Reggie Gives Kudos to PS4 and Xbox One, then Calls them “Pretty Hardware”, Says “You Need Games”

During the VGX 2013 live show Nintendo of America honcho Reggie Fils-Aime walked on stage to bring a demo of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and was asked quite bluntly his opinion on the PS4 and Xbox One.

His response was quite mild at the beginning, congratulating the rivals for their launch, but right after he threw down the gauntlet of challenge.

This industry loves brand new hardware and anything that’s good for the industry is good for Nintendo, so you know, they’re having a fantastic launch, kudos to them.

This industry is all about what happens six months down the road, what happens a year down the road.

Host Joel McHale immediately tried to egg him on, asking “So you’re here to kick their ass?” Reggie kept his cool, but didn’t hesitate to throw a few jabs, expressing his opinion on Nintendo’s strong position on the market.

You know? You said that.

For us, what we love to do is to bring great new games, innovative gameplay, that’s what Nintendo’s known for, and as long as we do that, we’re gonna drive our hardware business. We’re seeing that right now with 3DS and we’re seeing it right now with Wii U as well, on the backs of Super Mario 3D world.

3D World is doing quite well here in this market, so that’s wonderful to see. We love to see all the articles that have come out saying that for this holiday Wii U is the system to get. That’s come out by Times, by Forbes and a variety of different outlets

What people recognize is that having pretty hardware is one thing, but you need games, and right now we’ve got some of the top rated games on our system, and it’s games that you can’t play anywhere else, so yeah, we’re feeling very good about where we are.

That’s what you call fighting words. We’ll have to see if they’ll turn into reality, but the gauntlet of challenge has been thrown down. Will Sony and Microsoft pick it up?

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  • ragingmerifes

    The irony.

    • Pyrotek85

      He’s right they need games (like all newly released consoles) but he really shouldn’t be the one saying it lol.

      • Jaxon Holden

        Why not? This isn’t 1st quarter 2013. The drought is over. Wii U has tons of games now- the best part about it is, they’re all so damn good. I love Sony and I’ll always be greatful for their love of tech and ability to satisfy my 3rd party needs, but nobody’s f***in with the Wii U library right now.

        Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? Sell whatever you got and go buy that game. Cause whatever you got, it’s not as good as MH3U. Same for Super Mario 3D World. Pick a game, any game, and go sell it to buy Mario. Don’t matter which one. Guarantee you it’s not as fun. While you’re at it, pick up Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, NSMBU, and a few multiplats like Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell Blacklist. I promise you, you’ll be having a blast.

        • Pyrotek85

          I know they do, but public perception is that they don’t have many games, and Nintendo also wasn’t ready to release much for VGX. I know Nintendo is going to be fine, they’ve also yet to release their major franchises.

        • bigshynepo

          Monster Hunter has a much more narrow appeal than you think.

          If you like hunting monster though, have you tried Shadow of the Colossus?

          • smashbrolink

            Played and loved both, but Monster Hunter is a distinctly different beast….
            I mean, for one, MH is more like a semi-MMO, with the way it handles equipment and how you can play with friends, while SotC is a much more cinematic action-adventure game, with the bosses acting like a combination of beast and puzzle, due to having to find a way of hitting their weak points.
            Actually, considering the point about weak points, I’d put SotC down in the same vein as Zelda, rather than Monster Hunter, but with less of a focus on new gears, side quests, etc.

            Oh, and I cried when the horse died…

          • bigshynepo

            Very good comparison, I am interested to see where the MH series goes from here but I can’t see them messing with the formula much. Soul Sacrifice was interesting but still not my cup of tea. Great analogy with Zelda though.

          • smashbrolink

            Speaking of, MH 4 will not only allow players to climb atop the monsters to strike weak points, they’re also making a Link costume, complete with Hero’s Bow, Master Sword, and Hylian Shield, for the game.
            I’m really looking forward to its release in the states, if it happens.

      • Jason Mounce

        In a nutshell.

        I mean, 3DS took HOW LONG before it got games and sold? and AFTER a giant price slash?

        Now how long did it take Wii U to get any games? It still doesn’t have a lot of games or great-games, and the Wii U isn’t selling at all. This cheeky banter cannot be said by someone like Reggie, especially not right now. Maybe during the Wii’s prime time if talking about PS3/360, juuuust, not now..

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Well here are the games.

          And a lot of these have high ratings.

          What does the Xbox/PS4 library looks like? Think about it.

          • Jason Mounce

            Do I really have to point out the obvious of when Wii U launched in comparison to when Xbox One and PS4 launched, what are you, a toddler with no grasp of time? Here, lets play the calender game with just PS4 and Wii U

            Wii U released NOVEMBER 18th 2012.

            PS4 released NOVEMBER 15 2013.

            Now….I’m not a space wizard or a Time Lord or a rocket scientist…..but I get the impression that November 15th 2013 is essentially 4 WEEKS AGO….

            Annnnd, Wii U’s launch of November 18th 2012 is….Hmmm….almost 1 Year and 1 Month ago. SO…..I WONDER WHY WII U HAS MORE GAMES….

            HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….I WONDERRRRR. Cause by all means, 4 Weeks? Sony! You’re slacking bro! These 4 weeks are totally pathetic in which Wii U’s 56-57 weeks have had a ‘Decent’ list of games get made for it.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            … Why are you so defensive?

            Are you not a gamer? Do you not want to play games? Why are you so resistant to buying a console and enjoying it?

            Ps4 and Xbox need time to build up a library worth their snuff

            WiiU has one right now. With more coming . Like the 3DS did.

            The other consoles are busy being beta tested.

          • Jason Mounce

            It’s not defensive. I’m being logical, your post was immensely illogical.

            So I used logic to shoot down that which was nonsensical.

            It’s nothing personal….I just don’t like flawed opinions or flawed perspectives that don’t make any sense in which you compared Wii U’s lineup to PS4/X1’s current lineup…. Which again, I countered easily with the whole Time lapse that PS4/X1 cannot be comparable Lineup-wise with a system that’s been out for a Year+ already….

            If you wanna question People who’re resistant to buying consoles, you should for one, talk to the many of people of the world who simply lack the Privilege because of their money being more constrained than you. Of the millions who can afford a console, there are equally many more millions who cannot risk buying a console, you should never question ‘why’ someone is or isn’t resistant on buying an Optional piece of technology that is used for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, not a lot of people buy ‘All 3’. I don’t get this lack of logic you use, as if people like you whom imply to ‘Buy everything, treat everything equal, play all the games’ think like others can be like you, people have to make secure investments as thats what these consoles are to many people, an investment :/ That doesn’t excuse your lack of logic in your last post though.

            Yes, they do need time to build up a library, that was my point.

            Wii U has one right now, and Nintendos fanbase needs to buy the console, the ones who bought the N64 and Wii, unlike the Gamecube. Wii U to me may as well end up like the Gamecube, however, I don’t buy consoles so easily not only because of lack of money nor do I just simply have parents or family who can afford to buy me games and consoles easily nor do I have a job and I’m a full time student with debts and loans to worry about.

            Wii U’s library is still nothing as of now, and is not worth the price of the hardware, I’d not mind waiting another 5 or 10 years before buying it, software sells the console. That doesn’t mean ‘Quantity of Software’ sells the console, that means Quality of software that is relevant to an individuals interest, sells the console. Most of which, majority third party studios, second party and first party do not intend to make games on Wii U and/or are not owned by Nintendo, my interest in Nintendo these days aren’t as high as they’d be 8+ years ago from now.

            Sooooo- yeah. This isn’t defensive, this isn’t personal, but your other post was just, stupid to me. That and the list still doesn’t interest me because all the things Nintendo does is milk out Copy-pasta variety of games with nothing ‘New’. SMB1,2,3 and SM World had UNIQUENESS to them, Galaxy had uniqueness. Now all they’re doing is rehashing old concepts, old game features, old game designs and milking at the teet of nostalgia, I just do NOT buy it. There’s nothing going for Wii U for me, my highest desire in gaming right now is Metal Gear Solid V as a whole, Dark Souls 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF15. All games that I will gladly wait for down the road.

          • Rob Nevico

            Funny you mention copy-pasta and immediately transition to MGS5, KH3 and FF15… you might as well have listed the other “great” games on the PS4 and XB1. You know, stellar, innovative titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts, or Battlefield 4 and GTAV, all of which have zero to offer in terms of new gameplay features. Final Fantasy stopped being good (aside from FFXIV) when they made the piss poor decision to release FFX-2 and made the series less epic and more Beibery ever since. FFXII came close to being good, but it was short, tried too hard to be something more than an RPG and could have easily been marketed as something entirely different. As a game, it’s good. As a Final Fantasy title, it’s crap.

            Also, Nintendo does actually have some recent third party titles on the Wii U- Assassins Creed, CoD, Batman, all of which look just as great and were ported to connect the varied types of players by offering popular franchises on a system that also has amazing, self-produced work. It also has exclusives that came out a year ago during its launch that still look great, play great and offer more than most of the other two systems releases during the past twelve months without resorting to gimmicks or membership fees.

            Sure, I might sound like a fanboy here, but whatever. The fact remains that the PS3 and 360 were both dragged through the mud by Nintendo in terms of sales and the ONLY saving grace the two systems had were third-party titles that neither Sony nor Microsoft could even dare to compete with, which led to the lame “which one did it better” debate, and that’s all this silly console war is about now. It isn’t about the games, it’s about which system has the better looking version of it. Realistically, if Sony and Microsoft were smart, they’d join forces and make a single machine to compete with Nintendo, who has, by all accounts, reined upon the Iron Throne for three decades, faltering maybe a little during the N64 era. Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean no one else does either. And to prove a point, I did a little class survey; I asked ten people what system they preferred out of the three. 9/10 said XB1 or PS4. I then asked how many of the nine had actually PLAYED a Wii U…. 0/9. Of those nine, I had them take a shot at Super Mario 3D World… a game in which you run around in a cat suit with bright colors. Now mind you, the survey group was 18-22 years old and all of them considered themselves to be hardcore gamers. Take a wild guess how many of them LOVED the game?

            All of them.

            Would it be enough to make them consider buying the system? Probably not, but they didn’t hate it anymore. in fact, six of them said that if they ported a few of the games they love on the other systems, they’d buy it, sell the other one and never look back.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            People like Sony’s cinematic movie games like uncharted and TLOU. And whatever quantic dream shits out.

            Thats the only reason its relevant.

            Personally I dont like those.

          • neko working

            yeah, because you’re nintendo fanboy as simple as that. U don’t have to tell me, i know i’m a Sony fanboy. LOL. PERIOD.
            the only home console without voice/face recognition this generation: Wii U !! congrats !!

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            I wish the console didnt have a Camera on the gamepad.

            Or that I could talk to people online in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in and the like. Lol.

            Personally I dont like cameras.
            Im real cagey about that stuff.

            You’re no fanboy. Just another ignorant and insecure person riding the waves to their deaths in hell.

          • Jason Mounce

            ” You know, stellar, innovative titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts”…

            ….Wat….I hope that’s sarcasm.

            What’s your problem with MGS5 exactly? Why are you bringing up the fact that they are ‘great games’ that will be on PS4/XB1? FF-stopped-being-good is subjective opinion. Don’t care about FF-Expansions. You listed 3 titles, that’s not a lot, Batman was a port from what was on the PS3/360, the generation Before it too…

            Ehhn, bed time for the now.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            No you’re being defensive.
            WiiU’s not sitting here taking your money hand over fist with bloody micro transactions and charging you for a rental service with online behind a pay wall. And they have a free customer rewards program.

            If you’re looking for excuses to not buy one, sure fine. But overestimating how big of a deal it is or manufacturing them is not okay

            But what it sounds like is irrational bargaining, simply because you cant afford one.
            But if you cant afford one then why are you buying consoles?

  • Dennis Crosby

    Smh Reggie and Nintendo in 6 months ps4 will surpass your lifetime sales for the Wii U and in 8 months Xboxone will to before taking smack try to sell some hardware as fast a possible and getting some third party support because you guys are lacking in all departments

    • Jaxon Holden

      Sound like a front line soldier fighting a war that doesn’t exist. Who the **** cares who sells more consoles lol. All that matters is how fun the games are. If I play the funnest game I’ve ever played in the world, do you think I care whatsoever if anyone else bought the game? Or the console it’s for? No.

      It’s like you guys have low self-esteem, and the only way you know how to boost your ego is keep spouting that YOUR console of choice is outselling system X or system Y. Nobody cares man.

      • Axe99

        It doesn’t matter who sells more consoles, but it does matter that a console hits a critical mass to make it worthwhile to develop on their system. Bethesda have recently said they’re not publishing for the Wii U because of the small install base – this is an issue for gamers who only have a Wii U, and sad – it’s a shame they’ll miss out. Once you’ve got 30-40 million, though, it seems to be enough to keep things ticking over for a platform, so as long as Wii U hits that, it’ll get there. PS4 and XB1 looking pretty strong early to get to the ‘sustainability’ mark.

        • MegaPrimeUltra

          its sad that 2k doesn’t develop for wii u but I never really liked Bethesda, I kind of like Need for Speed from EA but thats all on that front. Now what really sucks is that Square and Konami have abandoned Nintendo. No tomb raider, no castlevania, no metal gear, no final fantasy,

          • Axe99

            Bethesda do a range of stuff – Dishonored is well worth a look, even if you’re not into the Elder Scrolls. Either way, fingers crossed Ninty get the install base they need so that pubs can’t ignore them.

        • wampdog29

          LOL it’s funny you bring up Bethesda… they were never going to develop for Nintendo’s hardware anyway. A lot of the companies that bring up the “low system sales” excuse had other excuses before. They just don’t see Nintendo’s consoles as a market for them. Period. That’s the truth and they should just say it. I’m fine with owning a Nintendo system to play Nintendo games. I have a PS4 to play Sony exclusives games and I’ll eventually have an Xbox One to play MS exclusives… same goes for a PC.

          • Axe99

            Aye, but like MegaPrimeUltra says below, there are a bunch of other pubs who are steering clear of the Wii U at the moment. I’m not being anti-Nintendo here, the Vita (which I have and love) has the same issue – it has the numbers to support indie devs, but is struggling to attract big publisher support. It’s not an issue if you’ve got the coin (and space in your entertainment cabinet) to buy all of them, but a lot of console owners just roll with one machine. For them, it’s always a shame when they miss out on games.

      • Pedro Carreira

        No hardware sales means no software, because no publishers will want to develop games for the console…not even nintendo.

      • neko working

        if you don’t care, why do you even care to reply against his comment in the first place, man. LOL

    • Losyak

      Probably even double them

    • Rob Nevico

      It really doesn’t matter who sells the most… but just in case you needed to know about who is currently “winning”… Which isn’t surprising, considering that the last gen systems sales looked nearly identical. Sony and Microsoft will always have bickering fans, but the reality is that Nintendo always dominates in a quiet corner because they don’t sweat having a smaller system with lighter games and it’s aimed directly at the original gamers (my generation) who play for the good times and now have kids of their own. What parent is going to choose Battlefield 4 over Super Mario 3D World?

      • brianc6234

        You’re a loser. The Wii U has been out over a year, hasn’t it? The PS4 already has half the sales of the Wii U in less than a month. Start crying soon.

        • Rob Nevico

          Hahaha! Yes, that’s it. I MUST be a loser. Also, way to prove my point. Tell you what, if Sony surpasses Nintendo in sales, good for them. But it won’t be the hardware that sells the machine, it will be the software, and so long as asshats like yourself keep shoveling out money for repetitive crap like Call of Duty, all you are is part of the problem. Also, go ahead and click on that link again. Under the sales figures, there is a handy little clicky thing that lets you check out sales figures for the last generation. Guess who also spanked Sony and Microsoft in that race as well? Can’t argue math. Sony had plenty of time the last round to catch up after the PS3 release, yet somehow, Nintendo still sold 20 million more units for their so called, failed machine. Whatever. To each their own. Sadly, this generation of modern gamers somehow equate graphics to winning. in which case, the PC would be the best gaming system out there, but I digress.

          • neko working

            haha, Wii is incomparable to PS3, it’s comparable to PS2. go look up PS2 sales against Wii

          • Rob Nevico

            Right. Go look up, on it. -typetypetype- okay, so here’s what I found… the PS2 is the best selling system of all time (no argument there), followed closely by the Nintendo DS, which isn’t really a shocker. You’re right. The Wii is incomparable to the PS3 as the Wii sold 20m more units globally than the PS3, which puts it on the top five best selling systems of all time. Poor Nintendo, having to only have three of the top five spots. Number ten is the NES, which in thirty years, still manages to be more successful than the first XBox. Number fifteen is the Atari 2600, which is a little over thirty years old, and… it also has (to this day) managed to be more successful than the original XBox. The 360, PSP and PS3 all managed to be tied, still coming up short to the GameBoy Advance. Once again, poor Nintendo. now granted, the Wii U (by comparison) is not doing so hot compared to the other Nintendo systems released during the past three decades, but at the moment (and I do expect it to change) it’s still doing better than the PS4 and XBox One in sales.
            Of course, it had a head start, but then… so did the first Wii, which still spanked it last generation by 20 million units. If you combine all sales of systems based on the name Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, Nintendo has a massive 200 million unit lead over Sony, who has a whopping 300 million unit lead over Microsoft. Okay, so maybe if we look at games, it won’t look so much like Nintendo is an obviously dying breed ::coughsarcasmcough::.
            Here we go, -typetypetype- …okay. So to keep this short and to the point, I’ll go ahead and list the top five, best selling video games of all time on all consoles since the dawn of home consoles. Ready?
            1) Wii Sports (Wii).
            2) Super Mario Bros. (NES).
            3) Tetris (GameBoy).
            4) Mario Kart Wii (Wii).
            5) Wii Sports Resort (Wii).
            Really? Of all time? Hmm. Okay, let’s give the others a chance here and do 6-10. Ready?
            6) New Super Mario Bros. (NDS).
            7) Grand Theft Auto V (PS3/360).
            8) Wii play (Wii).
            9) New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii).
            10) Grand theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2/XB).
            Wow… so of the ten best selling games of all time, Nintendo has eight console specific titles whereas Sony and Microsoft have two GTA titles? Never would have guessed that. Seriously, I thought Halo would have at least been in the top ten. Summarizing the rest of the list (which ends at 27), Sony has zero internal games and three multi-platform titles, Microsoft has zero internal games and the SAME three cross-platform games, which are GTA IV, Skyrim and CoD: Black Ops. The rest of that list belongs to Nintendo (of which every title is self published) sans one. Number 27, which is Sonic the Hedgehog. You really can’t beat the numbers, ladies and gents.
            I know many people are loyal to their systems of choice, but the reality is that Nintendo has been saying, “Who’s your Daddy?” since the days of awkward electronic music and Hammer pants, and while the PS4 and Xbox One might be good systems and all, people aren’t buying them for the games each company publishes, they are buying them to brag and/or mudsling about cross-platform titles, which make the very vocal minority think are “winning”, always forgetting that in real life, the silent majority always swoops in and leaves everyone in their dust. Seriously, think about it. Presidential elections, movie sales, civil rights… You only hear from the people opposed to it, who always look dumbfounded when the movies sells out, the “socialist” wins or two innies plan a wedding. But what have we learned here? We’ve learned that by sales alone, people buy the two above systems for GTA, CoD and Skyrim, all of which are also (mostly) available on Mac and/or PC. People buy Nintendo for the games they make, which, let’s face it, are fun. Yeah, we all enjoy a good FPS or racing game once and a while, but look really deep into your own frail, human soul and ask yourselves… if no one is looking, what would you find more entertaining? Yet another headset shouting match in Black Ops doing the same campaign you’ve done six hundred times before, losing and feeling as if Jesus himself personally betrayed you for giving you a failsniper and an eight year old who had to get ready for bed just as you started taking fire? Or kicking Bowser in the teeth, knocking Peach off of Rainbow Road, finally getting the Master Sword or shooting Ridley in the face? Fun trumps frustration, and while Nintendo may never have flashy, cutting edge graphics comparable to the processor frying other systems which, you know… die painfully because they have to push themselves to please you, they do have one thing. Imagination.
            Really, if you think about it, they are the Disney of the gaming world. Everyone loves Six Flags, but no matter how old you are, you’re going to have fun at Disneyworld and you know you’ll be seeing familiar faces you grew up with, and while it might not be as “grown up” as Universal Studios, their isn’t a man, woman or child on this planet that would say no to a trip to Disney, just like their isn’t a parent on this planet that would find it okay to pop in Platoon or Crank for a six year old begging for a movie to watch, but you know what they will pop in? Every damn Disney movie. Ever. And that’s who Nintendo is. They have the mascots, the memories and will always welcome you back, young or old and you’ll be okay with it because you’ll have a blast and all will be forgiven in ten seconds.
            Or you can stick with Sony and Microsoft, companies who have forgotten what gaming is about and instead are at war with each other over whose version of GTA V looks better, when really, who cares? If you think about it, that game, like every other game lately, is a rehashed pile that’s been polished and placed in a bigger display case.

      • Dennis Crosby

        if from that generation also but my thing Nintendo isn’t going to be around much longer if they don’t start selling console. the more consoles they sell the more games they ill sell and get more third party support.

        • Rob Nevico

          See, the thing is that people have been singing that song for twenty years now. Anyone my age will certainly remember this exact debate during the days of the SNES and Sega Genesis. People said Sega would mop the floor with Nintendo, and here we are, two decades later, and Sonic is starring in Mario games. People say Nintendo needs to do this that and the other thing or they won’t be around much longer. I think people tend to forget that even if the Wii U tanked in an epic explosion, they still have both Pokemon and the 3DS, both of which outsell every other system combined. Nintendo isn’t going anywhere and Sony and Microsoft are certainly no threat to them in any way, shape or form.

          • Dennis Crosby

            if Nintendo would only make handhelds I would be perfectly fine with that. they do that better then in company in the industry. but were talking about console gaming here. look what happen to Sega with the dreamcast(one of my favorite consoles) they didn’t sell enough consoles got no third party support the console just died I don’t want to see Nintendo go anywhere but they need a new console on the market bad the Wii U isn’t doing anyone any good

      • neko working

        knack over mario anyday.

    • James Bleak

      call of duty 12 bro!!!!!

  • Emil Vega Morales

    I think you mean “Will Sony and Microsoft pick it up?” Anyways true words there.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Exactly what I meant. Thanks for spotting it 😀

  • flower234

    Nowadays it’s natural for consoles not to have AAA games at launch. But after an entire year? hmmm….

    • Jaxon Holden

      Not only does Wii U have AAA games, it’s got games so good they could be put in “game of the GENERATION” category. NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell Blacklist, these are all AAA games. But Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Zelda Windwaker HD, Super Mario 3D World… some devs go their whole lives and never make a game that good.

      You may have a certain preference for a “type” of game, but there is no denying that Wii U has an EXCEPTIONALLY great library, ESPECIALLY for it only being one year. Go play those games I listed, and come back and tell me they’re not BETTER than AAA.

      Wake up!!! There are more games on Wii U, legendary games, like, games so good you never wanna sell em, than I can keep up with. I still have games on my shelf that are wrapped in cellophane, like Zelda: Windwaker HD. If Wii U had “no games” you’d think I would have already beaten that game. But nope, even the mighty Zelda has been put on hold, because there’s just SO MANY other amazing games to play. But believe what you want. I’ll be over here playing Super Mario 3D World, one of the best video games ever made, of all time. Ever.

      • NeoTechni

        Is that a joke?

        • smashbrolink

          A lot of “core gamers” just aren’t giving these games a chance because they either “Don’t look mature”, or “because it’s *insert franchise name* again”.
          I would place solid bets that 3/4ths of the people who bash games like SM3DW and The Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends, etc etc etc, haven’t even played through them the whole way. They’ve taken one look at the early stages of each game without taking extra/later/harder levels/difficulties into account, made their excuses, and dismissed them before even trying them.

          Games like these are the kinds of games you’ve actually got to try for a while before you’ll know whether or not you’ll like them.

          • NeoTechni

            It has nothing to do with that. Im thoroughly enjoying link between worlds so you cant say im only playing games for their looks

            Wiiu simply lacks good games.

          • smashbrolink

            That’s not true at all, though.
            How many of those games listed have you even tried?
            Heck, how many did you even give a second glance to?
            If you really think it has no good games at all, then that’s your opinion, but it’s not true for the majority of Wii U owners, and for quite a few other people who are planning to get the system down the line when a few specific games they’re targeting do come out.

            For example, I know at least 15 other people who are waiting for Bayonetta 2 and Smash before investing, and they do plan on picking up other games like The Wonderful 101 alongside them.

          • NeoTechni

            No, what you said simply isnt true
            I have tried the rayman and wonderful 101 demos. I didnt like them. I play every wiiu demo i can BECAUSE it lacks games to such a degree i need any excuse to play it

            If you think wiiu has lots of good games, then thats your opinion, but thats simply not true for the majority, as evidenced by wiius horrible sales.

            To emphasize, ive had wiiu since the day it launched. The day ps4 launched i already had more games for it than wiiu. Reggie needs to shut up.

          • smashbrolink

            The demos do not do the full games justice, and the sales are affected more by narrow surface perceptions than by the actual quality of the games.

            Again, your opinion of it not having good games, is just plain wrong.

            You haven’t looked into the catalog deeply enough to even begin to make that judgement if you’ve been disregarding games after mere demos. All games start light and get better as you go. You’d know that, and would likely have quite a few more Wii U games, if you didn’t discard them so quickly.

            Also, take a look at the post I made a ways above here; Reggie wasn’t saying anything insulting towards Sony or Micro. This entire article is trying to spin it that way, but he wasn’t.
            It’s no secret that Reggie feels the Wii U is a powerful system even if it’s not as powerful as the PS4, but he acknowledges, in this quote, that Nintendo needs great games to compliment that power.
            It was a general statement that stands true for all companies, but Joel tried to get Reggie to take a jab at Sony and Microsoft.
            With that kind of context, I’m surprised Reggie was able to do anything other than keep silent, because a statement like that from Joel almost automatically heavily loads any response that follows as a challenge unless its nothing but outright humble flattery towards the competition.

          • NeoTechni

            Again, your opinions are wrong
            Or rather, just as wrong as you think mine are. Or rather, moreso since sales tell us the majority agree with me.

            I have looked into the catlog quite a bit, as i said im desperate for games, to the point where i lowered my standards and bought games i didnt want. Wii u simply lacks games

            If wiius demos arent enough to assess the games, then they failed as demos and shouldn’t be there. But i doubt that, since they are literally parts of the games they represent. Demos are there specifically so you can judge the full games. Thats their purpose, so dont whine that im using them as intended. And certainly dont lie about it meaning i havent looked into wiius library, the majority of which are inferior to ps3360 versions, remakes of decade old games, or the same tired franchise im sick of already (it has four mario games already, five if you count the luigi game),

            Reggie did mean it as an insult, as he did the last few times he said ps4/xones games are “meh”, dont defend his ignorance/arrogance

          • bigevilworldwide

            There is probably no point in arguing with him….He is clearly one of those brain dead Nintendo cult members, who go out of their way to defend or excuse everything Nintendo does and label anyone who thinks differently from the mentally challenged borg collective that they just didn’t give it enough of a chance.

            Didn’t you know you can’t just play the demo, you have to go out and spend $60 buck to determine you don’t like something or your just stupid and being a hater OR suddenly a COD dude bro.

            The Majority of the cult seems to think that mediocre games like W101 that wasn’t well received and is kinda flopping, got these outstanding reviews 10/10 selling millions instead of tens, and the reviews that called it mediocre which was like 90% are just Nintendo haters….

          • Woohoo!!

            You could be right, but why is it so important for you to contradict that opinion?

          • smashbrolink

            So you actually think you’ve got room to talk after all the hypocritical hater crap you’ve been spewing? After all of the half-assed talk of “difficulty” not being good enough for your high and mighty standards when you’ve CLEARLY not played through the latter portions of games you’re bitching about?

            GTFO of here.

            If I’m mentally challenged, you’re full-on rubber-helmet-dependent, complete with drool bucket and bib.

            “Mediocre”, PLEASE. A metacritic score of 78 with a USER SCORE of 8.3 is NOT “mediocre”. Try stepping off your high horse before you fall off.

            You’re just another one of those idiotic drones that thinks anything below an 8 is “flopping”. Got news for ya, drone; a huge amount of games that you probably think are outright genius aren’t getting rave reviews either, by your standards. Or worse, they’re getting reviews based off of demo-level-amounts of play time and ignoring any deeper look at any of the games.

            At this point, I’m done with you, as well.
            Neither you nor Mr. “Blanket Statement” over there have anything left to offer that’s worth me reading back on.
            Enjoy replying; I’m not wasting another page view on you or your little boyfriend.

          • NeoTechni

            You were being hypocrital actually. So dont complain he was

          • MegaPrimeUltra

            what was he being hypocritical about?

          • NeoTechni

            He says the opinion that wiiu lacks gamews is wrong, cause his opinion is it has many. And his opinion is that demos cant be used to tell if you like games or not even though thats their entire point, if you dont like them then you MUST HATE NINTENDO IN CAPS, and suck at games. But the reviews for ps4 games being low are absolute

          • MegaPrimeUltra

            to be fair one person’s game of the year could not even be a blip on someone else’s radar. so technically while you are right in saying that the wii u has no good games(for you) they can counter that with the fact that they like most the games Nintendo has come out with for the wii u. Obviously if we are comparing wii u and ps4, wii u is going to have a greater quantity of games that are smaller in size and vary in quality and variety; while ps4 is going to have a lesser quantity of games that are much larger and are more consistent in quality and variety. This is due to the period of time these systems have had to build up their library. While wii u had the whole lifespan of the wii plus the year since the wii u launched the PS4 has only had a couple of weeks. They can’t be fairly compared. Now as for my opinion on demos: they are a miniscule taste of what the game has in store; really just to show you some gameplay mechanics; if you like the demo you will love the game/ if you hate the demo the game may surprise you. Lastly the reason that they say that ps4 reviews are absolute and Nintendo ones are up in the air is because the gaming industry is actively pro sony and anti nintendo. This leads them to see a low score for a sony game as more convincing due to the fact that sony games are normally given 10/10 because the review knows their audience wants that. While nintendo games are given lower scores in the low 70s because the same people that reviewed the sony games are reviewing wonderful 101.

          • smashbrolink

            Those “parts” that you’re referring to aren’t even the interesting bits.
            They’re the opening.
            The openings of games are always devoid of the meat of the experience that WOULD have kept you playing.
            Demos aren’t there to represent the full experience; they’re there to represent whatever point in the game the demos take place in.
            A SMALL PART of the overall experience.

            Judging an entire games value on a demo is beyond stupid.

            Similarly, trying to play off “remakes” as some sort of horrible sin reeks of a man digging for reasons to hate on a console he just doesn’t like. Third parties across the board are “guilty” of this yet I don’t hear you or anyone here agreeing with you pointing fingers at the rest of the industry for their own transgressions.

            If you don’t like the damned console or its games, then that’s fine.

            But don’t go marching around making blanket statements as if it should apply to the majority.
            I’ve left you room to say that you just don’t like it because you’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m not going to put up with you lying about the games being horrible when they’ve gotten good reviews and have spread out quite sufficiently to the Wii U’s 4M install base.

            Sales be damned; it’s got more holding back its sales than the quality of its games, and that quality is just fine even if you don’t like its best games.
            The system has games worth owning.

            And finally, no, Reggie did NOT mean it as an insult.
            That’s the way that the article is SPINNING IT, and you’re SWALLOWING THAT, HOOK LINE AND SINKER.

            I’m not even defending him here; I’m telling the TRUTH about the situation. You’re looking to turn it into yet another reason to hate something or someone connected to Nintendo.

            JUST SAY YOU HATE NINTENDO, for Christ’s sake. Quit trying to side-step it.

            Actually, you know what?
            Don’t bother.
            I’m sick of you and your habit of spreading your “it’s got no games” attitude being spread like a cloak no one with sense wants to wear.
            We’re done here.

          • NeoTechni

            If the demos failed then they are to blame, not me
            Their point is to show what the game is like.
            Judging the games based on the demo is exactly what they’re for, otherwise they wouldnt put out a demo

            I didnt call the remakes horrible.
            And i pointed my finger at all remakes, that includes third parties

            Uou can like the console/games but dont go making blanket statements yourself if you dont like others doing it. The fact is, wiiu is selling poorly, mostly because of its games. It lacks games

            He did mean it as an insult, he did multiple times. He specifically called them meh. Theres no way thats not insulting. As for me hating nintendo, i guarantee i own more their stuff than you. So shove it. Your defense is pathetic, i dont love them unconditionally so i must hate them? No, i see their flaws. Thats not hate

            Im sick of asses like you

          • Woohoo!!

            Actually, Rayman Origins did really well

          • NeoTechni

            I didnt say it didnt. I said i didnt like it
            Sales dont make a game fun to me. Im not a stock broker

          • Woohoo!!

            A little defensive, aren’t we? Anyway, I don’t enjoy talking to rude people so I’ll just say one more thing, games that suck don’t usually sell very well.

          • NeoTechni

            I dont see how that was rude/defensive. You said it did well to someone who never claimed otherwise.

            Games that suck do sell well sadly. Angry birds, sports games. Most nintendo fans like using cod as an example

          • Woohoo!!

            Those are just your opinions and in your own words, “your opinions are wrong” Xbox gamers are the COD fans, its well known. Rayman Origins sold and was reviewed well, maybe you don’t like it cause you suck at it

          • NeoTechni

            That was said to someone else who said the exact same thing first, specifically because he said it. If its ok for him, its ok for me

            And saying i dont like something therefore i must suck at it is rude/defensive, you said you didnt like those things. Xbox gamers have nothing to do with this.

          • Woohoo!!

            Yeah, well I give what I get, if you wanted civility out of me you should have led with some of your own.

          • NeoTechni

            I have treated you with civility. Moreso than you have showed me, even still. The reason im not being as rude as you cause i think you have mistaken my for someone else in this conversation which explains why you talked about topics i didnt

            And how rude ive been to others is as i said, as equally rude as theyve treated me because im using their wording. But that has nothing to do with you cause ive been polite to you. So i expect you to realize your error here

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


            Demo’s arent always great representations of games

          • NeoTechni

            A list of games does not equal a list of must have games

            And if the demo fails at its entire purpose, thats not my fault

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            The purpose shows you what the gameplay is like.
            Its a combo heavy beat em up.
            Its not going to tell you if you like the game or not, you actually have to play it and learn the combat.

            The demo is there to just practice.

          • NeoTechni

            No, a demo is there to show you if youd like the game or not, as a form of advertisement. Its not practice. Its to DEMONSTRATE what the game is like

          • NeoTechni

            A game demo is a freely distributed demonstration or preview of an upcoming or recently released video game. Demos are typically released by the game’s publisher to help consumers get a feel of the game before deciding whether to buy the full version.

          • bigevilworldwide

            SO your saying all the reviews for the flopping mediocre Wonderful 101 are all reviewers that didn’t play it all the way through? Rayman Origins flopped also and the Wii U wasn’t even out yet, did it ever occur to you that it’s just not that good? 3D world LOL, the biggest complaint I’ve heard is that it’s 3D land placed on a console, which typically doesn’t win you fans….

            Should it even need to be mentioned that Nintendo games used to have a fun level of challenge to them, and now they make them so that a retarded 3 year old can beat them with no problem whatsoever…Or just give them a super tanooki suit for dying 5 times, or play the level for them now.

          • punkchobit

            “SO your saying all the reviews for the flopping mediocre Wonderful 101 are all reviewers that didn’t play it all the way through?”

            I wish I knew about that defense. Seems like it defeats Reggie’s claim that PS4/Xone needs games, since we can use it to elevate the reviews of Knack/Killzone.

            Oh wait, it only works for Nintendo games! My mistake

          • smashbrolink

            First, what Punkchobit said applies perfectly here.

            Second, trying to make fun of 3D World is like trying to say the sun is purple; it makes no sense to do so because it’s a very fun game.
            It’s under the “not another Mario” stigma from the dudebros, though, so most of them aren’t even giving it a try.

            Rayman Legends only flopped in sales because they delayed it, and even THEN, it STILL sold best on the Wii U.

            The Wonderful 101 has gotten a ton of good scores across the board, and the only big complaint is from people that didn’t want to take the time to practice until they’d learned the controls.
            When that’s the biggest complaint and you’re still digging for reasons to hate on it, it makes you sound salty about sucking at the game.

            As for your statement about fun and Tanookie Suits, you’ve obviously not gotten through most of 3D World.
            The Super Suit is 100% optional so that complaint is shot down.
            The challenge increases the further into the game you go, so that point is shot down.
            No one plays those levels FOR you, so that point is shot down.

          • MegaPrimeUltra

            101 is something called a niche title. it is a game made by an auteur video game director. it isn’t expected to be understood or sell like battlefield. it is a fun little project for someone like suda 51 or hideki kamiya to entertain their NICHE fanbase.
            The rayman that smashbrolink was talking about wasn’t origins it was legends which was actually one of the top ten reviewed and selling games in 2013. funnily enough it sold better and received better reviews on wii u than on either of the other consoles. Originally it was a wii u exclusive, then nintendo saw that the wii u instal base wasn’t great so they told ubisoft to put it on the other systems. Origins was actually an exclusive to the original wii.
            3D World was one of the 5 games nominated for game of the year at the event that you are commenting about.
            Finally Nintendo games are not as hard for you anymore for two reasons. One: you obviously don’t play them and difficulty is normally something that you find within a game.Two: you’ve grown up. Games like 3D World still hold challenge for kids; just like they did for you when you where a kid. Now I agree that the super tanooki suit and super guide are bad but I see the logic behind that because of this very conversation. When you were a kid the games didn’t have that break, resulting in you become embittered towards Nintendo, Nintendo saw this and decided rather than having another generation of anti nintendo adults give the kids that break and make them more likely to keep playing.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            The Wonderful 101 has a higher metacritic score than every game that launched on the PS4 and the Xbox One.

          • MegaPrimeUltra

            i would bet that they never even considered getting a wii u.
            who needs them anyways? all they would buy would be fifa 2k15 call of duty 11 and maybe assassin’s creed 5 … maybe! and make the wii u community look just as bad as playstation and xbox.

      • bigshynepo

        Reggie, is that you?

  • bigshynepo

    “Reggie, are you sure you don’t have anything else to show us? Because I have a feeling there will be some new thread popping up on the internet if you don’t”

    This were the words of the host last night at the VGX “awards” and it was a pretty strong hint that people didn’t want to see Donkey Kong last night. I have a feeling that Reggie is becoming more and more the embarrassed face of Nintendo America while his Japanese overlords take their time releasing the games people are demanding.

    If Nintendo isn’t going to court 3rd party or indie support to the same extent as MS and Sony, they need to get off their asses and give us the Metroid, Zelda, Kirby, Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart (release date?) their fan base is clamoring for.

    Nintendo’s fiscal year is going to be absolutely dismal.

    • Pyrotek85

      Personally I think they’re saving any good announcements for Nintendo Direct or other major shows, not VGX. Reggie also isn’t going to announce anything that hasn’t been approved by the bigwigs.

      • smashbrolink

        This actually makes sense, when you think about it.

        There’s articles and opinions all over the web saying that VGX was an unmitigated bore.
        It was a very small show that didn’t really do anything super spectacular to wow anyone, despite all the hype.[IIRC, only around 40k people actually watched it at all]

        It makes sense, then, that a small show, like VGX, would get equally small news, like Cranky Kong and stuff.

        The big 3 will all be saving their big guns for E3.[or in Nintendo’s case, the next big Nintendo Direct, whichever comes first]

        • Pyrotek85

          Yep, I honestly wasn’t even sure what VGX was.

    • Jaxon Holden

      The hell with their “fiscal year”. I’m not an investor I’m a gamer. And with that said, I care about what’s fun, not what’s “cool to play” to these little kid gamers nowadays that only like guns-blazing, realistic violent games. DKC is one of THE funnest games ever invented. The only people who don’t realize that are people who have never played the games, or these new-school Nintendo fans that only want Nintendo to make “realistic, gritty, high graphics” games, so they can have something to flaunt in the faces of Sony and MS fans.

      I’m not ashamed to admit I like DKC. It’s a fantastic game. And if one were to tell me they’re NOT excited for Tropical Freeze, I’d have to seriously question their judgement, or their past experience as a gamer.

      • Anime10121

        Im a gamer, have been since the original NES (my first console) and I am not excited for DK. I liked a few of them back in the day, but the monkey just ain’t ever been all that captivating of entertaining as a game to me. Now if we were talking Kirby, I’d be all over that like cheese on a pizza, but DK? No thank you :/

        • Pyrotek85

          Eh it’s a ‘no true scotsman’ fallacy. I happen to like both franchises you mentioned, but I know they’re not for everyone, and it doesn’t make you any less of a ‘true gamer’ if you don’t like them.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Well we also have X and SMT x FE

          • Anime10121

            True but the big N has acted like they don’t even exist since their announcement …

            I mean X is supposed to be released next year and we STILL dont even have a full name for it yet. Now if that ain’t crappy marketing I don’t know what is 🙁

            Come on Nintendo, you have the games, start advertising them (well something othr than your core titles that’ll sell on their own)!!!

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Nintendo basically announced kirby 2 months before its release.

            NIntendo ignored 3D World until they put out another trailer for it.

            NIntendo teased us with the first trailer 10 months ago, Second one 5 months later.
            Its been another 5 months.

            *hint hint nudge nudge*

          • Anime10121

            Well I hope you’re right and we get something soon. They have quite a few 2014 games I’m hyped for that they’ve placed behind closed doors, so it’d be nice to see something on any of them…

      • bigshynepo

        Don’t assume the demographic you are replying to is all “kid gamers”. I’m probably older than you, with a longer history of gaming than you, with more personal business experience and friends in the gaming industry than you, but that’s besides the point.

        Reggie announced leaked information about a game we’ve already seen game play from. The only worthwhile announcement was the release date, twitter/press release caliber at best.

        I agree the VGX was a complete bomb but eyes were on it and watching to see how it would turn out. It would’ve been an EXCELLENT place to show the progress on Bayonetta 2 (a game not seen in a year) and that game would’ve appealed more to the “kid gamers” you say were watching the show.

        Of course I’m going to have a good time with DK, all 15 hours of it maybe. 1 game confirmed for Q1/2 2014 is not enough to get people buying a console this holiday and the 3rd party companies have made it clear they won’t develop for a console that isn’t in living rooms.

        Xbox and Sony have both sold more next-gen consoles in 1 day than Nintendo did all year so far. Nintendo needs a console mover and DK is NOT IT regardless of how fun it may be in the short term.

        Meanwhile, at least there is stuff coming in the next few months for the other systems because DK will not keep me busy for long once it releases in February among the other blockbusters.

        All this being said, the new Mario is awesome fun and should be a great seller over the holidays. Too bad Nintendo didn’t put a hardware bundle together with it.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          VGX has less of an audience than a Nintendo Direct acord

          Nintendo’s releasing packaged Wii Fit U Wii Sports club in January, that goes into DK which goes into Mario Kart Which goes into Smash Bros Which goes into their core line up for the rest of the year + heavy advertising. That is how they want to drive their install base

          • bigshynepo

            Oh, I didn’t know Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros had release dates? Could you point me to the release date link?

    • smashbrolink

      If you think they aren’t courting indies, you haven’t been paying enough attention. And please do prove me wrong instead of blindly downvoting; they’ve got a LOT of indies bringing their games over to the Wii U right now. Soul Saga, A Hat in Time, Shovel Knight, Cryamore, Giana SIsters: Twisted Dreams, Shantae, and many more are on the way.

      There was even a report a while back stating that an event held specifically for Indies left over A THOUSAND of them interested in developing for the Wii U.

      Saying that Nintendo isn’t courting indies sufficiently is a lie; they’re getting far better support from them than they did last gen, at the very least.

      Even if they’re behind in numbers by a fair amount, they’ll still be getting more than enough to satisfy people.

      • bigshynepo

        To quote myself specifically: “If Nintendo isn’t going to court 3rd party or indie support to the SAME EXTENT as MS and Sony”

        I don’t think ANYONE on the internet would agree that Nintendo is signing deals with indies to the same extent as Sony/MS. Nintendo is just now trying to catch up and we have yet to see the fruits of their discussions.

        • smashbrolink

          “To the same extent” meaning what, exactly?
          Exact same number? All the exact same games?
          Or does the fact that they’re getting quite a number of high-quality games not count to you at all?

          Nintendo is courting them enough to count. They’re getting GREAT support from indies lately. If you can’t see that, then as I said, you haven’t been paying attention, because the Wii U isn’t as far behind the other two in indie support as it was last generation.
          Not by a long shot.

          The only difference is that they aren’t money-hatting third parties and indies left and right.

          • bigshynepo

            Oh, I see what you did there, you are grouping the Wii U in the same generation as the PS4 and Xbox1. Let’s compare apples to apples, shall we?

            During the lifetime of the Wii U, the PS3 has seen the release of over a hundred indie games through PSN. A large percentage of these games were cross platform and are available on Microsoft’s console as well. Nintendo admittedly just started courting indie developers this year and that support is just finally starting to materialize now (ie: knytt underground is finally coming on the 19th).

            To say their indie support is “great” is a farce since it takes more than 9 months of negotiations to go from non-existent to great. Name your top 3 Wii U indie games that are available to buy and I will name 6 on PSN/Live that would be considered to be more “must-play”.

            I stand by my point, If Nintendo isn’t going to court 3rd party or indie support to the SAME EXTENT as MS and Sony, they need to accelerate in-house production. I’m not expecting a new Wii U Zelda, Kirby or Metroid before Winter 2014 and I expect even more multi-plats next year to unfortunately exclude the Wii U as a launch console.

          • smashbrolink

            I’m grouping the Wii U with the PS4 and XBone because THAT’S THE GEN IT BELONGS TO.

            Their Indie support IS great, especially compared to last generation when it was nearly non-existent on the Wii.

            Your point, as you call it, is an over-dramatization.
            The indie support on the Wii U isn’t so low that it’s unnoticeable, and none of your “Must play” titles[which, btw, you’re listing off of a generation that has had way more time to get indie support from] make games like Nano Assault Neo, Giana Sisters, and the many more that are due to the system in the next few months, any less worth mentioning.
            The support going forward will only get stronger.

            I don’t care how much you hate the Wii U; to say that it’s not getting much stronger support from indies this generation, enough to be clearly noticeable, is a slippery slope at best.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            WiiU has better indie deals than Microsoft has, people have been getting dev kits left and right from them. And they have 80+ games from indies announced for the platform.
            Where are you man? In Lala Land?

          • bigshynepo

            Yeah right, ANNOUNCED, meanwhile Xbox 360 and PS3 have more than 80 PLAYABLE indie games each. Alot of those “announced” Wii U games are playable on the other two consoles already. Gimme a break with your weak counterpoints.

          • Rob Nevico

            And how many of these 80 titles do you actually own? I’m curious, since you seem to be such a strong advocate for indie titles, you must have all of them, right? Quality over quantity, my friend. Nintendo isn’t going to put a ten minute long, glitchy crapfest on it’s system just to keep up with the Joneses.

          • bigshynepo

            I have 76 games (trade 22 for PS4, games and accessories), I have 179 titles on my PS3, 46 retail PSP games, 16 retail Vita games and countless downloads on both systems. And they are sitting next to a new,unopened 360. Wii U was given to a family member a few months back.

            I don’t download stuff i’ll never touch and alot remain unfinished but most have had some quality play time put in. Nintendo has been the home of shovelware for most of a decade, I don’t think one half-hearted year on the market gives you anything to gloat about with regards to “quality” games.

            Thanks for the peanut gallery comment.

          • Rob Nevico

            Sure thing 😉
            What I meant was, how many of the 80 indie titles you’re defending do you actually own? it seems pointless to me to say one system has a better range of quality games if you do not actually own them, that’s all. But thank you for interpreting it as me gloating. Which I’m not, by the way. I’m merely stating that Nintendo does have indie titles, but the ones they allow on their system are actually worth the time and money, unlike some of the stuff I’ve seen on the PS Store that look like a $15 dollar, poorly executed game developed using RPG Maker VX.

          • neko working

            go back to your nest (siliconera), kid.

  • KuchikiSentou

    I love how, in the middle of Sony-MS politics and pandering, Reggie is the only one talking smack. That man has some heavy cojones.
    This is what I want!! Everybody getting along is boring and uninteresting. I want conflict, insults and injury.

  • Bankai

    With the install base of the PS4 and Xbone nearing the Wii U’s with every new shipment, Reggie is in no position to be trying to talk smack.”3D World is doing quite well here in this market, so that’s wonderful to see.” Yeah, it’s doing so well that it was outsold by Knack – great game, terrible reviews – this past week.

    All of this was just some desperate attempt to save face, why else would he compare the game catalogs of a one year old console and 2 month old consoles.

    • xbox_gamer

      lol The wiiu sold 3 milion by xmas so lets see what xbox1 and ps4 really do by 31 dec. I”ll bet the wiiu will sell a million and ps4 and xbox1 maybe 2 million more. The fact is they will all sell about the same by spring 2014 . The whole market is flooded and no one cares about a single system anymore. Theres tens of ways to play now. And don’t forget its the 3ds that the # 1 system . Its sony that has no money and also a suck selling system the vita.

      • bigshynepo

        Sony is optimistic to move 5 Million PS4s by March, that’s 4 months for more than double Wii’s 2013 sales.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          WiiU’s at 4.4 million.


        • PachterStation

          Sony predicts it’ll sell 1 million consoles a month. I think going into 2014, sales will slow a bit. But I can see Sony hitting at least 8 to 10 million units, 12 million units tops.

      • Bankai

        3 million by Christmas is child’s play for the PS4 and Xbone, so the Wii U will be far behind in sales come spring. Flooded market or not, you’re sadly mistaken if you believe that no one has an interest in a single, especially in this economy.

        For a company that supposedly has no money, they continue to put out the best hardware and software, you bringing up Sony’s financial situation was obviously a weak attempt to bolster your already weak argument. And the PS2 is still the best selling console of all time. As for the Vita, it may not be selling as well as expected, but moving 20-30+ thousand units -in Japan alone – is far from “suck selling” especially when you factor in the fact that it sells like that even without games launching for it consistently.

        • bigshynepo

          The Vita is selling only 20% slower that the Wii U in Japan based on last weeks sales data. I’d say they are both in the same sorry boat when 3DS is selling 100,000 a week in it’s couple variations.

      • bigevilworldwide

        You do know again that Sony already sold 2.1 million PS4s right? And it would probably already be 3 or 4 had they have kept them in stock….We know the 720p is also somewhere around 1 million and not near 2.1 or Microsoft would be spouting it every 2 seconds everywhere instead of talking about zombies killed or miles driven in Forza…….Sony is going to pass Nintendo at this rate by February

  • smashbrolink

    When he mentioned pretty hardware and that you need games, he was speaking directly about Nintendo; it’s no secret that Reggie feels the Wii U is a powerful system even if it’s not as powerful as the PS4, but he acknowledges, in this quote, that Nintendo needs great games to compliment that.

    This article is twisting his words to make it out to seem like he was going after Sony and Microsoft.

    Joel was trying to goad Reggie into doing the same verbal war-fare that Sony and Microsoft have been launching at each other recently, and this article is twisting a neutral statement not meant as insult into something like what Joel was trying to aim for.

    The irony of that, is that he complimented their systems in the same breath, yet so far all we’ve heard from either of the other two towards Nintendo, is a statement from Sony saying they want Nintendo to succeed due to the competition being good for everyone.
    Not a word about Wii U or their games, just that they want Nintendo to stick around.[please do provide a source if I’m wrong and they’ve said something more than that about Nintendo recently]

    • Woohoo!!

      “[please do provide a source if I’m wrong and they’ve said something more than that about Nintendo recently]”

      I don’t recall anything that MS has said about Nintendo or the Wii U, but that was the gist of what Kaz Hirai said, but he also said that he liked the Wii U and owned 2 of them…

  • NeoTechni

    dear Reggie
    the day I got my playstation 4 I already had more games for it then I’ve had for my wii U that ive had since the day it launched

    In closing, learn to stfu. You keep digging yourself lower

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      He was asked a question.

      And if you have more PS4 games than WiiU games already why did you buy one?

      You’re clearly not a core gamer who plays a wide variety of titles

      No you play “franchises” 😛

      Im pretty sure there are also 50 or so wii games you missed from NIntendo and other 3rd parties that your WiiU could use

      • NeoTechni

        Whyd i buy a wiiu? I didnt know it would have such few games almost a year later or get inferior versions of games compared to 8 year old systems

        Calling me not a core gamer cause i dont love wii u is stupid. Especially since nintendo relies mostly on franchises

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Im saying you arent a core gamer because you’re not a gaming enthusiast

          Inferior ports are a third party’s perogative. Sometimes it happens intentionally, sometimes its an outsourcing issue

          Bad code causes frame drops. Ps4 and Xbox cant run everything perfectly either because its code tailored for hardware that was heavily cpu oriented along with other things.

          Buy some indie games. buy the exclusives,buy the decent third party games.Buy what you like. Play some things you wouldnt have thought you’d appreciate.

          If you have more Ps4 games at this point then that is your own damn problem. So I reiterate, why’d you buy it? It deserves more love than that. Now go and update it, it gets mad at you when you leave it sitting.

          Most of those ports you’re referring to are from the system launch anyway

          They just have enough raw grunt to do so.

          • NeoTechni

            And im saying your reasoning is bullshit. Im a bigger gaming enthusiast than you i guarantee. Ive even made games and controllers

            I did buy a few indie games for wiiu as an excuse to play something
            Ps4 having more games this soon is every wiiu owners problem and nintendos

            I reiterate, i didnt expect it to have so few games
            My wiiu is updated, also as an excuse just to get some use out of it

            No, even recent ports are inferior. Go check eurogamers face offs

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            You’ve made games and controllers ey? Ha. Have you coded worth a damn? You the big cajone of software engineering?

            Do I need to point out the several quality games on the system or is this simply a case of Tonkutatsu not being appealing to you? Because if you’re looking for a uniquely innovative game you’re going to be pressed to find one like that game, tis absolutely vwunderbarr.

            Ps4 isnt going to have more indie games either.PS4 also isnt going to have the same indie games

          • NeoTechni

            You must not be a core gamer if youve never of me (by your logic) first you attack my choice in games, then my programming? Is that how it works? You dont like nintendo so you must suck at everything? Thats really pathetic, i didnt attack you

            Ps4 is getting tons of indie love

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Oh great, you’re full of yourself.

            Gamers play games.
            WiiU has games.
            You see the problem here do you not?

            Im sure you dont spend all day playing old games on PC’s or Battlefield 4.
            So you should have something to show for it, instead of complaining and using some really flawed arguments over here.

          • NeoTechni

            The problem here is that you were the one saying im not a gamer. You proved yourself wrong, i play games, just not the ones you want me to. I used your idiotic logic, remember?

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Well then you just have bad taste :>

            Play a real man’s game. Instead of making excuses about a systems line up when you ignore half of it and the immense backlog sitting, hiding,creeping, on Amazon just waiting to be bought; instead of waiting the while as you wail off at Nintendo in angst.

          • NeoTechni

            Or you have bad taste
            Wii u does not have an immense backlog, unless you count bad games. I dont
            Instead of wailing off at me in angst, perhaps you should get back to this mythical backlog?

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Bad games? Bad games where? Oh boy have you been playing Shadow the Hedgehog?

            Unfortunately I dont have 1000$ to just drop on games in a weekend so my Amazon cart stares at me longingly waiting for me to hit the purchase button
            So Im stuck here with you telling you your perspective is wrong because its factually incorrect and being supplemented with logical fallacy’s and other personal detriments towards another.

          • BigNasty

            Laer, go eat a Snickers. You’re an extremely annoying Nintendo fanboy when you’re hungry… Better?


            give the PS4 some time to develop their games and accept the fact that
            Wii U just doesn’t cater to the tastes of many people. What you and
            Reggie seem to forget is that PS3 is still alive and has tons of games
            in their catalog, but it seems a little unfair to compare a console that
            was released 2 years before your precious Wii U like how you’re
            comparing Wii U’s catalog to PS4.

          • PachterStation

            The PS4 matured before launch due to its tech.

          • BigNasty

            Both PS4 and Xbone have sold half that amount in the 2-3 weeks of their
            releases. 4.3M in 1 year vs 2.1M in 2-3 weeks and that’s no reason of
            concern for consumers, let alone developers? With weak hardware sales
            why would developers want to create games for the WiiU? Can you even
            name an exclusive that wasn’t developed by Nintendo and not including
            Bayonetta 2, which wasn’t even that big of a deal besides the Nintendo
            community, because I’m betting those “8 spectacular exclusives” are the
            same franchises Nintendo has been milking for the past 30 years.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            WiiU sold 3 million in 1 month and two weeks. 2013 had key software delayed and communication/ messaging issues.

            And no.

            You’d be pressed to learn about the 50 or so new ip’s Nintnedo’s made in the last 10 years.

            Calm your tits.

            And yeah Bayonetta 2 is something of a big deal if the creative producer is telling people to stop port begging a year after release

            Sickens me to see you people controlled so effortlessly by those who rifle through your pockets. You’ll believe anything as long as it suits your perception of narrative.

            You live in a bubble. Get with the times.

            Play some video gamed and stop worrying about what that one guy said before the system even released

            Instead of playing whatever the flavor of the month is. And your yearly copy of BattleField.

            Why would developers like us want to create for the WiiU?

            So we can do things like this

          • WingNut125

            Laer, you might be one of the most ignorant and stubborn fanboys I’ve ever seen. not everyone has the same taste/opinion as you. I also have a Wii U that has mostly been collecting dust. The only games I have played on it are Super Mario and Cloudberry Kingdom. I admittedly haven’t followed Wii U games super closely since launch, but there haven’t been a whole lot of games that appealed to me. I do still need to look into Wonderful 101, but even then that would make three retail games and one indie on the Wii U. However I already have six of games on the PS4: Blacklight Retribution, Killzone, Resogun, Contrast, Knack, and Battlefield 4 (which I actually haven’t played yet). The one game I haven’t even touched is the one game that’s part of a big franchise. The PS4 has plenty of variety for the “core gamer”. Now stop being a stuck up prick and just acknowledge that people have different tastes.

          • Christopher McNair

            He is buying the games he likes. On the PS4. Stop being a hypocrite, man. Your bias for Nintendo is pathetic. How can you tell him to buy games on the Wii U just because you blindly kiss up to Nintendo? Tell Nintendo to get more games on the Wii U and a real account system before you tell someone how what to spend their money on.

      • Level Zero

        you mean franchises, like mario, luigi, pikmin, just dance, monster hunter, batman, lego *, etc?

      • Christopher McNair

        Wii games are not Wii U games. How are you more of a “core” gamer by bashing PS4 when NeoTechni at least owns both? You play Mario. Since when was that NOT a “franchise”? Wii U has been out for a year with barely any games, so how can Reggie say 2 month old consoles need games when the Wii U actually had full months with no releases in its first 4 months of life?

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Tsk tsk tsk.
          Assumptions assumptions.
          Before 3D World last time I bought a Mario game was in 2003
          Platformers are not my thing :p

          WiiU didnt have any games come out in January or Febuary.

          Im not bashing someone. Im questioning his flawed logic.

          Gamers play games in a wide variety of genres and are enthusiastic about playing great games.
          NIntendo makes great games, and there are several of them on the WiiU from them and others.

          So if the console that just launched has more games he bought then Im lost for words. Why? Because it came out with shooters and shitty games like contrast and resogun is kinda lame. Pretty colors and not much else, I’ve played better shmups, especially considering, you only go horizontal in it for the most part.

          Given the quantity of WiiU games there are right now, I can only rightfully surmise this person is not a true fire blooded gamer.

      • Guest

        lol seriously ? if Wii U released closer to PS4, i bet he wouldn’t buy the Wii U.

    • James Bleak

      what ps4 games? of duty 10? battlefield 10? killzone 10? it’s all the same game.. and they’re all better on pc . (except killzone of course, but who cares.. 100 of the same shooting kill games is enough)

  • dimka

    Reggie, did you show Zelda U? NO. Did you show the new Metroid? NO. What you ended up showing was DK which we already knew about so, really, STFU!

    • bigevilworldwide

      There is NO god damned Zelda U….Jesus you cult members are just getting pathetic now….It was NEVER announced or revealed EVER…..It was mentioned ONCE, IN PASSING during the Wind Waker HD reveal….They literally said they are working on it, which could mean they’ve done nothing YET OR are even still in just the spit balling ideas….That is not an Official game reveal in any way shape or form…It again has NOT been announced EVER.

      • dimka

        You’re missing the point. Unless they show a new Zelda or Metroid, there is NOTHING exciting on the horizon at all and they might as well start making games for PS4 & Xbone

      • PachterStation

        Zelda on the Wii U will be years off. The Wii U will have to hit a lot of sales first. Same goes with Boyonetta 2. Mario 3D World hasn’t sold too well. I can’t see Nintendo making a lot of money on any of their AAA games.

  • theodor70941

    Oh the irony…

  • PachterStation

    Since the Wii U was launched last year, Nintendo have turned into knobs. They got away with the Wii (an upgraded GameCube). They sat back, hardly released any games with poor third party support. With the Wii U, Nintendo spat their dummy out. Iwata isn’t the man to take Nintendo forward and neither is Reggie. Reggie thinks he knows it all. He’s one of the reasons why Nintendo is in a mess at the moment (with the Wii U). The 3DS can’t keep Nintendo going. It won’t be long until 3DS sales start flagging. Laughable that the Wii U is one of the worst consoles ever released, it has a very poor range of games, more so from third parties. He has the cheek to lay into the PS4 and One (they haven’t been out for long). Laughable.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Of course it will be reality. Reggie is the one who said it so it’s gotta be true.

  • Jack Slater

    If someone living under a rock reads this, he will think Nintendo Wii u has like 200 AAA titles available at stores and another 300 are being made. Ridiculous.

    When will they admit the Wii u ISN’T the Wii?
    The Wii was a big surprise, where suddenly buying one for his 6 yo kid became a trend.gimmicks were advertised as huge innovations, getting a Wii was like ‘hey, my friend has an iPhone, my team worker too. I will grab one as well, one say it’s really cool’.
    And this, aided by a low retail price, and tons of shovelware stuff, that kids wanted to try.

    Suddenly, getting a Wii as a Christmas or birthday present just became the norm.
    But after 2 weeks, 95% of these consoles wouldn’t be turned on again, ever. That happened as well to all kids in my family that got one.

    Nintendo just thought Wii u buyers had became Nintendo fans, and there would be 100 million Wii u units sold in a couple of years. No. 95% of Wii buyers were just casual gamers.
    The true Nintendo fans , all have already purchased a Wii u. All. If someone didn’t buy a wii u until now, it’s not the next Mario or Zelda that will change his mind. Otherwise, they would have already bought one. But they didn’t . And won’t do it.

    The new 3d world Mario will for sure sell 2, 3 million units. Each Wii u owner will buy it: finally, a new and good game for them. The game will probably sell another 150-300’000 consoles worldwide. And that’s all. Gamers have just spent between 600$(1 next gen console + 2nd controller + 1 or 2 games) and 1300-1500$, for both ps4 and xbox one, 3 or 4 games for each system, 2nd controller, playandcharge kit).
    They have been waiting for this moment since several years, they have saved lots of cash, to be able to do it. They still have 100 or 200$ left for titanfall, infamous second son, and many many many more games that are coming to next gen consoles. With all this cash spent, why, ffs, would people buy a Wii u with Mario 3d NOW?

    As i said, those who wanted a Wii u already have it. A Nintendo/super Mario lover already has the Wii’s just impossible that a Nintendo fan would only buy the Wii u now, for playing Mario 3d. Impossible.

    We will see next sales numbers. Of course, if there are, for example, a total of 2.8 million Wii u sold worldwide, Nintendo can be sure at least 2-2.2 million marios will be sold. But I doubt suddenly, Mario will sell 2 million Wii u consoles, during Christmas, for the reasons I mentioned above.

    If I were Reggie, I would stop looking like a clown, with his troll face and his not-that-funny comments, I would stfu, and would grab a bunch of engineers, and would start designing a Wii 2 U, because right now, and until the ps5/ xbox two are announced, it’s all about ps4/xbox one. And nobody gives a crrap about Mario’s moustache.

  • Magnumsally

    Reggie is right. So much butthurt here. Nothing he said was out of line. Systems need games to sell, isnt that fact?

    Now I am having more fun with more games on my 3ds than any of th enew systems

  • Kwame Joseph REALTOR

    Nintendo lost my respect with the terrible Wii. Love the Gamecube and N64. My favorite game on Gamecube was Luigi Mansion… I would purchase my child an Tablet before I purchase a Wii U. And that will be the Wii U downfall.

    If I was a parent, I see more value in an iPad/Android for my child since they can have fun and learn all at the same time. Wii U is a casual console and the casual gamer has many more options such as smart phones and tablets that can produce games that look almost as good if not better than all of the current Wii U games.

    After Super Mario 64, there will be no other Mario game as good or especially as revolutionary imo. No Zelda can recapture the special moments Wind Walker brought me imo.

    I don’t need ultra realistic to enjoy a game, Trine 2 Complete story is a great little game for PS4. Nintendo’ arrogance will be it’s downfall.

    I’m 38yrs old and i’m tired of DKC, Mario and Zelda. How about a new franchise or four?

    When an iPad or comparable tablet can provide a better casual gaming experience than the Wii U, then Huston there’s a problem.

    And I am a Gamer for 30yrs and counting… does time fly.

    FYI: Nintendo help groomed my love for games…

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      They made 13 new ip’s last gen.
      They brought back dead ones, they put out 5 new ones on the 3DS Eshop.

      Get yourself a WiiU and get the 80 or so games that were excellent on the Wii.

      The WiiU is no casual console.

      This is the console that third parties flooded with shovelware

      • Rinslowe

        I wouldn’t bother. He is obviously just exercising articulate trolling. You cannot convince the already unconvinced. Especially when you can see they most importantly do not want to be convinced at all….

        Nintendo’s “arrogance” just released Super Mario 3D World for eg… Their supposed “downfall” by that logic is actually success…

    • PachterStation

      Mario 64 and Luigi’s Mansion are classic games. Their sequels haven’t come close.

    • Rob Nevico

      Yeah… Trine is also on Nintendo, the Wii U has The Wind Waker HD and Virtual Console can recapture said magic by downloading Super Mario 64 and if you stay patient, you’ll also be getting Luigi’s Mansion and other Gamecube titles on VC. The only thing a tablet has going for it is portability, which is moot since tablet based games drain batteries super quick. I’ll agree with the fact that tablets offer more age appropriate learning games, but so do typical PC’s and Macs and if your at an age where you’re still grasping your surroundings, a gaming console isn’t really the thing to have anyway. I say that as a parent. Now as for what the PS4 has that nintendo doesn’t? All of the same, tired old franchises you don’t want. Sure, Sony doesn’t have Zelda or Mario, but they do have a classy lineup of ultra realistic games that have been rehashed for the past decade.

      As far as casual gameplay, that is a term used to define the ability to play a game that requires little effort or replayability. You can load an iPad with 200 “casual” games, but at the end of a month, you’ll also be deleting them.

  • Terramax

    Innovative gameplay? I’ve been playing Super Mario 3D World this week. No innovation at all. Just a hodgepodge of recycled levels from past games. You’ve had over a year now and still not a single innovative, above average game. Is SM3DW really the best your company can come up with? Pathetic.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Lol what>?

    • Batfreak

      The point is that you’re playing it. You don’t have to like it. You bought/rented it. You have the system. Mission accomplished.

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

  • Wanderlei

    Sony expected Knack and Killzone to sell their new consoles. Think about it, Knack and Killzone! HAHAHAHAHAHA No wonder sales absolute crash lower than Xbox One or WiiU after pre-orders are filled.

  • Rinslowe

    I’d feel better after knowing when can I get my grubby hands on X….

  • brianc6234

    What a bozo. Anyone who buys a Wii U is wasting their money. For a little more you can get a real console, the PS4. I have a hard time taking this guy seriously anyway. A grown man at a big company and he uses the name Reggie? So kiddie. But then what do you expect from a company that makes nothing but kiddie games.

    • Rob Nevico

      Yes. Kiddie games… like ZombiU. Good, old fashioned, family fun.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      You mean a shoddy PC with borders around it?

      For a little more I can get a real man’s pc from Volvo.


  • Jose David Yacaman

    1 word: cocky
    2 words: obsolete and uninteresting
    3 words: stubborn, wont listen
    If i was a teacher this would be on nintendos report card
    As well as a big D-

  • Jan Compaf

    LMFAO PS4 and XBONE havent even been out for a month , now lets talk about WiiU , it needs games , its been too long already.
    Anyway , im glad to see Nintendo feeling happy in their bubble.

  • Jay Nishimura

    Seriously, how sad are some of your lives that you feel the need to call someone else a “loser” over which video game system they prefer? Wow. That’s pathetic and you all that do it just embarrass yourselves. Each system has it’s pros and cons. I bought a Wii U a few months after it launched. I love it. Is there a lack of games? Absolutely there is, but one thing Nintendo is known for is how to make fun, entertaining games. I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Mario that just launched.

    I am no “fan boy”. I am a 37 year old diehard sports fan, I have a beautiful soon to be wife, a great job and I just happen to be a guy that also loves playing video games. I bought a PS4 at launch and also added another controller, the camera, controller charging station and got Madden 25 and Assassin’s Creed for it. I also bought a PS Vita specifically for the second screen/remote play feature.

    I will eventually buy an Xbox One, as well. I believe next year’s E3 will be absolutely amazing and can’t wait to see what ALL the companies have to offer.

    The point of this is that EVERYONE has their own right to like/dislike what they want. You trying to tell someone they are “wrong” for liking/disliking something is idiotic.

    So shut your damn mouths.

  • PachterStation

    Nintendo spat its dummy out when the GameCube flopped, but it hit back with the Wii (an upgraded GameCube), but spat its dummy out again with the Wii U. Anyone with any sense will agree that the One and PS4 have got off to a much better start than the Wii U. Both consoles will see the release of more games at least. Reggie has turned Nintendo into a laugh wagon. As for 3D World, it’s flopped. Massive set back for Nintendo. AAA title not making the money. Nintendo deserves it.

    • chrisredfield31

      more like Iwata turned Nintendo into a laugh station. Reggie’s just workin with what he got.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Xb1 and PS4 had a DRM fiasco and the hardware failures disaster in consoles ever.
      Almost as bad as RROD.

  • Ryan Fuschi

    I love being a fan of games, not consoles. that is why I have all three…

  • dominion1978

    Anyone see the irony in Nintendo saying MS and Sony need games on their system? lol

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      MS doesnt have many first party studios to begin with, Sony bought all their 16 studios and their japanese development side is in a deplorable mess.

      • linkenski

        Have you played Journey?

  • Tifa Lockhart

    I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I have no interest in anything Nintendo games. I used to like Mario and Zelda when I was a kid. But now? Those games does not appeal to me anymore. I’m more interested in games that comes out for PS4 and XB1 system than Nintendo system. So I don’t know what Mr Reggie is talking about here?…

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Because people have been gaming on Nintendo’s systems for years without even touching Mario or Zelda?

      That’s akin to saying you like the PS4 for Jak and Daxter and Uncharted and thats all you buy the systems for.

      They drive their consoles install base with a wide variety of titles to create a diverse and hospitable environment for 3rd parties to make money on the console

  • neko working

    yeah, those consoles need games, especially Wii U. LOL!!
    i can’t stop laughing, he think his Wii U got tons of games while in reality it barely got any games.