Xbox One Fails to Paint Amazon’s Top 20 Best Sellers Chart Green, Beaten by BioShock and Skylanders

on November 22, 2013 4:41 PM

When the PS4 launched, it painted the top twenty best sellers chart on almost completely blue together with its own games and accessories on its launch day, taking sixteen spots out of twenty.

I promised to check back on the day of  Xbox One’s launch, and here I am, but the results are a bit more mixed: Only seven products in the top twenty are related to Xbox One, and the console itself has already slipped down to 5th place. In comparison the PS4 console was still in first place at this point, and it remained in second place for over four days after its launch.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that the Xbox One had to compete with some quite heavy hitters: Skylanders is self explanatory, due to its massive popularity, even more so before the holidays, while the BioShock Triple pack is on sale for a rather amazing price. If you still don’t have the three games for PC you should really grab it.

Below you can see the chart at the moment of this writing.


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