We Probably Won’t See the New Uncharted for PS4, Mass Effect 4 or Doom 4 at the VGX Today

Geoff Keighley is continuing to tease the content of the VGX Awards that will be aired today at 6 PM EST, and he just had a quite animated conversation with a fan criticizing the show because, according to him, there seem to be “no real exclusive reveals”.

From the conversation,  we can guess quite easily that we most probably won’t see the New Uncharted for PS4, Mass Effect 4 or Doom 4 (or Fallout 4, but Bethesda already denied the presence of the title at the show).


While Keighley does not outright deny their presence at the show, the wording and tone of the conversation definitely makes it seem that they aren’t on the menu. Of course he might be just hiding his cards to surprise the fans, but at this stage I’d chalk it as unlikely.


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  • ragingmerifes

    So there will be absolutely nothing at VGX.

    • Anthony Sanwo

      3 new games according to their schedule….. So maybe it will be decent.


      • Russell Gorall

        NeoGAF user who works for Spike adverting the show?

    • Kamille

      new Wii U exclusive that might turn out to be Zelda U.

    • Vicke G

      When has there ever been alot of big reveals at the VGAs? There’s been a couple every year, although to be honest nothing on the VGAs in the last couple of years has interested me. Nothing since the reveal of GTA IV: The Lost and Damned in 2008.

  • truthtellerdealwithit

    Another boring crappy event..

  • Solid Snake

    Keighley did the same for the PS4 launch event. He built hype, which then turned out to be a big let down.

    • Bankai

      The PS4 launch event was a let down?

      • Colin Stevens

        The biggest news was the teeny tiny teaser trailer for Uncharted 4.

      • cubs223425

        I didn’t even have high expectations, and I considered it a letdown. The Destiny video wasn’t a big deal, the “beta first” announcement wasn’t a big deal either. MGS was OK, Uncharted was barely touched on (not that I care about it anyway).

        I think the problem is that companies have made it sound like we’re supposed to get a mini-E3 with loads of games announced/demoed, but all you get it a couple of short clips and not much else. VGX looks like it will legitimately have a lot of stuff to show us (really interested in more Titanfall footage), but we’ll see if we’re being teased with big-time stuff for ho-hum titles.

        • Rokell

          They did have the new Infamous power trailer and the launch date…

        • Manoj Varughese

          Why is someone is so much interested in just Titanfall’s footage when most of the others barely make it away from letdown?! Strange..There are plenty of other titles to look forward to…sadly VGX isn’t happening rightly…

          • cubs223425

            I legitimately don’t know what you’re trying to say. What do you mean “most of the others barely make it away from letdown?”

          • Manoj Varughese

            It’s just that your comments are making it resounding to me, that XOne titles do matter the most to you,

          • cubs223425

            Well, obviously they matter to me most, as that’s the console I will probably get (eventually). That has no affect on my opinions on things, and it doesn’t make your initial comment any clearer.

            What I THINK you are saying is that I consider every game a letdown. I wasn’t saying that, only that they should have given more information on the games. The GAMES aren’t the letdowns, the lack of footage and information is.

          • Manoj Varughese

            VGX might not be right for you then…

          • cubs223425


          • Manoj Varughese

            I implied that just incase Titanfall don’t turn out to be the way you anticipate at VGX, there still would be other games that could even be a better standout with varying perspective of gamers. If you were actually following my earlier comments, might have avoided the confusion.

          • Manoj Varughese

            The initial comment just had one statement and that was questioning why only one Xbox exclusive game mattered to you the most when there could be others to look forward to at VGX.

          • cubs223425

            No, I said that VGX appeared to have more to show, with Titanfall being being one of the few standouts that was announced to have more footage. Most of it (Donkey Kong, Game of Thrones, Borderlands) was unannounced beforehand, so I couldn’t exactly give feedback or show anticipation for unannounced games.

          • Manoj Varughese

            and I don’t have issue with it…

      • Russell Gorall

        Only if you followed their hype for it.

  • Bankai

    It’d be cool if we got to see what Santa Monica is working on and some neon gameplay of Second Son would be nice too.

  • Nugene Ambers

    i say there will be 4 or 5 reveals and alot of new gameplay for other gameplay i definitely want to see more of dark souls 2 and a debut trailer of zelda wii u

  • cubs223425

    Wee need DOOM, Quake, and Unreal to come back to us. I miss Unreal so much on Xbox.

    • Manoj Varughese

      aha…I guess you’re more inclined to XOne titles..I was following your comments and found out. No offense..

  • Nekrim

    Lol Doom 4. The new DNF in my opinion.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Half Life 3 and TLG are the new DNFs.

      • Nekrim

        Yeah HL3 as well. What is TLG ?

        • You are flat out wrong

          The Last Guardian, SCE Japan Studio RPG. Got announced years ago, heard nothing of since.

  • Youshless

    Always thought Geoff was a bit of a twit…now here is the evidence lol