Xbox One Fails to Paint Amazon’s Top 20 Best Sellers Chart Green, Beaten by BioShock and Skylanders

When the PS4 launched, it painted the top twenty best sellers chart on almost completely blue together with its own games and accessories on its launch day, taking sixteen spots out of twenty.

I promised to check back on the day of  Xbox One’s launch, and here I am, but the results are a bit more mixed: Only seven products in the top twenty are related to Xbox One, and the console itself has already slipped down to 5th place. In comparison the PS4 console was still in first place at this point, and it remained in second place for over four days after its launch.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that the Xbox One had to compete with some quite heavy hitters: Skylanders is self explanatory, due to its massive popularity, even more so before the holidays, while the BioShock Triple pack is on sale for a rather amazing price. If you still don’t have the three games for PC you should really grab it.

Below you can see the chart at the moment of this writing.


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  • Marquis Regalia

    PC / PS4 have colors too close 😀 But its a nice touch. Gotta admit tho X1 has more exclusives for now nice to see both consoles launch well

  • TristanPR77

    Lower and weak specs plus a higher price is not a good selling point plus the PS4 offers more power, better visuals and better social integration and broadcasting for less money.

  • Bankai

    Damn, not even 24 hours at number 1 and it dropped so low. And none of its exclusives made the top 10? None of them looked particularly interesting, but I expected 2 or 3 to make the top 10.

  • RandomUser2yr29387

    Xbox One sold 1 million consoles within 24 hours worldwide. This means the North American sales should be about 60% of that give or take a couple percentage points.

    North American sales in 24 hours:
    PS4 = ~1 million
    Xbox One = ~600k

    PS4 wins by a large margin. Why? Xbox fucked up its messaging, its weaker, more expensive and the size of a VCR.

    Microsoft completely misjudged the market and their audience.

    Feel free to copy and paste this all over the internet.

    • viruzz

      Actually i prefer the size of the VCR and would like PS4 to be the same way with external PSU.

      • kryteris

        I kind of agree with you here, I would prefer a *very safe cooling solution and replaceable power supply. Even though my day one xbox/ps3 power sources still work fine, the peace of mind is needed in the 400+ price range.

        But if the PS4 never reaches over 45 degree’s, then there really is no need. Except for a faulty PSU.

    • bigevilworldwide

      The 720p machine launched in 13 countries which even IF you believe Gametrailers LOL which I’m not sure that I do it’s pretty pathetic for the 720p thats roughly around 77,000 consoles per country. At least the PS4 was 1 million in 1 country and it launches in a bunch more next friday

  • m r

    Oh please. If PS4 had launched against 3D Mario and a new Zelda game it wouldn’t have the top 20 locked down either. I’m no fan of microsoft but this article is completely pointless.

    • Michael

      You think those games took sales away? Like people walked into a store not knowing that either those games or the xbox were coming out and the game won out? A game for a console they probably don’t have?

      • m r

        I never said ANYTHING about taking away sales. I said they didn’t capture the top 20 because more people were buying other items IN ADDITION to XB1 stuff. You have to look at the actual numbers and not the rankings.

    • viruzz

      People that buy Ps4 and X1 dont really care about kiddie games

      • m r

        Yearly crap like Call of Dooty, Assassins Creed etc are more childish than a Zelda game…

        Nearly all the release games that are yearly ips are targeted at children.

        • viruzz

          In your dreams kid, in your dreams.
          Nothing more childish and boring then the crap nintendo farts out every year for last 30 years.

          Ill take my Fallouts, Uncharteds, Mass effects, Witchers, Skyrims and so on.

          • m r

            None of those are yearly ips.

            Yearly IPs: need for speed, call of dooty, assassins creed, dance games, etc

            The games you listed are the ones that core gamers hold out for and are indeed slightly less childish than a Nintendo game, but not by much. Nintendo games can have appeal to a wider audiences. It’s an area nintendo has failed with the wii u but games like 3d mario world, super smash, dkc and zelda have universal appeal to all ages.

            I wouldn’t be caught dead playing any of those yearly games, but i wouldn’t mind someone seeing me playing a zelda game whether for nostalgia or the innovation put into the game.

          • viruzz

            If anyone i know catches me playing nintendo games they will laugh ta me calling me infantile.

            There is no innovation in nintendo games, its same boring crap i played when i was a kid on NES and SNES.

            Most yearly franchises are actually OK, you can make fund of COD all you want it just makes you look stupid, it makes the most money meaning the most people buy it and it makes most money.
            the majority voted with their wallet and you are in crazy minority that we the majority make fun of, its a fact of life.

          • m r

            I usually don’t bother making fun of the yearly crap. i just don’t buy it. They have little to no innovation and I don’t see the point in buying a $60 game which will drop down to $20-30 within a year which is exactly the same as the one they released the previous year. They do it because they can get away with it. Activision, EA, ubisoft’s primary goal is to have everyone of their games be cash cows like this.

            It’s funny how you criticize Nintendo for doing what Activision, EA and Ubisoft are doing to you, but I won’t judge what you spend your money on.

            it’s especially funny given how Microsoft and Sony have copied every innovative hardware gimmick from Nintendo. They do have innovation, but sadly it has been all shoveled into gimmicks the past few gens.

          • m r

            Looking through all of your comments, I pretty much have you pegged.

            PC gamer. Cares more about graphics than gameplay. Is excited for new ps4 and xb1 primarily because it will mean a bigger jump in quality in pc titles as they are developed to a higher VISUAL standard which is why you love to blindly throw hate at nintendo who is primarily going to be hanging on by the quality of their software.

            Please keep emptying that wallet and keep yourself busy with all your yearly games and upgrading your rig to play them. lol. cant believe you didn’t buy GTA V based on “how it looked” rofl. Easily the best singleplayer game in the last 10 years. The multiplayer needs more content desperately, but was a big step up from previous multiplayers.

          • viruzz

            Hey man respect, that was a fine detective work.
            I am a PC gamer hardware “whore”, upgrading every 6 months, overclocking and benching but Im also a dual console owner, PS360 + PSP then and PS4X1+Vita now.
            and i love 3D blurays and some 3D gaming here and tehre

            I hate Nintendo with passion, i think that Nintendo fanboys are are morons, they are the reason why nintendo allows themselves to sell us outdated hardware for premium price.
            My logic is very simple, just look at the price they sold Wii, 3DS and WiiU and what comes inside, its not like Nintendo is a poor company they have HUGE reserves of money that they made from gamers, now instead of investing it back like MS and Sony did, they cutting corners and selling is outdated harwdare for premium price.

            If MS and Sony can sell hardware at BASE value. nintendo can do the same.

            take a look at ebay, cheapo Chinese tabltes that have ram, CPU, touch screens, modems and so on sell for less then their Wiiu tablet, it means that the actual cost of the tablet remote is maybe 10-15$, but Nintendo HAVE to make money on selling consoles, its their GREED talking and I hate Greedy companies and people.

            when they do the same MS and Sony does, making the best console they can for 400$ and NOT earning money on hardware then ill respect them.

          • m r

            i agree with you on the blind nintendo fanboys and selling outdated hardware for the premium price.

            but games like dkc, smashbros, and zelda are always worthwhle to play and i got my wii u on clearance ridiculously cheap around $200. the retailer took the hit on that one. same with my vita. im still hoping nintendo will put more focus on games as opposed to gimmicks and get back to where they were with the snes releasing tons and tons of quality new games and new ips. the last zelda on the wii was a definite brand withdrawl but hopefully theyll turn things around when they start seeing that strong software is the only thing that will move their hardware now.

            sony did a better job this time around with the ps4, but they still cut corners with production of the units themselves and pushing them for holiday sales when they really should have held off for 2014 when things like gaiki are ready and you dont force little chinese kids to work 18 hours a day to meet new quotas.

            im more likely to build a new pc than to buy any console. but im not spending any money this year. markets are doing fantastic now but i think the artificial bubble they have created with the fed stimulus is going to pop next year. im saving as much money as i can for when that happens and everything starts returning to sane levels that match our economy

    • bigevilworldwide

      LOL thats cute your trying to blame it on Mario and a 3ds game LOL i’m sorry but NO thats pretty pathetic that you want to blame it on games

    • datdude

      Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy. Enjoy that coma.

      • m r

        You don’t think the newest Zelda game would have made top 20 if launched against yearly titles like call of duty, asssassins creed etc on the PS4? lol.

        There are 10.6 million 3ds units worldwide and you don’t think a game on that platform which gets very, very sparse amounts of new titles will not sell as well as a game that sells yearly on a console that has 1million units on launch?

        Basic math dude. Jesus. Apparently the launch of the new consoles has made everyone an expert from all the hype slinging. Id be better off in a coma than talking to anyone else here.

        It’s my fault for leaving comments on an article that will draw in flamers of the XB1. The very title of the article is going to draw in the type of people who don’t use common sense.

  • Michael

    The Skylanders ranking is like a final echo of last generation. A little change keeps everyone on their toes.