The Last Guardian Developer Interested in Making a Zombie Game

Fumito Ueda, designer of the hit title Shadow of the Colossus and the long delayed The Last Guardian, is interested in making a zombie game next.

While the genre has certainly been overused in the last few years, he feels that there’s room for a game that could explore characters in a “lyrical” manner.

In terms of AI and motion technology and the operability of the player character, there are many elements that interest me and that are suited to in-game expression. Especially if there is a way to use [zombies] not just as a convenient enemy for the player to shoot at, but in a way that allows me to express a character in a lyrical way. There are always possibilities.

Ueda admits that he’s still not certain about the concept, and he’d need to come up with a well suited idea first.

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  • ragingmerifes

    Maybe he should finish his first, since it’s almost undead already.

    • Bankai

      It’s only been in development for 6 years, which is one more than GTA V. So I don’t see how it’s “almost undead already”.

  • MegaRay

    The last guardian cancelled confirmed

    • James Darkly

      where it confirmed or when?

      • MegaRay

        Either that or they make the last guardian a the last of us-like game

  • foureyes oni

    finish the last guardian first before even thinking about making another game.

    • quinten488

      I was about to comment the exact same thing, finish The Last Guardian god dammit.

  • Solid Snake

    well maybe he’ll release it on PS6 if were lucky.

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait to see that Ueda-san ^^