Sony General Manager: “Too Much Emphasis is Placed” on PS4 Day One Sales

Sony Computer Entertainment Canada VP and General Manager Steve Turvey thinks that day one sales are important, but maybe too much emphasis is placed on them, while the road to lasting success is still long, as he told GamesIndustry International today.

It’s great when something is received well by your customer base on day one and out of the gate. And when you have day-one demand, it’s exciting to be a part of. But as we’ve been through other iterations of PlayStation, the lifecycle is a long one.

We’ve prided ourselves on sort of future proofing many of our consoles and building future technology into them so that it is in your living room and capable and functional seven to 10 years from now. So while launch is important, it’s not everything…

Day One is certainly very important, but maybe too much emphasis is placed on it. The long-term success is built over time. You see PlayStation 3, many would suggest it struggled out of the gate, and yet 80 million homes worldwide now are enjoying it, so it would prove to be a success.”

While it’s definitely hard to disagree with Turvey on this, it’s worth mentioning that this is something easy to say when you’re sitting on a million day one sales. I actually wonder he was smirking as he said it…I know I would be.

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  • islan


    Oh … oh man … I really have become a fanboy! A … sonypony! But I honestly feel that they’ve earned it from me over the last generation. And I’m still willing to call out their shit when I see it, even if I’m more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt (I’m looking at you, no-music-save-Unlimited PS4 <_<)

  • shogunknight

    Very true, and well said. Anyone of those consoles can triumph on the long run. Hope they all have a good generation ahead of them

  • islan

    Hmm? Where did my earlier comment go? Is it still awaiting moderation?

    • Woohoo!!

      In my experience, there is never any moderation involved. Once flagged, it’s gone for good *shrugs*…that’s what you get for posting them naughty words 😀

      • islan

        For saying “SONY I LOVE YOU” followed by the realization that I am a Sony fanboy, but then giving defense in that I’m still willing to call them out on their $#@&? Wait, we’re not allowed to say $#@&?


  • Woohoo!!

    “I actually wonder he was smirking as he said it…I know I would be.”

    He’s probably reserving the smirks for next Monday after we see the XB1 numbers

    • Anime10121

      Unless they’re significantly higher than the PS4 ones…we probably wont get official numbers, and even if we do, they’d probably wait until after PS4 lauches in Europe before gloating about higher WW day one numbers.

      • Woohoo!!

        It was sarcasm. I don’t think that the folks at Sony would bother to gloat.

        • Anime10121

          Oh, whoops…

          Its the internetz, you can never tell D: