PS4 Supply Will Get “Regular Replenishments” Over Time; Sony Apologizes and Asks For Patience

Sony Computer Entertainment UK Managing Director Fergal Gara isn’t too worried about the supply situation of the PS4, and while the console may go in and out of stock between here and Chrismas, supply is going to be replenished regularly over time, as he told The Gaming Liberty in an interview, also apologizing to those that can’t get one immediately and asking for patience.

Winding the clock back, as we started to see the bigger demand for consoles later than we expected, but we’ve done everything we can do to increase production. This has given us more than we were expecting some weeks and months back for example – so that is a good job. Stock is flowing over time so there is regular replenishments! Even if it was to sell out this weekend, we expect more stock to be available next weekend for example. It might pop in and out of stock between now and Christmas, and yes, we do apologise to anyone that can’t get one, but again, we would ask for patience.

Looks like if you still haven’t get your PS4 and the retailers available to you are out of stock, you’ll just have to keep trying, and you might get lucky earlier than expected.

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  • disqus_2HYpJfUa5y

    i cant find one anywhere…ANYWHERE.

    Sony needs to hurry up with production – they’re really shooting themselves in the foot making the consoles so scarce, because with every passing day, I’m considering just getting an Xbox One instead. Its either that or wait forever to get my hands on a PS4.

    • Suzaku Kururugi

      I don’t get it… You want a PS4 badly but will consider getting an xbox one instead? Do you just want a new toy because it’s shiny or do you actually want a PS4(or Xbone) because of it’s lineup?

      • SwappingFrom360toPS4

        i just want a new toy because its shiny, haha XD!

        ( i am seriously soooo over current-gen)

        there wasnt enough PS4’s so i missed out on day 1… and i considered getting an xbox one, but then i realized how stupid that would be… so i just have to wait a bit longer for a PS4.

        and i think the launch lineup for both consoles is crap. =)

        cant wait for the real games next year.

        • Suzaku Kururugi

          I’d really recommend sticking with current gen until next gen stock becomes less sparse and their libraries flesh out. There has to be a few hidden gems that you haven’t played yet.

      • disqus_2HYpJfUa5y

        i want a ps4, but if i cant get my hands on one until January of February, I – like many other people im sure – will just get the next best thing. I dont really understand all the down votes and negativity about my comment. Its only natural: if you cannot find a certain product i.e. the product is scarce as hell, then you will consider alternatives – I think that’s a fairly common display of sense.

        Jesus, there are so many Sony apologists on the internet now a days, its hard to get a critical comment out about the company, even if its constrictive. Just calm down guys, no need to personally carry the torch for a company that – lets be honest – only wants your money…

    • InfinityAge11

      I think you missed reading the actual article. The exact quote from a guy in Sony is, “we’ve done everything we can do to increase production”; they’re certainly not “making the consoles scarce”, wtf. They’re doing their best to put out as many as they can, its not some marketing ploy to barely have any out there.

    • superkarma

      Because they’re making the console scarce on purpose, right? Unlike Microsoft who only sold 1 million in 13 countries, Sony sold over 1 million in just 2 countries. Then you factor in the big region that Europe is and how they’re Sony’s biggest market…you quickly realize it’s bound to be scarce soon after launch. Anyone with common sense would easily comprehend this.

      • Nihelus Aurenis

        You’re really making fun of Microsoft because they “only” sold the same amount just because Microsoft chose to launch in more countries at once? What, you think Sony only had 1 million consoles but Microsoft has two million or something? They’re both selling as fast as they’re being made. You guys need to troll harder.

        • superkarma

          You seem pretty upset. Let it out, fanboy, let it out.

          • Nihelus Aurenis

            I own a gaming PC, 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. I’m totally a fanboy.

          • superkarma

            Yeah, my assumption was right…you are definitely upset. Let it out, fanboy…just let it out.

            Here’s the deal: The fact that you took that 1 thing out of my comment and decided to argue that 1 simple truth is quite telling. X1 sold 1 million across 13 countries (including its most dominant country) PS4 sold 1 million across 2 of its weakest countries. Instead of getting butthurt over that simple factoid, you should learn to deal with it.

            The more you argue about it, the more your true fanboy colors will shine…regardless if you own all systems…which makes no difference in being a fanboy, by the way.

          • Nihelus Aurenis

            You should try using less personal attacks and more rational thought in your arguments. If you had I would have been happy to continue this discussion. I’m not going to have a discussion with someone who starts off all his posts by calling me an upset fanboy. Grow up.

          • superkarma

            Congrats on completely ignoring everything I said in the comment and continue to deflect. I’d probably do the same if I lost an argument as well.

            Let it out, fanboy.

          • truthtellerdealwithit

            No you dont.

          • Nihelus Aurenis

            I own a gaming PC, 360, PS3, Xbox one and PS4. I’m totally a fanboy.

            Nana, there’s definitely a point there and there’s no debating that PS4 has much more momentum than Xbox One. Personally I’m trying to get my friends to get a PS4 over an Xbox One because I think it’s going to be superior this generation. That doesn’t make what he said any less dumb though. His post ranks of extreme fanboyism, and it’s pretty funny that he’s accusing me of it with his next post….

        • Nanashrew

          Here’s the thing though. MS launched in 13 countries and that’s all for this year and all the other countries for next year are big question marks. There are no exact dates. As for Sony, they are releasing in 32 countries this year and at a cheaper price point. At this point in time early sales numbers are a moot point, but Sony will definitely have far more ground than any system by the end of this fiscal year.

          And I think what Superkarma was talking about is, North America was always Sony’s weakest market and that NA is prime for the taking by any company because NA and EU are very, very large markets. Europe has always been Sony’s biggest territory and now they may have started taking over NA as well. He/She wasn’t really making fun of any company in his/her post.

        • truthtellerdealwithit

          Xbox filth

    • Bankai

      Sony isn’t making the consoles go scarce, consumers are. So how are they shooting themselves in the foot?

      If you want a PS4, then you either need to go online and reserve one or reserve one at your local electronics store.

    • Cayal

      “wait forever”

      Seriously? You’ll wait a couple of months at worst.

  • RealityCheck2013

    I was in PC World/Currys yesterday & they had loads of Xbox ONE Boxes but the PS4 shelf was empty. I hope SONY can get more to the shops before the end of this week(i got mine already) + Went into Argos and there was a Massive Xbox ONE display and F**K ALL about the PS4?!?! 🙁 Hmm, i hope SONY are visiting the UK stores because most feel like the PS4 doesn’t exits :-/ Maybe it’s MS paying the Shops to ignore the PS4 i bet! LoL:D

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      Are you sure they weren’t display boxes? They say in tiny white lettering in the upper right corner if you look close. A friend and I thought the Best Buy in town had a ton of Xbox Ones in stock as well until I nudged one and found that it was empty.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Big demand for the PS4. There just isn’t any for the Xbone. Actual sales numbers and not surveys by InfoScout will confirm this.

  • Kyoto Region
    • Nihelus Aurenis

      What’s your point? You think Microsoft is just going to send someone a free console and hope they’re telling the truth and will pay for it? Is there any company that would do that? If the person is lying and just keeps both consoles it’s a pain in the rear for companies to get their money back.

      I just had a thought that they could just have a credit card on file and charge it in 14 days if they don’t get the console, but with the huge number of people in credit card debt these days, the number of people who would have that charge rejected is probably too large for them to even want to deal with that.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Sony are replacing free of charge IIRC.

        • Nihelus Aurenis

          I see, well, if true then I don’t know why Microsoft would do this and Sony wouldn’t.

        • Nihelus Aurenis

          Friend of mine found this today.

          Reports that Microsoft is sending new Xbox Ones free or charge before you send your console back if you have disc drive issues. Might only be the US, not sure.

  • Jonathan Crout

    its scarace cuz of consumers 1 sony is company to not mass produce product in larq quanityts fast to have failure rate ms is they will keep making them 20 percent of them are doa i preordered mine.

    im getting nother 1 by end of summer not opening itll i need to cuz when my main one goes out needs repair im not waiting 3 weeks for them to mail me my faulty one back repaired

  • theodor70941

    Well I already own my ps4 so I don’t give a F**k

  • Obambush

    Looks like Xbox will dominate Christmas just like they dominated Black Friday. And then in march TitanFall drops! Nov another Halo. Things are looking good for Xbox right now.

    • Not A PC Gamer

      MS needs to fall flat on their assess for their general disdain for their customers and their outright lies. Let me know if you need this spelled out for you…