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PS4 Dominates “Most Wished” Lists on Amazon in Europe and Canada, Xbox One Between 2nd and 34th

by on December 17, 2013 6:25 PM 9

The Holidays are coming, and many are using the Wish List on Amazon stores to let their loved ones and friends know what they’d like under the Christmas Tree, and while the “Most Wished” chart on the North American Amazon store is topped by Xbox One, in Europe and Canada the situation seems to be very different different.

At the moment of this writing the PS4 dominates the “Most Wished” charts for video games on Amazon Canada, UK, France, and Germany. The Xbox One follows in 2nd Place in Canada and UK, while in France it’s ranked 23rd and in Germany we have to climb down to 34th place to find it.

Nintendo’s Wii U, on the other hand, is ranked 12th in Germany, 26th in France, 38th in Canada and all the way to position 69 in the UK.

Will we see Europe turning into a Sony stronghold again? Time will tell, but for now you can see a few screencaps showing the top spots of the charts mentioned above.










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  • Dennis Crosby

    Its seem like everytime I come to this website its always articles throwing gasoline on this so call console war


      For anyone to take anything away from this article other than the fact that it’s a “wish list” is to damn ignorant to call themselves a human.

      A “wish list” could be created by anyone just to stir stuff up in the community and that is exactly what they are doing here. Cold hard numbers regarding sales of the consoles should be the only thing reported on. This stuff is somewhat entertaining to me because people are going to take this seriously as if these are “rock solid sales numbers….”

      Wish lists….. People should worry about their bills and stop making wishes that are going to fall on deaf ears.

      • Dennis Crosby

        I here you loud and clear it just hard to find a website that relates gaming news all the time instead of these fanboy rage inducing articles

    • Bankai

      How is anyone throwing gasoline on the console war?

      • Dennis Crosby

        Have you not been on gaming site everyday its the Xbox one did this or PS4 did that and somebody in the middle trolling with lies about both.everday the console war starts to die down someone makes a article,a video, a rant and that’s pretty much gasoline thrown on fire

        • BalramRules

          Welcome to the Gaming Community Dennis, hope you enjoy it here.

  • Terramax

    Man, the Wii U is being left in the dust, it would seem.

  • Stranger On The Road

    Wait until ‘X’ -from Monolith soft- comes out on the Wii U, then things might change a bit for it…. perhaps people will see it as being more than the ‘Mario’ console.

    Any way, who the flip is still wishing for the ‘Day One’ edition on the XB1 at this time?

  • RealityCheck2013

    All sounds good for the PS4 ‘BUT’ :-/ if there is NO STOCK in the Shops then they(SONY) are just letting MS have it easy again after all SONY’s hard work this year :-(

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