New Footage of PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Looks Amazing, Shows Day and Dusk Racing

KentLyons published a showcase of new footage of DriveClub (and Killzone: Shadow Fall, but that isn’t exactly new) used for a launch campaign on the British Channel 4, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

The footage, that you can see alternating with Killzone: Shadow Fall, shows racing during the day from the cockpit view at first, and then a dusk chase seen from the external camera.

You can check it out below (courtesy of shinobi602 from NeoGaf), and tell me if it doesn’t look absolutely great.


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  • ISISSecretAgent


    and for those wondering…

    “PlayStation has paired up with Channel 4 to deliver an exclusively tailored and engineered launch campaign starting November 22. KentLyons were asked to drive innovation within ad breaks and plant PS4 in the minds of viewers in the lead up to it’s launch.

    To emphasise the pairing we created bespoke versions of Channel 4’s iconic on-air marketing idents using gameplay from exclusive PS4 games Killzone Shadow Fall and DriveClub. KentLyons and 4Creative worked with the game developers (Guerilla Games & Evolution) to generate the idents from within the game-engines themselves. They will feature at the beginning and end of selected ad breaks from November 28.”

    • Guy Brohski

      Is this NFS Shift on PS3?

      • You are flat out wrong

        It’s the game that’ll blow Flopza out of the water.

  • spideynut71

    Delayclub looks decent, but it still can’t touch Forza 5.

    • ACE1346

      are fu**ing kidding me?! this sh!t all over forza. This game is what next gen racing games should be

      • Jason Mounce

        Relax. He’s just an Xdrone-troll, I see him doing the same predictable thing everywhere. He stalks all PS-related positive news because each positive news story gets his panties in a knot.

        • Guest

          Like you’re a PAUPER!

          • Jason Mounce

            Pauperkiller2013 – You’re even worse than spideynut71, you can’t really talk since you put EXTRA effort in being anonymous. Like, it’s your hobby to be a scumbag basement dweller.

      • Jack Slater

        Don’t worry.
        Daddy offered him an xbox one, and because of the micro transactions ripoff on forza5, he can’t pay 70$ for an extra car, he has spent the last 2 weeks driving and winning the same race 360 times. He already earned enough credits to unlock a Renault 9 and a Citroen bs.

        Don’t disturb him, please. He needs to win the next race 720 times, there’s the brand new Peugeot 1100, with almost 50 hp, that turn10 will give him.

        Definitely, Forzed 5, the best micro transaction car sales simulation.
        The first idiot that will spend 300$ on new cars will, exceptionally, win an horn sound. That he will be able to use if he buys 3 new tracks for 30$ each, along 3 amazing 14.95$ Citroen cars.

        Hmmmmmm. They’re loving it.

      • Guy Brohski

        So….30fps and two cars on screen is next gen to you? lol

    • Iroquois ‘Weedlab11’ Eastwood

      Do you have on tinted glasses? Initially I used to say Forza 5 was superior. That was around 3 – 4 months ago. Now, it is clear to me DC is superior, and it has a LOT more going on as well with respect to dynamism. That’s quite impressive.

    • Trim Dose

      So far it craps all over Forza 5 fanboy, or maybe you have somekind of disease in your eyes if so, so then I’m sorry for your defectiveness.

      • Bob Kentmoore

        You must not have played Forza 5. It is a great game

        • Jack Slater

          Of course it is.
          Turn10 grabbed 60 bucks from hundreds thousands unaware gamers, and now they are filling up their pockets with microtransactions. Each time someone wins a race, somewhere in the world, an idiot is, after having paid full price for his game, spending hundreds of $ on locked cars and tracks, to tame the frustration of having to drive 50 hours on the same track in order to earn enough credits for buying a little car.

          I agree with you. Great game, specially for turn10 and microsoft.

    • Jack Slater

      And your sister, she has a delay?

      • spideynut71

    • You are flat out wrong
      • Guy Brohski

        What game is that? It looks amazingly lifelike!

  • Malik DrumFunk Martin

    20 secs…yay. why did i click this link?

  • Guest

    DealyClub looks quite mediocre TBH. But that’s $0N¥ PauperStation Foul alright.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Looks better than Flopza Microtransactions 4.5, Zaire.

  • JinOntario

    This is THE one title that would have prompted me to pick up a PS4 at launch, but its delay has me holding off…for awhile. I’m really hoping though that somehow, I’ll be able to use my wheel (G27) to play this game (adapter, driver support etc.).

  • Jonathan Crout

    im getting gt 6 its has microtransactions but i sure by god hope gt 7 doesnto n ps4 or polophony digital has gone under you might as well made game f2p if u have microtransactions on 60 dollar retail game ffs