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Very First Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 and PS Vita Remote Play Gameplay Video Looks Awesome

by on December 3, 2013 12:00 PM 14

During the PlayStation Awards ceremony last night (were the game won a Special Award) we got a surprise first glimpse on PS4 and PS Vita remote play gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, shown by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida himself.

While it’s a bit hard to tell due to the livestream’s compression, having played the game extensively since launch, it definitely looks pretty much like the PC version to me, even if we’ll have to wait for the beta in February to be sure. In addition to that, the game looks gorgeous on the Vita in remote play.

While we wait for further glimpses, that are going to come on December the 14th, you can check out the footage below, courtesy of YouTube user FlamemetalionGaming.

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  • bigshynepo

    This will be a Vita booster for sure!

    • KuchikiSentou

      Not really. It only appeals to people who already have a VITA.

      • oGMo

        It also appeals to FFXIV players who want to play somewhere not in front of the TV/Monitor. This is pretty huge .. crafting or harvesting on the Vita would be pretty great.

    • Bankai

      I agree, somewhat. Being able to play your PS4 games anywhere (if you have an internet connection) will definitely add to the Vita’s overall value, but I’m not sure how much.

      • KuchikiSentou

        Like, to me, it’s a great feature. But I don’t see anyone rushing to pay extra $200 to have a shrunken down version of the same game.

        • NeoTechni

          I’ve seen quite a few people say they’re buying it because of RemotePlay

          Sony really should have used it more 7 years ago when they first had it…

          • KuchikiSentou

            Remote Play reduces the VITA to an accessory; it’s not enough to raise demand given the price point

          • NeoTechni

            It does not reduce it to accessory. That’s a gross overstatement. And yes, I’ve witnessed it raising demand for it. And so have game developers.

        • Eat it

          That’s exactly what a Micro$oft xbot says. Go play with your xbone and crappy surface tablet.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Never owned an Xbox in my life. I’m a proud VITA owner; a bit pessimistic, but I prefer to call it “being realistic”.

            The restrictions of RemotePlay, the price hurdle of a VITA at entry level all these things serve to deter this artificial demand being conjured up by the success of the PS4. Remote Play costs $600.

          • Eat it

            You’re the exact person that doesn’t deserve a Vita. Sell it to someone who will actually enjoy and use it. Go get a xbone, you’ll love it.

          • KuchikiSentou

            So cute that you think the VITA is something people “deserve”. You talk all sentimental but I can bet an arm you own a 3DS. But whatever, that’s irrelevant.

            There is no hope for the VITA. RemotePlay is not enough because it requires a $400 PS4 and a $200 VITA with (apparently) no games. I say “no games” lightly because my Japanese PSN is the most active of my 3 PSNs and has the most games; few of which rarely make it over.

            The VITA simply isn’t relevant outside Japan and Europe. RemotePlay won’t increase interest as much as you or Sony, apparently hope.

            Just because I’m calling a dim future for the VITA in NA does not automatically make me a potential Xbot.

            “Deserve a VITA”? Are you kidding?! I am the exact person who told Yosuke Hayashi to get DOA5 on the VITA.

            I just think that RemotePlay is a bit of a gimmick, something the WiiU does, and something that is insufficient to raise interest in a dying handheld. I have enough games on the VITA to justify my initial purchase so whether the VITA sells or not is of very little relevance to me. I’m just mystified as to why people think RemotePlay will sell VITAs. Nobody has sat me down to tell me why they think PS4 owners would spend a further $200 on a device they never bothered to get before, just to play the game that looks best in 1080p, on a 544p screen.

            Like, if it were the VITAtv, I could agree with you.

          • Eat it

            Cool story, bro.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Don’t running around starting shyte then..


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