Trolls Try to Brick People’s Xbox One With Fake Instructions Promising 360 Backwards Compatibility

on December 6, 2013 1:34 PM

A picture has been spreading around in a rather viral way since yesterday, apparently originating from 4chan, and providing fake instructions to enable Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One.

The problem? Despite having been created to resemble Microsoft’s own marketing, the instructions are fake. The steps suggested are meant to enable the development environment of the console that is not yet ready for public consumption, and the result will put the Xbox One in an endless boot loop, effectively bricking it.

While some may think this a simple prank, it’s definitely sad to see people going out of their way to cause grief to fellow gamers.

You can see the picture below. We purposely blurred the actual instructions for safety reasons. If you’re really curious to see them, you can click on it to see the original (properly marked as fake for additional safety).

Do NOT attempt following the instructions displayed in the picture. If you see similar images or websites promising juicy but unsupported features, don’t believe what you’re reading. You’re being trolled.


Update: Xbox Live’s own Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb provided a statement on Twitter, if you really, really needed an official confirmation on the fact that this is utter bogus.


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