PS4/Xbox One Tomb Raider: Square Enix Releases Official Statement, Teases Announcement in December

Yesterday we broke the news about Amazon Italy listing a Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4, and more hints also indicate that the game could get an Xbox One port as well. We reached out to Square Enix for more information, and we just received an official statement that isn’t exactly a confirmation, but it’s as close as it could be.

It’s so hard to keep a secret these days! We appreciate all of the enthusiasm, however we don’t have any details to share just yet. That said, we highly recommend you keep an eye on any major gaming events happening in early December.

What’s going to happen in early December? Everything seems to point to an announcement during this year’s Spike VGX Awards, that will air on December the 7th.

Of course we’ll keep you posted on any further detail we’ll receive, but looks like Tomb Raider fans definitely have something to look forward to on next generation consoles.

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  • PhantomVash808

    I hop it has a $10 digital upgrade.

  • He should probably find out how Naughty Dog has kept TLOU PS4 from leaking. 😉

  • Jack Slater

    Absolutely loved last Lara croft.
    Bring on a ton of new adventures with Lara, and her sister.

  • truthishard2take

    really.. tomb raider who cares.. make something new and exciting..not something stale

  • Do PC gamers get this “next gen” version??…

    • Chill Out

      PC version is already a next-gen version 🙂 , i wouldn’t be surprised if the ps4/x1 version is a port from the PC version

  • peterpansyndrome94

    Uncharted Trilogy and The Last of Us Full HD for PS4

    It’s no secret that Naughty Dog have two internal teams: One team is working on The Last of Us, and the other we think are working on the sequel to Uncharted 3 for the PlayStation 4. Now that there are just a few days before Sony unveils the ‘future of gaming’ with the much anticipated reveal of the PS3′s successor. Naughty Dog are already talking about their approach in getting prepared for the next generation.

    Christophe Balestra, Co-president of Naughty Dog, had a few interesting things to share about how their team may eventually handle a hardware superior to the PS3. He talks about how Naughty Dog may need more people when they start working on the PS4 and how it can be a scary experience for them.

    “It’s true – moving on to something else after PS3 might mean more people, but we’re not sure just yet,” he revealed.

    “It’s about the quality of the tools, and about whether you can make something smarter. My guess is that they will expand – you’ll have more this, and more that – you’ll always have something more. In terms of our art, we always create our assets at a higher resolution than what you see in-game. A lot of our pipelines are already ready to move to something superior to the PS3. But it’s scary.”

    He also recounts his experience in moving from the PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3. As expected it wasn’t an easy thing.

    “And that was totally our fault. And also we were going from PS2 to PS3, the shaders were different and things like that, and we had a lot to learn. I think we’ve caught up though – I think our games look pretty good, so I feel like we’re fine right now. But it’s always scary, because you don’t know what to expect just to do something. We’ll see. We have a little more time to think about it,” he told EuroGamer.

    It will be interesting to see how Naughty Dog will handle the challenges while they move their development structure from the PS3 to PS4. And if they can repeat their acclaimed performances on a superior platform, then one can expect an experience unlike anything.

    Stay tuned to GamingBolt for our continued coverage of The Last of Us and next week’s full reveal of the PS4.