Microsoft Offers Discounted Xbox Live When Trying To Cancel, Free Month When Mentioning Move to PS4

It’s a pretty common practice between companies that povide subscription services to offer customers wanting to cancel tempting deals in order to persuade them to stay on board, and apparently Microsoft isn’t an exception.

One of our editors just made the jump (at least for now, knowing him he’ll be back soon) to PS4 and decided to pull the automatic renewal from his Xbox Live account. The system immediately presented him with an offer to subscribe for twelve months at a discounted rate ($3.99 a month, for a total of $47.88, 12 bucks less than the usual $59.99).


By talking to a customer support representative we learned that the offer is random, so it may not happen to everyone and there may be other offers lurking about, but if you want to try for the discount or explore for different possibilities, it really doesn’t require much effort. All you have to do try and remove the automatic renewal from your account and see what pops up. You can always reactivate it right after if you receive no offer or just cancel the deactivation process if the offer you receive doesn’t entice you.

Even more interesting, while chatting with the customer support representative our editor was asked why he wanted to cancel his subscription, and he candidly responded that he was moving to PS4. The representative immediately retaliated by offering a month of free Xbox Live Gold, no conditions, just to use “later down the road,” as you can see in the screencap below.

Again, it’s not a given that this will happen to everyone, as we don’t know how much leeway customer support reps are given in offering this kind of deals.


Say whatever you want, but that’s a pretty neat way to try and keep your customers, and to entice them to return down the line if they don’t care to stay on board at the moment (looks like they’re even willing to wait as long as twenty years). It’s also a perfect example of the beneficial (for the customer) effects of a pitched competition.

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  • KuchikiSentou

    The objective of Microsoft with the Xbox was to beat Sony. Not “compete” with them

  • cell989

    how cute of Microsoft to offer those cool deals. How about lowering the Live price for all xbots not just the ones abandoning ship.

  • PachterStation

    Or charge £19.99 a month and see a massive surge. Nearly every 360 and One owner would be a full subscriber. Same goes for the PS3, Vita and PS4 with PSN Plus. But I suppose with higher running costs (including support), it might not be viable. But owning a One and PS4, £80 a year for Xbox Live Gold and PSN Plus, it won’t be worth it for most. All these online only games (The Division and The Crew for starters…), it’ll be a case of choosing a lead console for online only games (not just for multi player). But I suppose you’ll be stuck when it comes to online only exclusives (if there’s any). Hard times ahead for most.

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    I can see people abusing this system (only those who have XBOX Live & PS Plus for cheap).

  • Tony

    Hard times ahead for most… I suppose if you don’t have one of those things called a ‘job’…

  • You are flat out wrong

    Aggressive Microsoft is so cute.

    As long as it contributes to greater losses, I don’t mind.

  • bigshynepo

    I guess any good circumstance coming out of camp Microsoft is newsworthy these days. Every contract based service in North America has a retention department that has the power to give deals on service renewals. Cable, wireless, energy…every industry does exactly what’s demonstrated above. How is this news?

  • truthtellerdealwithit

    We need a very strong dog to come and bury this BONE asap.

  • RealityCheck2013


  • xbox_gamer

    Wait it out a little longer and get a better deal.I let my gold go completely and two months later was offered gold for a year for 35.00 bucks. I don’t use it much and won’t buy an xbox1 until next year if I do. Ps4 I will get and got ps plus free for a year when I bought another ps3 So I’m covered until my next console and beyond

  • islan

    I find it eerily funny how both A) smart and well meaning and yet simultaneously B) insidious and evil this is.

  • MarkusMcNugen

    I was shown the discount promotion when I went to cancel auto-renewal. I clicked “Sign Me Up->” and it said “Promotion Not Available”…

  • alchemistx24x7

    Xbox sold 1.2 million x1 within 48 hrs in 13 countries… ps4 sold 2.1 million in now 31 countries_ XBX1 its pretty impressive when you can sell that much well being $100 more than the ps4 and xbx1 still has 18 others countries to go for there launch which i garuantee will have the same sale figures as the ps4 not to mention the games on xbx1 are better rite now and from whats coming out in 2014 will be far above of what the ps4 will have all sony has slated for 2014 are 1880, deep down and 2nd son MS has Titanfall, Quantum Break, Sunset overdrive, Halo, KS Rivals,Below, Fable legends and a few more that will all be exclusive tittles..With MS on online servers for all there games and there focus on games to go with the amount of money they have invested in new game development studios 8-10 new studios like Black tusk studios and others the future is bright and exciting for xbox one with there huge focus on games and new ip not rehashing games over and over..

    • Mann Gamer

      I love it when you guys give half of the story. PS4 has 1.4 Million in US+ UK, Xbox One sold 1.2 Millions in US + UK, with PS4 leading in both countries. Those are the best two countries for MS, and their best by far.

      Looking at the previous consoles sale:Xbox 360 41.6 Millions in US, PS3 25.5 Millions in US; Xbox 360 9.1 Millions in UK, PS3 6.1 Millions in UK. So UK and US account for almost 60% of Xbox 360 sold world wide.

      So right now, things are not looking so good for MS and the 13 vs 31 countries is pretty much pointless when both have sold more than 60% of their console in only 2 countries.

      Right now Sony has no reason to focus on all 31 countries cause their greatest fight is in US and UK. And until MS make sure they can satisfy demand on both US and UK, there is no rush for them to go all out on Europe.

      Good strategy from MS to focus on US and UK and keep sending their supply here. If Sony didn’t have enough PS4 they had no reason to go 31 countries, they would have still sold 2.1 millions or barely less if they focused on less countries and specially in the US. Xbox One sold 2 times more than PS4 on Black Friday. Xbox One had the stocks while PS4 only had demands. Now that was smart from MS.

      It’s going to be an interesting battle. I expected those numbers from Sony, but I have got to admit that MS surprised me with their numbers. They are better than I though.

    • Kyoto Region

      Except you forget that the PS4 sold over a million consoles in 2 countries first.
      It took XBone 13 countries to reach the same number.

      Please, if you’re going to defend your choice, at least think about what you’re saying.

      • alchemistx24x7

        Except you forgot it took ps4 18 more “Countries” to out sell XBX1 yeah that same xbx1 that cost a $100 more…lol….For all sony has said “where about the gamers” yet they have no games but indie tittles and if you look into the near future 2014 it looks even worst on the “GAME FRONT” but you sony fanboys are use to that, promises by sony only to find out to be lied to…MS has there faults too but atleast they tell you what it is good or bad, like it or not its why there thee 3rd most powerful company in the world unlike Sony who tells you what you want to hear and in a passive way shits on you.LMAO____Also Sony ps4 and ps3 has been getting hacked for the past to weeks now ppl credit card numbers stolen lol lol Sony still has not learn….Here is that story link provided…

    • Guest

      your dumb and make no sense..

  • It’s pretty common with companies…They keep luring people into one or other offers..when they try switching to other options…and yes Microsoft isn’t an exception….!!!..MIcrosoft’s cute retaliation would have surely kept that user…!!