Final Fantasy XIV Housing Prices Revealed, Community Facepalms as Tens of Millions Are Asked (UPDATED)

If you’ve followed my articles in the past three years, you probably know that I’m pretty enthusiastic for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and quite impressed by what Square Enix managed to do with the rebirth of the once failed MMORPG, but every MMO player experiences, more often than he’d like to admit, those moments in which he really doesn’t understand what a developer is thinking. For me this is one of those moments.

Today Square Enix revealed the pricing of housing in the game. It will vary by server depending on the economy, and that’s a good idea. What doesn’t seem a good idea at all is that the prices for the land are prohibitive, as you can see in the table at the bottom of this post.

Especially in some of the legacy servers players will have to pay between 20 and 40 million gil for the smallest plot in the least desirable land, up to 625 million for the most desirable large plots in the most desirable areas. The price of the land will decrease over time when not purchased, but it’ll never go under 50% of the original price.

Just to give you an idea, as an average veteran since the first day of the original version of Final Fantasy XIV, I have a little north of 300,000 gil to my name. Of course there is a minority of super-rich players with hundreds of millions in their pocket, but that’s most definitely not the norm.

Of course most of the community had a similar reaction to the one displayed in the picture above, with multiple not exactly positive threads in the official forums and the chat in game lighting up with angry shouts. Quite obviously there are also people defending the design choice, but they don’t really seem to represent a majority at the moment.

While the feature, at least for now, is destined to free companies (the game’s version of guilds), and personal housing will come later, this kind of pricing really penalizes smaller, family-sized ones, for which the feature may as well not exist. That’s a pity, because for many it was one of the most anticipated of patch 2.1.

Square Enix promised more ways to make money in the game coming with this patch, but we’ll have to see just how effective they’ll be. As things stand, I really don’t see the shiny new housing districts getting very populated any time soon.



Update: Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida released a statement to the community on the topic. Unfortunately it isn’t exactly what many hoped to hear from him, and the issue remains unsolved.

One thing we wanted to avoid was situations where free companies wanted to build a house but couldn’t because the land was sold out. We also examined all of the free companies across all Worlds, how many members there were, and how much gil each member possessed. We’ve been proactively removing RMT, but there is still a bit of RMT gil left in the economy which we’ve accounted for when creating the pricing.

In patch 2.1 you’ll be able to generate a bit more gil. Battle classes can earn an average of 15,000-18,000 gil per day, and with role bonuses in the Duty Roulette this can exceed 20,000 gil. Doing this several days a week you can save up quite a bit of gil, and if all FC members do the same, it will become a considerable amount. We estimate that by doing this for around three months you should be able to purchase land.

For new users playing on Legacy servers, there were questions about how they would be able to purchase land as it’s much more expensive, so moving forward we will be making adjustments to the lower limits. The prices listed in the patch notes are the high prices, and there have been comments that no one will buy them, but again, we will look at conditions and look into reducing the lower limits. We’ll be keeping a close on eye on how everyone is making gil and on the economic conditions for each World.

We understand that the initial prices for housing are extremely high, but this is a patch filled with a lot of content, so as you are having fun and enjoying everything the price will come down.

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  • Marquis Regalia

    I’m on the behemoth server and in our FC we have like an average of 1- 1+M gil per player and yeah there’s only 10-15 active at a time even if we pool our gil we can only afford the cheapest ones? Ofcourse we’re not giving ALL of our gill maybe half at most so yeah this is a facepalm a big one

  • Kalamaraki

    Gamers nowadays expect everything handed to them. We have a mid to large FC and we do not have the Gil required for a house at first but we dont complain. We are gonna work together to get the house. Having a house will be an achievement of its own and since its cosmetic/optional I dont think its a big deal that many FCs wont get one on day 1!

    • Marquis Regalia

      Its not about being handed anything. I for one love grinding for anything but have you thought about other FC’s maybe? like those small group of friends who just want to play together? All I’m saying is that the basic smallest plot at least should be available / affordable for most its a game feature. Even if its just vanity its like locking out a feature of the game from people. The market in game will only get worse with the way the game is designed. Meaning less and less gil to be made. There aren’t really other viable ways to make gil at least not accessible to some. I don’t mind the high prices for the bigger ones, I just think that the smallest should be comparably cheaper just so everyone will have the chance to try it

      • Kalamaraki

        They will get there eventually.
        There is not a finite number of houses. They may not be able to get their houses day 1 but they will eventually. With FC levels so easily acquired its good to have something to work for with your FC.

        • Ookami

          It’s a good thing to be motivated to work together on an objective like buying a FC house but there should be some limits at how SE can do unreasonable things… Even the smallest house in the least desirable spot is high in the “low price” servers, so lot of FC will not be able to buy a small house before lot of time …Still, it’s still something reachable…For the “rich” servers, it’s impossible for most FC to gather the minimum , 20M, even in 3 months…

          Yes, people can gather and craft more to sell at AH and to earn enough gils to buy a FC house but what do you think it will happen if a large number of players do these activites ? Since people will want to keep their money for housing, AH will have lot of offers, few demands, prices will drops a lot and it will be harder to sell at good prices, so earning money will take a lot more time …

          only a small portion of players are really rich, most of players don’t have even 1M…

          It’s good that the biggest mansion is not easily reachable but not at these incredible prices and, at least, small houses should cost the same everywhere….

    • James

      I have a life to attend to. It’s fine to have you work for something in a game but when it literally becomes “it has to eat away at your personal life or gtfo” it’s stupid.

      Not everyone wants to be a part of a large company. The one I am in consists of myself, gf, and our 3 friends who play this game as well. How dare us want this.

      • Kalamaraki

        Then you will have to wait for personal housing.

        • Sean

          You do realize that they haven’t even confirmed that there will be ‘personal housing’. They’re still toying with the option of giving you a private room off of the FC house. And if the FC house isn’t in James or people like his’ options, how do you propose they ‘wait for personal housing?’

          • Jeremy Crenshaw

            Yea it’s really stupid for people to use the ‘u will have to wait for personal housing then’.
            Show one single time any SE staff has confirmed personal housing or that it will somehow be more economically feasible than group housing?

            The reality is the Producer of the game flat-out lied to the playerbase about the housing costs in a Letter Live when he stated 5 ppl completing the storyline and levelling one job would be able to pool their gil together to get a small house.

          • Anonymous___

            Except that they confirmed personal housing.

          • Sean

            They confirmed you’d get a place to stay as a person. They did not confirm a personal actual house yet. They said they’re waiting to see how FC housing holds up with the current server setup if you’ve been listening to Yoshi. That will decide what ‘type’ of personal housing we get. If it’s a private room in a FC house that is not what most would call ‘personal housing’.

          • Jeremy Crenshaw

            Exactly, there has been no confirmation for personal housing, they confirmed either personal housing or personal rooms inside a FC house which ‘amazingly’ would require the outrageous FC House first. And they have definitely never said personal housing would be cheaper.

    • oGMo

      Yes but many people want housing and this is really disappointing … many of us “just play” and aren’t huge profiteers; getting tens of millions just for this is quite a ways off.

      Additionally it hands huge business to gilsellers for the less-scrupulous players, which is perhaps the biggest problem. Since gilsellers are arguably why the economy is so inflated in the first place, and the market is also so low, it’s a rather stinging endorsement of one of the worst aspects of the game.

    • Blue_MD

      Tomorrow is not Day 1. Square-Enix has teased this since before ARR was even a thing. Square-Enix has promised Housing as something to do outside of the dungeon crawling and drama that comes from trawling the latest HC extreme mode bs. They told us to save and we did. They told us to expect “4-5 level 50 players going through the storyline” to be able to come together and buy themselves a house and we believed them. They told us to “Please look forward to it” and we did. We got together with our friends and worked. Now we’re told only the most HC Free Corporations with hundreds of members can even hope to try. All this in a game that only supports content with 8 members MAX (you can’t even enter duty finder with more for the 24 man content introduced this patch).

      No one wants anything “handed to them.” No one came here looking to buy a mansion on the biggest plot of land with their main story savings. We don’t mind working for it. But to have to save for months, do nothing but farm gil (from who one wonders, as most everyone else will be hoarding their gil as well) for MONTHS just to have the chance at purchasing a small lot, assuming of course that some hasn’t bought it before you because then the price shoots right back up and the timer starts anew.

      These prices for even the worst of the worst lots are ridiculous, especially on the legacy servers. Do you really think legacy servers are making 10x as much gil as everyone else? If so I invite you to create a character and take a look at our marketboards. You people act like Legacies came to ARR with millions of gil, I can assure you that for most of us that is not the case. And those that did had their fortunes slashed by 90% before even stepping foot in the new Eorzea. After that we make the same amount of gil as all the other servers, yet are expected to pay 10x the price.

      I can almost understand the knee jerk desire to defend the game no matter what. People are afraid that if any bad press gets out the game will die. So when Square-Enix drops a giant turd people get out the polish and shine shine shine. Well I ask you to take one moment and really ask yourself if you’re truly OK coming home with the stink.

    • Wratts

      Good ol’ SQUARE ENIX and their shenanigans:
      >Invests lots of time and resources in producing new housing feature
      >Ramps up anticipation for it in 2.1
      >Prices it so nobody can afford and use it day one

      Yeah that looks like it’s not a huge waste of money on their part.

    • Ohki Kaze

      kinda funny, the first content comes out that they dont serve you on a silver platter after a month and everyone flips out, MMO players there days

      • Blue_MD

        Housing is casual content. Do you really think the only two options are “silver platter” and completely out of reach?

      • FiachSidhe

        Awesome, an either/or fallacy. The only way fanboys know how to argue, Its either a stupidly long grind, or its absolutely free. Well thought out my friend.

        • Ohki Kaze

          i dont think i know you, “my friend”

          careful on that high horse, the altitude might give you a nosebleed ^^

          • FiachSidhe

            Whatever evasive cliche you need. If you’re going to avoid taking the time necessary to construct a good argument against the critics of the things you like, you may as well bone up on common parlance. That way you don’t take common phrases so literally.

  • Frozen2kX

    Crap like these wil only breed gil sellers.
    I have never needed an gil for this game since I started on 1.0 and transferred to Sargatanas and these prices are ridiculous

  • Hakuzen

    Single worst decision Square has made with this game, and there have been a few pretty big mistakes. If they hold firm to these prices, only 1% of FCs will be able to have a large size house; and probably only 10% will ever even get to medium.

    The RMTers are licking their lips, though.

    • Jeremy Crenshaw

      It’s a situation where the only people who can afford the housing are the very reason noone else on their servers can afford the housing… aka bullshit

  • Adrienne D’Agostino

    I have said this on the official forums, but…

    The real issue here is the core design of XIV’s housing system. We get /very/ little for our gil, compared to the vast array of other housing systems in MMOs. Consider perhaps the pinnacle of them all: Rift’s dimensions. With dimensions, you can transform your “home” into quite literally anything you can think of, because of how they’ve designed the system. Hundreds, if not thousands of dimension items are available for purchase with gold, craftable, obtained from mob, rift or dungeon drops, and so on. These objects are resizable, placeable on an XYZ axis (WITH collision), and rotate-able on three axes as well. The free placement of objects and the sheer variety (not just basic things like furniture and carpets, but building blocks of a huge variety and other random tidbits) means the sky is quite literally the limit for your dimension.

    Then you look at XIV’s housing. You’re stuck with the model of the house you buy, and object placement is extremely limited – both in number and type. There are specific items for “outside” and specific items for “inside”, and these items all have specific places you must put them (no rugs on the walls or ceiling, for example). Furthermore, you can only edit the objects by rotating them (on a single axis) or moving them on an X/Z axis (no Y). It’s easy to see that XIV’s housing is horrendously minimal.

    So, what does this have to do with the pricing?

    Quite simply, Squeenix is using the almost insurmountable price wall as a means to hide the fact that their actual housing system is almost nonexistent and certainly below what it should be. They’ve decided to put the “journey” of their “content” into the farming of gil, rather than the actual experiencing of the housing. In my opinion, this is a HUGE mistake.

    People should be able to experience a feature’s content by… actually making use of said feature. The bulk of the “content” should not be in /obtaining/ said feature, especially for something like housing. The obscene prices we see for housing, especially on Legacy servers, are an artifact of an extremely misguided design philosophy and sheer laziness on Square Enix’s part.

  • Yeah these prices are a bit ridiculous. I really hope Yoshida takes into consideration what players are asking for. 🙁

  • Jens Gotfredsen

    I was not face palming. As a proper FF veteran I knew it would be expensive. I also knew it would be at least in the 15million class. I did not expect 625million gil. I applaud that it is this expensive! Regardless of how much you guys whine.
    This is FC housing – not your own private plot. It’s meant for guilds with 10-15+ members ranging from Small Plots for the very casual people and Large Plots for the very Hardcore guilds. Not ALL guilds are supposed to HAVE a large plot House. That was never the intention. Stop moaning. Start grinding.

    • FiachSidhe

      That’s because you’re a moron. When did games stop being about fun for you, and started being some kind of job. You really enjoy the thought of the economy tanking because everyone is selling and no one is buying? You like the thought of potash and cokes reduction in value? Vanya won’t be worth jack either.

      “Get grinding”? Yeah see you, and whatever unfortunate FC you haunt with your BS, in a few years, when you’ve wasted away your lives just for the land to sit your virtual house on.

      Quit your own whining, about people who can see bullsh!t when its staring them in the face.

  • FiachSidhe

    Look at Wildstar’s housing system. Its a perfect example how to do it right. YoshiP doesn’t seem to understand what gamers want, or what fun is, Their housing system shows.
    They’re trying but Sqeenix can not get over their Jap developer mentality of grinding away your life, and extending paltry content by artificially lengthening the goal.

    Every other game with housing figured out that the houses should be easy, decorating it is the longevity. You don’t make ‘entry’ the long term goal. That’s just plain stupid. Their logic is also terrible, because eventually all lots would have been bought up anyway. So what we have now is a situation where nothing will be bought up, and the damn plots will sit taunting the playerbase. They didn’t want them all bought up right away? That’s there fault for making the plots fixed. If they had instanced them, we wouldn’t have the problem. But they decided to be exclusionary by design.

    Kind of like how Yoshi taunts us all with vanity gear, and no vanity slot system.

    and the people defending it are insane! I’ve never seen anyone fight so hard to justify joyless game design. Like these people enjoy the thought of grinding tens/hundreds of millions of gil for months and months.

    and that’s not even considering that Square-Enix just got done banning tens of thousands of accounts for trying to get large amounts of money quickly. Are they completely insane? They really seem like they have no idea what they are doing.

    Being able to type more than a 1000 characters is awesome.

    So f*** ’em. Elder Scrolls Online, and Wildstar are coming soon.

  • Albert

    Idk what everyone is whining about. Only the old servers have expensive housing. My server is very reasonably priced. They explained this in the patch notes. The old servers have more money in circulation and that’s all there is to it. Instead of whining and creating theories as to how SE is evil, how about you start thinking of ways to get money. And if you don’t want to invest the time, then explain to me why you deserve a house.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I don’t know, maybe because they pay the same monthly fee as you do?

      The “explanation” in the patch notes doesn’t make the slightest sense. More money in circulation doesn’t mean that that money is evenly distributed or widespread.

  • Hojo36012

    Naoki Yoshida acts like land is real lmfao it’s a game jeez