Sony Goes on a Hiring Spree in Wake of PS4’s Success While Microsoft Continues its Own in Full Swing

on December 18, 2013 2:49 PM

One of the best indicators of the success of a platform is seeing the company behind it hire new personnel actively to support it. We’ve seen it happening with Microsoft and the Xbox One over the last month¬†and now Sony Computer Entertainment America is at it as well.

Today the publisher opened 13 new career opportunity ads seeking a variety of professionals, following another slew of 6 on December the 12 and several more in the last month. Since the North American launch of the PS4 the number of career opportunities offered by SCEA was 46, including multiple at Sony Santa Monica, which is known to be working on new titles for the PS4.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft Game Studios is continuing its own hiring spree offering ten new jobs between yesterday and today, that add to the 31 already published in the last month.

The new generation is now in full swing, and both Sony and Microsoft seem to be gearing up in full swing to tackle it with the best possible staff.

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