Walmart Employees Confirm PS4 Covertly in Stock, Will be Sold on Black Friday at Four Possible Times

Yesterday we reported about PS4 Units being back in stock at many Walmart stores across the US, even if the retail chain does not disclose that publicly on their site and store clerks will tell you they don’t exist even if you ask.

Since then we’ve been contacted by Walmart employees confirming the story and offering more details about it.

One employee, working at the receiving department at Walmart (the ones that unload trucks, separate freight, and move it to the sales floor), revealed that the PS4 stock was delivered on the 21st. The electronics department clerk of the store already knew they were coming and had told him to expect them.

Part of the job of our source is to read the codes on the freight delivered to know when to haul it to the sales floor, exactly because some of the items are held back in the storerooms for days or even weeks in order to match sales.

All the PS4 delivered had the USA code, which corresponds to Black Friday, and there are four different USA codes, corresponding to 8 PM, 10 PM (on Thanksgiving), Midnight and 6 AM.

A second employee, of the Store Manager level, confirmed the delivery as well on the same day, and mentioned that those PS4 are strictly held back until Black Friday simply because the flyers already distributed announced that the consoles will be in stock, so stores have to stockpile in order to match what advertised to the customers.

So there you have it. If you want a PS4 (or Xbox One) on Thanksgiving or Black Friday and you plan to shop at Walmart, the times mentioned above are the ones that will offer the best chance to find your coveted console. Good luck with that. You’ll need it.

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  • PachterStation

    Holy mashed potato, Batman!

  • Jack Raines

    There Will Be Blood

  • Grim CW

    Knew it a week ago. Talked to a couple stores employees for walmart and they all said the same thing.
    They had 6 consoles sent to each store, and the new supply won’t be in from walmart warehouses until black friday.

    Mind you this actually shorted the pre-order customers for the XBone when I was poking my nose around. One store in my area only had 5 boxes, and 6 pre-orders.
    Another had a dozen pre-orders and only 6 boxes…..

    I.E. Walmart is causing a deliberate shortage just to cause a riot on black friday.

    The whole “in stock because the advertisement said so” is a lie though.
    They had a similar advert for the release day, and had none legitimately in stock since they were already pre-sold.

    • Harerazer

      That’s not true. Three Walmarts near me filled their pre-orders AND sold “live” stock at midnight. I picked mine up at 8am that day to avoid the rush. They are holding stock back but not necessarily for Black Friday. The ones in my region were told to “release” them (anad possibly XB1s) weekly to keep customers coming in to the store.

      • Grim CW

        Than your area manager is smarter. That’ll keep people coming to check for them repeatedly rather than holding back for one day specifically.

        But most I talked too, as I said, were told to only have 6 out on release day, and couldn’t even fill pre-orders right away.

  • Anthony Wheatley

    winter is coming

  • Jay Murph Murphy

    stop complaing should have preordered

    • Grim CW

      neh, who really wanted them anyways?

  • billycuth

    it says “limited quantity” so that doesn’t mean they need to stockpile. Also, I DID preorder and Walmart still hasn’t shipped it and wont tell me when they will.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Between this and the worldwide launch on Friday, I would not be surprised if Sony shifts 2 million units this weekend.

  • Skyguy43

    Mother fuckers I try going there they say oh it’s not in stock till after New Years witch is bullcrap I need to talk to the manager