Titanfall will Stomp Japan on March the 13th, but Without the Xbox One Version

Electronic Arts announced today that Titanfall will be released in Japan on March the 13th, only two days after the United States and at the same time as the European launch.

Unfortunately Japan will, at least for now, receive only the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game, as the release date of the Xbox One in the archipelago of the raising sun is still undecided. Of course this doesn’t mean that the game will never be released locally on Microsoft’s new console, but for now the date is undecided.

Will Respawn Entertainment’s giant robot manage to conquer Japan? The response at Tokyo Game Show has definitely been positive. It’ll definitely be an interesting week for the Media Create charts.

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  • bigshynepo

    This is the latest Titanfall info we’ve read, is there a chance the Xbox One version is delayed for all regions but they don’t want to announce a delay yet so as not to affect holiday sales?

    Watch Dogs and Driveclub were both delayed with less than 2 months to release.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Doubt it.

      • bigshynepo

        Driveclub was an expected first-party launch window blockbuster, like Titanfall, and it was delayed with less than 30 days to release. Not only was it delayed, it was delayed 3 months and right out of the Holiday season.

        Both of these games pushed pre-orders and are undoubtably pushing people into early adoption, I mean, who doesn’t like a new blockbuster IP right? To see delays of stuff promo’d before console release is quite common actually… *cough* bayonetta 2 *cough*

        Care to gimme the insider info that raises your doubt in my theory?

        • PhantomVash808

          Titanfall isn’t a first party game it’s a third party game so EA made the decision to not release the XB1 version in Japan.

    • Geoffrey Davey

      Does the XB1 even have a JP release date for the console itself? That’s a more likely reason.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        that’s exactly what’s written up there in the article?

        • Geoffrey Davey

          Yeah, I’m saying this is the reason… as opposed to his “game is delayed” conspiracy theory.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yeah that’s not likely.

    • Liam Hall

      Highly doubt it, but it seems like that is what you want. They gave the reason why, and that is because the console won’t be released there yet, so obviously, the game won’t be available for it there.

      • bigshynepo

        The Xbox One release date in the Japan region is undecided at this time, no one has said Xbox One won’t be releasing before March 13th in that region.
        So obviously, I plan on enjoying it on PC, so obviously, I don’t want it to be delayed.
        Why does it sound like “i want it to happen”? I’m merely seeing the forest for the trees.

  • You are flat out wrong

    I wonder if this’ll push 360 sales in Japan over 500 units for the first time in forever.

  • redavutstuvader

    Xbox Road to launch starts in Japan in January according to Popular Japanese media.

    “The end of the year social media gathering” in the Shingawa tower was held, intended for national media on December 19th. Microsoft has released the Xbox One which went on sale on November 22nd in the United States and Europe, and expected to be scheduled for release in 2014 in Japan. A full-scale start-up towards the launch will start in January.