Arc System Works Reveals Bedman for Guilty Gear Xrd – SIGN –

An all new character has been revealed for Arc System Works’ head turning upcoming fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd – SIGN –.

This character’s name is Bedman, and as that name suggests he fights from a bed – although it looks like quite an interesting bed. So far all we know about Bedman is that he’ll be voiced by reputed actor Hikaru Midorikawa. Arc also confirmed Eddie (or Zato-1, whichever you prefer), although his inclusion has been hinted at since the game’s debut trailer.

View artwork for both of these fighters below.

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  • KuchikiSentou

    I hope Justice makes it in.. I’d love to see a fight between them

  • PrinceHeir

    i hope they add all the characters from Accent Core Plus R(including Justice and Kilff) and as well as Guilty Gear 2 characters like Valentine!!

  • tilt

    Hoping to see Guilty Gear Judgement’s boss character, Judgment 😉 If this game takes place after Overture then it should be a no brainer for Overture characters be in the roster.

  • 2 final character kurumi and yugi