enjoy entertainment content. Millions of consumers rely on their gaming consoles to serve as their hub for accessing digital content services, holding the expectation that these devices will deliver the same quality video and audio experience that they receive when gaming or watching Blu-ray discs. By featuring DTS’ new DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 technology, PS4 owners will be able to enjoy the same high-definition 7.1 surround sound experience received on Blu-ray from streaming and VOD services.

Below you can find an official description of the feature:

DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 is the latest delivery profile under the DTS-HD technology portfolio of advanced audio solutions for next-generation content. Designed to deliver the highest quality surround sound experience possible from both physical and digital media,this new decoder supports streamed and downloaded content featuring DTS-HD-encoded audio tracks, as well as optical disc media with soundtracks produced in all DTS formats including DTS-HD Master Audio.

Looks like audiophiles will finally be able to enjoy the sound of streamed content without cringing too much, and the PS4 will be the first device to provide that kind of quality. Not too shabby for a 400 bucks gaming console.

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  • ISISSecretAgent

    thats why my next big purchase was going to be an AVR 7.1 setup but got too excited and spent the money building my first rig.

    only fools think Sony cant do audio, i think by june it will be possible again to get that AVR setup

  • cell989

    yes!!! huge plus for someone like me who enjoys rich audio!!

    • hahahah


      • evil monkeys

        No. Not even on PC. There are no decoders for this on PC.

        • i’mllumiinati

          The PC has all the decoders idiot.

          • BalramRules

            Hey idiot, does the average PC have this decoder? No.
            Does the average PS4 have decoders? Yes, because all PS4s are the freaking same, PCs are not all the same.
            Chances are, most people won’t be seeing this decoder anytime soon on their PC, let alone listening to them.
            Though the relatively rich few, will be able to (if it’s available), as the title states, PS4 is the first.

          • 94DMP .

            The average PC user can get this decoder if you simply have a HDMI output on your PC.

          • B.o.B.

            the average pc doesnt have this by DEFAULT where as ps4 will unless you love high quality stuff then you download decoders.

          • i’mllumiinati

            It is available through your local update moron.

          • Michael Norris

            This is a new decoder dummy,Ps4 is the first device to support it.Take your Pc master race bullshit elsewhere.

          • Luis Carmona

            Blow me..don’t be jealous little sister. Pc is the true all in one..

          • i’mllumiinati

            You related to Mr.Norris by any chance? Cuz if you are I don’t mean no harm sir!

        • hahahah


      • Michael Norris

        PC Sound Race…FAIL

  • This just made my Denon 1913 AVR a little wet in the pants.

  • bigshynepo


    • Dumbo


  • nyshotgun05
    • jujubee88

      Do you live in shared housing/have close neighbors? (Apartment, town house, etc.)

      If so, you’re probably not going to enjoy long sessions with dat 7.1 speaker experience anyways. People will hate you and your noise making thing. Some gaming headphone manufacturers are probably going to sell DTS-HD 7.1 compatible headsets later to be fair.

      The DTS-HD 7.1 Sony Pulse Elite dual ultra hi-fi lazer beam Ragnarok edition.

      edit: 5.1 speakers work too. From the wiki:

      “DTS-HD Master Audio may be transported to AV receivers in 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channels, at lossless quality, in one of three ways depending on player and/or receiver support:

      Over 6, 7 or 8 RCA connectors as analog audio, using the player’s internal decoder and digital-to-analog converter (DAC).
      Over HDMI 1.1 (or higher) connections as 6-, 7- or 8-channel linear PCM, using the player’s decoder and the AV receiver’s DAC.
      Over HDMI 1.3 (or higher) connections as the original DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream, with decoding and DAC both done by the AV receiver.”

      • GunsAndTheBeast


    • 94DMP .

      “7.1 Audio Speaker”


  • ragingmerifes

    All I need now is a great pair of headphones and Final Fantasy XV to enjoy it accordingly.
    Do the same, guise.

  • RealityCheck2013

    PS4 SEXY AS F**K 😛

    • hahahah


      • Tu Padre

        Is only for porn and offices

        • DaleLintern

          brilliant lmao

  • Bankai

    Didn’t Sony come up with 7.1 audio? Because I’m pretty sure they did and that’s why their pulse headsets utilize it.

    • Stranger On The Road

      There are different proprietary audio format, in those you have different types, in those still there are different bitstream rates.

      This will be another 7.1 surround sound that the PS4 supports.

    • 94DMP .

      No, they didn’t.

  • You are flat out wrong

    True next-gen.

  • datdude

    My pioneer elite is going to love the PS4. As will my two subs.

  • Russell Gorall

    Little odd as the PS4 can’t stream anything, and can’t even play audio CD’s.

    • jacksjus

      Oh so did they remove Netflix?

      • evil monkeys

        No, they removed DNLA. That is used for MEDIA SERVERS.

        • Woohoo!!

          didn’t remove it, just not supporting it yet

        • Russell Gorall

          It is DLNA. Even Netflix is a media server.

      • Russell Gorall

        Netflix is playing 7.1 DTS audio?

        If you got your fanboy out of your ass you wouldn’t feel the need to go to a Sony site.

    • Ritsujun

      Xbone180’d, and Xbone720p’d.

    • Sword0fKahless

      Not yet, it will play and stream soon.

      • Woohoo!!

        Yeah, Sony is on top of things, just got support for my Astro A50 headset, 1 day after launch 😀

      • Russell Gorall

        I know, just a little ridiculous the Sony cashgrab to try and get everyone on Music and Video Unlimited, especially announcing it two weeks before launch.

        • Sword0fKahless

          They are not trying to grab anyone’s cash in that way. Surely if people are so moronic they cannot wait for MP3 support on the platform they have chosen, they sort of deserve to have their cash grabbed! A bit of commonsense is usually required when parting with money. Don’t you think?
          There’s Mp3 players, phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, older consoles, there’s so many gadgets to play music on in the meantime. A little patience will get people a long long way.

  • What is the point of this? Games generate raw PCM output anyway which can travel perfectly over HDMI.

    Even the PS3 could decode DTS-HD MA from Blu-ray discs into LPCM so I don’t see what’s new here.

    • jacksjus

      Try reading first.

      • It’s all software. The same decoder used in the PS3 can decode any DTS-HD MA audio stream whether it’s from a disc, file or Internet stream.

        • evil monkeys

          I know your right because I have a 7.1 system I use with my PS3. What this does however is open us up to streaming 7.1, where as we could only stream 5.1 on the PS3. Hell, the xbox360 could only stream

          • The PS3 does do 7.1 LPCM output. It even decodes Dolby TrueHD to 7.1 LPCM. The DTS-HD MA decoder in the PS3 was restricted to 5.1 decoding for some reason.

          • B.o.B.

            the dts hd ma decoder in the ps3 was restricted to 5.1 decoding? since when? i still get 7.1 thats all i use ill never go back to 5.1 or stereo cant wait for 10.2!! haaha the more the better

          • dirkradke

            Not correct about the 360 – It is capable of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

          • Guest

            I was only refering to streaming, specifically from a media server. You’re right however, the 360 CAN play 5.1 through netflix or dvd.

  • 94DMP .

    Urmmm it’s not the first to have DTS HD MA 7.1.
    1) My Sony Blu-Ray player uses DTS HD MA 7.1.
    2) My Sony STR DH820 Reciever uses DTS HD MA 7.1.
    3) My AMD Radeon HD7990 in my PC allows for DTS HD MA 7.1.

    This article is full of s**t.

  • B.o.B.

    ah wrong 512kbps DTS HD is near as possible to lossless i have blu ray dvds that use DTS HD MA 7.1 and the ps3 reads its audio at 5MBPS to 8MBPS and damn this sounds sexy on my Sony Muteki 7.2 channel. the ps4 CANT be the first device to include dts decoder my pc, sony blu ray 3D player and the ps3 supports dts hd ma