Xbox One Games Crash to Dashboard or Fail to Load Due to Possible RAM Issues, Fix Found

There have been many reports on the Xbox official forums about games crashing to the dashboard or simply failing to load after a few seconds (you can find a few examples here, here, here and here).

The problem is possibly due to the Xbox One not completely flushimh the memory when it goes into power saving mode (which is the default behavior when you turn it off), causing the RAM to become saturated after a few days and prompting symptoms similar to a memory leak, where games simply don’t find enough allocation and crash. It’s actually something most PC gamers are quite familiar with.

Luckily YouTube user GODtheSniper found a fix that luckily isn’t as drastic as the one for the grinding disc drives, and is actually very simple (and again, PC users may find it rather familiar): you just need to turn the console completely off either by holding the power button down for 10-15 seconds, or by unplugging the power cord (after putting the console in power saving mode).

This will cause the Xbox One to go through a cold boot with its RAM completely flushed and ready to accept the demanding assets of your games. Of course you may have to redo the same process again whenever the issue arises. It’s not ideal, but at least it’ll let you play.

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  • bigevilworldwide

    And yet the Xbots wanted to pretend that the 1% of PS4 issues were suddenly worse than the 360s 55% failure rate for 4 years and that the One80 wouldn’t have any issues….Yet we keep getting One80 issue after One80 issue…..Micro$haft makes some awesome hardware

    • Eric Meadows

      STFU. I own a PS4 and Xbox One…I play Xbox One 90% of the time. Knack seriously is a fun game, but stop spamming… you are a tool.

      • Cayal

        Who cares what you play 90% of the time?

        • X1ultimateGamer


          • Not A PC Gamer

            Look whos back? The moron who I was personally involved with getting their Twitter account banned! You like not knowing what’s on your pathetic X1 harddrive son? You like the idea that you have to follow someone and you cant add them as a friend? You like the fact that MS removed voice messaging? You like the fact that they have ruined the legitimacy of gamerscore by adding bullshit apps like netflix for achievements? Let me know how all that works out for you pal. All of microsofts decisions contradict each other and make no sense.

            And yes I was directly involved with the demise of your twitter account. You have me to thank for that! 🙂

          • Caine

            Wow, this guy’s a douche. Yeah, that’s right. Be proud of your insignificance. XBONE may have its issues but then again so does Gaystation bore. I’ve had all systems and they all have strong and weak points. But of there is one thing that is for sure and for certain, ps and it’s online gay ming is and always will be garbage. At least XBONE has ambition. PS4 is a gaming console? Oh that’s nice. PS4: “Hey, our controllers suck. Let’s make them even more terrible than before.” PlayStation fans are like Christians. Just cause there are more of them don’t make em anymore right. A good PlayStation console is like God and Jesus Christ… There’s no such thing. And if there were, he’s as gay as his followers. Your argument is invalid.

          • Chillbrah

            His guy should be banned from ever posting on a Sony site. The world would be a less saltier place.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            You poor gullible, naive, and deluded Xbot. It’s not my fault your entire brood of SCUMBAG MICROSOFT SUPPORTERS already forgot what they tried to do to the consumer and your own ignorance is bliss kiddo.

            Everything about the X1 is 3 steps back from the 360 from it’s disgusting AI to it’s lack of harddrive management and a battery indicator.

            You couldn’t debate or defend this POS with me son if you tried and your argument is invalid for even beginning to think you can defend it.

            Now run along timmy with the rest of your drons and coporate slaves.. not everyone is as Naive as you are son.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            Further more X1 has no ambition.. the thing was ill conceived from the getgo. Enjoy your next gen cable box that is a Jack of all trades and a Master at None.. with 3 OS’s and Kinect that takes resouces away from gaming..

            Again you Xbots are holding on to straws and broken promises.. you have been lied to by Major Nelson and will now have to deal with the full return of that glorious DRM and another XBL price hike raising the price of Gold to $70 in the US.

            Yeah MS is the scourge of this industry and all you supporters are most definitley the scumbags.. You inept clueless idiots keep bending over with your ass up and your face in the pillow.. Microsoft loves clowns like yourself kid. 🙂

        • brianc6234

          But he’s right. When the PS4 came out all I saw was stories all over the Internet about what a huge problem Sony had. Why should it be different for Microsoft? Neither one has a major problem, just the typical small percentage of faulty new consoles. Maybe everyone who didn’t have a problem should post a story about it so the Internet can be flooded with the truth.

      • Anon G

        Meanwhile in the room of Eric Meadows, no PS4 is in sight.

      • Not A PC Gamer

        Oh I’m sorry did BigEvil here upset you? Put down your cool aid Xbot.

      • Chillbrah

        Surely you understand that being a douchebag 90% of the time isn’t easy. Knack is easily more enjoyable than anything on Micro$haft’s library in the last 10 years.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      STFU you dam moron

      • You are flat out wrong

        Hey Demetre, I note your Xbone broke a few days ago. Did you get it working again? Maybe feed it a few Doritos while it recovers to build up its strength.

        • Not A PC Gamer

          That’s telling him.. You should have seen this drone on Twitter.. I have never seen anyone is so much denial of a crooked corporation as this kid is.

    • Then if I was you I’d be embarrassed that Killzone was out reviewed by a couple Xbox One games. That shitty console with all the problems you believe it to have has the better games right now. Wild isn’t it?

      • You are flat out wrong

        Ryse 60, LocoCycle and Crimson Mistake mid 50s, Fighter Within 31. Dead Framerates 3, Forza Microtransactions 5 and Filler Shitstink.

        The best games are on Xbox One HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Off you skip back to the Xbone OT on NeoGAF.

        • You are flat out wrong. Funny how you keep talking about GAF and me posting there. I have a main site I post on. I post like 2 post a day if that on GAF. You are amusing though. Not surprised a Sony fan has time to troll. Of course you’re not playing any games.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Of course you need to restrict yourself to your online ghetto, Xdrone. You’re a joke everywhere else!

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          • You are flat out wrong

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  • Eric Meadows

    Or you can launch another game then relaunch the original game. WAY EASIER!!!

  • Krakn3dfx

    Xbox One is a frustrating mess right now, from the Party system to the weird errors to the crashing to the miss or hit voice control.

    Hopefully they get it cleaned up, but it’s kind of a disaster at the moment for a system MS asked people to pay $500 for. I’ve decided to keep mine after going back and forth on sending it back to Amazon, but it’s clearly not a piece of technology that should have been sold to the public IMO.

    • aawells07

      Try to word it to make it just seem so horrible. You’re not trying hard enough

      • Krakn3dfx

        If you bought a Samsung microwave that used pushing numerical buttons to set the cook time as a bullet point, but then those buttons only worked every other time you pushed them, but you’re a big fan of Samsung, would you just deal with it?

        • Jack Slater

          Xbots would even eat Alberto penello crap, if they could buy it.
          They accept playing at 720p on the xbox one, and they will even say 720p is more beautiful and smooth than 1080p.

          There are nothing you can do, they’re just too stupid and immature. Just look at ultimatex1gamer comments.he is 14yo,

          • async2013

            I think you will find that is the standard windows user too, spoon fed

          • Jack Slater

            You say that because you use windows, daemon tools, and your no CD cracks, for playing your torrent/ direct download games, right?

          • aawells07

            You’re saying they’re immature but reading your comment makes me think the same about you. This is prolly the most immature comment I’ve read today.

  • Larry Skells


  • Dameon Percival

    i get this problem but only with one game, I do hope they release a patch to fix it.

  • Louis Roederer

    It runs Windows… OF COURSE you have to reboot it. Ask any IT Tech. 🙂

    • Stranger On The Road

      I keep wondering when will I read the first article about a XB1 virus/worm/bot in the wild.

      • Yaris_Gutierrez

        The thing with viruses/worms/bots is that they are not primarily isolated to just Windows-based environments. These things exist for all OSs — the difference is that, because Windows is so vastly used, it becomes a larger target.

        Distributing a malicious piece of code (virus/worm/bot) won’t do any good if its just to cripple systems for the hell of it, which is very 90’s/early 2000’s. The goal nowadays would probably be to penetrate servers that hold consumer data (such as names, passwords and credit card information) for personal gain. As seen with what happened to PSN not too long ago.

    • Jonathan O.

      There is no need to reboot Windows at all.
      Actually, since Windows 8 system doesn’t even shuts down-kernel goes to kind of hibernation and then resumes on turning on.

      • N2K12

        after a while every single windows system needs to be rebooted. it has been proven time and time again. windows just leaks memory. it’s shit with memory management. run linux.. yea. no worries.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    STFU to the stupid sheep author of this article keep posting fake crap blah blah here you fool -1

    • You are flat out wrong
      • Not A PC Gamer

        Love that.. it’s the sound the disk drive made in 4 youtube videos I’ve seen. When are these delusional corporate ass kissers going to learn not to do business with corporations that are anti consumer.. People are so gullible and the x1ultimategamer is their prophet.

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    Really read like a windows workaround

  • brianc6234

    The only solution to these problems is get a new console. Why try to fix a console with bad RAM? Just like with the small number of faulty PS4’s I’m sure this isn’t that big of a problem. All electronics will have a small percentage of bad units. Just get them replaced.

    • Hail V

      Its not bad RAM, its a memory leak – software… Easily findable, fixable, and patchable. I write software, and get them all the time. If its not your code, its code in one of the external libraries you use, if its not that code, its code in one of the external libraries THEY use, etc, etc…

      • Jack Slater

        Soon it will be Sony’s fault…? Or naughty dog?

        • Hail V

          Why would that be? If it affects multiple titles, it’s almost certainly a Microsoft problem, either in the OS itself, or the libraries they make available to studios. If its one game, then it might be that titles problem. What it isn’t, is a hardware issue with RAM…

          • dirkradke

            A memory leak could affect every function on the X-Box One. This is 100% Microsoft’s issue to fix. Essentially, a program is calling for memory that the system has reported available. In actuality though a program is using that memory not because it is actively running, but because the operating system didn’t remove it from the location in memory that has been reported as having nothing located there. These are dynamic and automatic functions of the operating system that programmers of video games probably shouldn’t have to worry about. It’s like the saying – “The Left hand didn’t know what the Right hand was doing”.

          • Hail V

            That’s not a memory leak. A memory leak is when a function requests a chunk of memory, but then doesn’t release it after its finished with it. It can happen with OS functions, OR by any software running on the system.
            The system will never reallocated that memory for something else, because it still thinks its in use – eventually, all the free memory becomes unavailable, and crashes ensue…
            I think you’re referring to addressing conflicts – the OS thinking the memory is free when in fact another bit of software has some data in there. That would result in crashes, but that’s not a memory leak as I understand it.

          • Hail V

            Ahhh – you know I’ve only just noticed this is DualShockers! I see now why the misleading title, and X1Sux responses… My bad – I’m gone…

          • dirkradke

            I’m a computer programmer or at least that is what I went to school for anyway. I guess I just screwed up the explanation.

          • Hail V

            Fair enough – I’ve only been doing it for 20 years. Its an important distinction though, because as you pointed out – one IS the OSs fault – but mine could be the fault of any software that doesn’t take care of its memory properly…

          • async2013

            its in the kernel it really is a bloated POS

          • Jack Slater

            X360 rrod wasn’t an hardware fault either
            ‘Damn! Those electrons were moving too fast’

            When you make a console with 3 OS, an hypervisor controlling all that stuff, virtual machines running inside virtual machines running inside virtual machines, with certainly games virtualized a la vmware, with game engines running their sub engines, sub systems, with games, apps, plenty of people accessing many shared resources/components, with hundreds of protocols, many virtual IP addresses, with some alien hardware abstraction layers, + many security layers on different levels, all that running on unfinished software, with unfinished drivers, that would require a few extra months, I think the most tiny hardware issues, not manufacture, but hardware design(this component can do this and that, can access this and that, etc), if the software forces the hardware to do a few things normally it shouldn’t be able to do, it can quickly become fatal.

            Sony isn’t as strong as microsoft on the software side? I will say of course. Microsoft not designing hardware as efficient as sony(same CPU,GPU, almost 95% same components on both consoles, Sony manages to include and internal power, microsoft needs a huge power brick.everything is said, I think.

      • neko working

        heh, i bet memory leaks all over the windows functions.

  • keony


  • Ana Helušić

    Xbone fail

    • Jack Slater

      I really miss when you used to say ‘lamebox’
      Xbots went mad, you were called some bad names, you replied ‘you are talking about your mom’, and I had a good laugh 🙂

  • Matt

    Percussive maintenance

  • async2013

    hell this shows how pathetic the kernel is, is microsoft still in the 90’s? This is so pathetic that it cant flush the RAM in these days. The sooner Microsoft are off the tech radar the better.

    Stories like this remind me of a great quote

    “When you say ‘I wrote a program that crashed Windows,’ people just stare at you blankly and say ‘Hey, I got those with the system, for free.'”

  • Dameon Percival

    For the record, I want eveyone to know the xbox one and Ps 4 are great consoles, I personally perfer my xbox one, so my PS 4 has not been getting any love recently, the xbox is truly value for money while the stuff in the PS box seem cheap it is not the same with the xbox one everything feel of high value and quaility.

    • 3rdworldgamer

      you love the XBox, good for you

  • Kaiju of the Grotto

    Go to the system’s power settings and change from instant on to power saver. turn off, and on again. no need to pull the power plug. pulling the power plug to go from one house to another caused my issue. doing a real shutdown fixed it. you can change it to instant on afterwards. easier than reaching behind the entertainment center to unplug.

  • don pal

    seriously.. who trusts a website about xbox news thats named “dualshockers” its like having a website named “kinected” and believing an articles that talks crap about ps4. you guys are idiots.

    • David Rodriguez

      Your perceiving bias where there is none. A name is just a name. Read the rest of the content on our site – we report on everything objectively.

  • Track Hack

    Bla, bla, bla… All these writers out there with bullshit articles… A fix?! Even a Donkey knows how to reboot. Extremely informative; spank you very much…

  • Billy

    I’ve had Xbox since the day the original came out and I’ve never had one problem with them. Also I’ve taken apart everyone just for fun to check them out and to mod a little a couple times and they are made very sturdy the original and 36 were tanks with metal armor I’ve dropped them numerous times and punch the shit out of them when I’m mad and never did any damage. Also no one can say either console has the best games that’s personal preference but halo is one of the greatest games of all time especially halo 2. And the online play is by far better and can’t tell u how many times PSN has crashed even now when they are charging money for it. I rarely crash or get kicked on Xbox. Also Xbox controllers win hands down the thumb stick layout is alot more natural and takes alot longer to get cramps in ur thumbs. And as far as corporations go there’s not a damn company out there that’s not thinking about anything than money. I’m sure none of you own or like Chevy or ford or dodge or Nissan since every single car these days at built to only last so many years so that u have to trade it in or do what ever and get a new one its called Planned obsolescence all companies do it some just hide it a little better than others. Buy whatever you like and you will enjoy.