Final Fantasy XIV PS4 vs PC Highest Settings (1080p) Screenshot Comparison: Basically Identical

During the latest Letter from the Producer Live Square Enix broadcasted more than 20 minutes of gameplay footage of the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In our interview at Gamescomย Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida claimed that the PS4 version would have the same visual quality as the PC version, and in following Q&As he also mentioned that he meant the PC version at its highest settings.

So how does the PS4 version showcased last week compare against the highest settings running at 1080p resolution (as that will be the resolution of the PS4 version, while PC can go higher) of the PC version? We set out to discover just that.

The PS4 footage was livestreamed in 1080p resolution, but of course there was a loss in definition (when you livestream a game the output is a bit more blurry) and color brightness due to compression. Luckily we already know that the game on PS4 runs at 1080p native resolution, so that kind of element is secondary to this comparison. What’s very relevant is to compare elements like the polygon count, textures, shadows, lighting, and the density of the objects on the screen (vegetation is normally the perfect telltale) to see if the PS4 version hasn’t been simplified from the PC original.

In order to get the best result for the comparison, we selected shots from the livestream when the character was completely motionless, in order to avoid further blurring and artifacts due to broadcasting compression. We also saved all the screenshots in PNG in order for them to be lossless. Finally we placed our character exactly in the same position, with the same camera angle (that really took some juggling) at roughly the same time in the day/night cycle of the game. Of course the character is different, but unfortunately we didn’t have a lalafell in a Darklight Cowl at our disposal.

Below you can see seven screenshots for each version. You can click on them to open a new tab with each at full 1080p resolution, and you can flip between tabs to compare them even better.

FFXIV_Comp_03_PC FFXIV_Comp_03_PS4

This screenshot is perfect for the comparison as it mixes a wide variety of elements including water, shadows, architecture and vegetation. Despite the blue due to the livestream compression of the PS4 version, all those elements look identical. The polygon count is apparently the same and absolutely no object is missing from the console version. The only slight difference is a darker shadow on the cliff on the top right on the PC version, that could be caused by a slight discrepancy in the angle of the sun, gamma settings or a small difference in ambient occlusion.

FFXIV_Comp_06_PC FFXIV_Comp_06_PS4

For this screenshot I actually created a lalafell as similar as possible to the one used by Naoki Yoshida (and it was quite a romp to bring her to Camp Bronze Lake at level 1). While the clothing is different, we can easily see that the details on the face are the same, with no loss in quality in the PS4 version. The environment and aetherite also look the same.

FFXIV_Comp_05_PC FFXIV_Comp_05_PS4

Another screenshot with a lot of water, architecture and a bit of vegetation. Even here we get the same results: polycount seems identical and objects match perfectly. The shadows are the same as well, and show the same definition.

FFXIV_Comp_04_PC FFXIV_Comp_04_PS4

Here’s another screenshot that mixes various elements and that shows very clearly that the two versions are virtually identical. The stone props are very good to showcase that normal mapping also comes with the same quality between the two versions.

FFXIV_Comp_01_PC FFXIV_Comp_01_PS4

This screenshot and the two that will follow can’t be used to compare lighting (but the four pairs above are plenty for that) as they’ve been taken inside a city, and at the moment cities in the live game on PC are decorated for the Starlight Celebration Holiday event, meaning that weather is constantly set to snow. It also means that there will be several Holiday decorations in the PC version that won’t appear in the PS4 version. Just ignore those, as they aren’t normally part of the environment.

In this screenshot we can get a closer look at the normal map of the cobblestone and at a patch of flowers on the background. Again, they’re basically identical for both versions.

FFXIV_Comp_02_PC FFXIV_Comp_02_PS4

The same result from the pair of screenshots above can be seen in this one, with the same normal mapping, the same textures, same polygon count and the same flowers. Everything looks the same besides the lighting and the Holiday decorations.

FFXIV_Comp_07_PC FFXIV_Comp_07_PS4

In this last screenshot we can enjoy the complexity of some of the structures in Limsa Lominsa and its aetherite. Even here everything looks the same, with no discepancy in the displayed objects (besides the Holiday decorations) and in their polycount, textures and normal mapping.

In conclusion, while we could not compare resolution and antialiasing (the PC version actually has a pretty low quality FXAA antialiasing), and we’ll have to do a second comparison as soon as Square Enix releases some good direct feed screenshots of the game, we can definitely say that for what everything else is concerned the PS4 version and the PC version at highest settings (in 1080p resolution) look basically identical. The only relevant difference we noticed was a possible discrepancy in ambient occlusion in only one screenshots, but that was quite minor and could be due to unrelated elements (IE: the position of the sun or gamma settings).

Ultimately we can definitely say that, for the elements we could gauge in this comparison, not only the PS4 version looks fantastic, but the promise of a visual quality comparable to the PC version at its highest settings has been fulfilled.

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be released next April, and will enter its closed beta phase on February the 22nd, at the same time as the console’s release in Japan.

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  • Buff Troll Baby

    The only real difference I noticed was that the PS4 seems to be very slightly lower rez textures, but that could easily be attributed to it not being a direct feed comparison. Game is looking awesome on the PS4 regardless. Leagues above the PS3 version.

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      yeah, the bitrate is terrible in the photo’s due to the fact that it was ripped from a video that was streamed online….so you have to imagine how much that would mess with the way it looked, I would like to see proper direct feed shots from the ps4 version.

    • Nicholas Perry

      That is EXACTLY the reason. Video, compression = poor IQ.

      It’s being compressed, re-compressed, de-compressed. And they have to cut corners to get it out live.

  • Tiriel

    This is cool. ^_^ I’m happy that my buddies who play on PS4 will get the same awesome experience I am having on my PC!

  • Heavenly_King

    it is unfair to compare a direct feed screenshot, to a screen-grab of a streamed footage.

    • punkchobit

      True, but they have to work with what theyve got

  • Ilovegoogleglass

    PC ^^

  • Budgiecat


    • Sup_Puss

      What are you doing here Bud?……Yeah, looks neat :3

  • notcarolkaye

    There isn’t any difference. The PS4 can handle Agniโ€™s Philosophy so it’ll spit out 60fps of this game at max settings without breaking a sweat.

    Also, I play this on PC. You know, in case you think I’m just being a fanboy.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Yoshida said a few days ago that it’ll be 30 fps in order to display as many characters as possible. Still impressive though.

      • Nicholas Perry

        30FPS is disappointing

        • Jason Mounce

          Then buy a $2000 PC and make it 60FPS at maxed visuals.

          I guarantee it will cost you $1800-$2200 to make a PC to run it maxed and at 1080p w/ Vsync too. As mine was $1700 w/ tax to $2000 and it precisely can run at that and I got many of my parts on sale.

          $400 for 30FPS 1080p or $2000 for 60FPS 1080p and crisper draw distance and aliasing XD

          • Nocturno999

            My less than a 1000 dollars PC can run it at 1080p 60 FPS.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            And it still costs twice as much. Twice the price, twice the FPS. Sounds fair to me.

          • Jason Mounce

            I really have a hard time believing that honestly. A high end GPU on its own should cost $250-$350 like, not even a stupid Nvidia titan but what I got which was the ATI Radeon Gigabyte 7970 HD

            Although, you said you run it 1080p, but you didn’t say you run it Maxed… that the catch that you speak of? You set the specs so that it could run 1080p and 60FPS but at the cost of it not being maxed?

          • Daniel Lawson

            a 7870 ghz ed. will run this game butter smooth and can be had on the cheap… pair it with 8350 and a decent Mobo and ram and it shouldn’t run you much more then 500 bones

          • Jason Mounce

            That doesn’t explain where the tower comes from, the monitor, the CPU?… CPU cooler, dvd port, network card, HDD’s? Power supply? keyboard, mouse? Or do all these cost nothing and still only cost someone ‘500 bones’ magically?

            GPU + Mobo and RAM for $500, SURE….but, is this under the impression of upgrading a Current PC with new things or from scratch. People seem to be giving vague or half-answers here and skipping around the bush…

          • klepp0906

            Umm.. No (costwise). If u can get me a PC with a 7970 and 8350 for 500 bones I’ll take a few please.

          • My old 800 build can run laps around this game. As can my current 1500 build. Just because you overpayed doesn’t mean that everyone has to. ReviewTechUSA made a 397$ PC that can play this game at max settings.

          • Jason Mounce

            Specs, Links and proof mang’. I know I didn’t overpay anything, rofl. But what you’re saying is ludicrous.

        • Spirit

          I don’t know why you guys are boasting about it, but 60FPS does not give you any advantage in a MMORPG. This is why Yoshida decided on making it 30FPS in order display more characters.

          • klepp0906

            Cause they’re likely wow kiddies or xbox live cod trolls. Ignorance is bliss they say.

        • klepp0906

          30fps is – you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference without the number being present lol.

          The human eye sees at around 30fps roughly and a 30fps game is completely smooth with no discernable difference frame to frame.

          So yea.. Disappointing.

          Guess all today’s 4k monitors and today’s 3D monitors (which cap at 30fps) are disappointing too!

    • lesrima88

      are you blind?

  • Matt

    Why doesn’t PC have asian guys in the corner?

    • Stranger On The Road

      The article says why, one was a livestream the other are screenshots created by going to the same place on the PC version and having the camera as a similar angle. Don’t forget, the PS4 version isn’t out and the beta is not until February 2014.

      Any way @giuseppenelva:disqus you should have added yourself to the corner of the screenshot for far comparison ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        I don’t look as fancy as Yoshi-P ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nicholas Perry

    I was actually expecting that they were going to improve the graphics a lot for the PS4 version. (Weren’t they going to make a DX11 graphic and texture upgrade for the PC version once the PS4 version was made?? Their excuse during beta/alpha for low quality textures was that they needed DX11 to do higher quality or some junk).

    But the fact that it matches the existing version is good. Though I wonder how the framerate is… it’d be disappointing if they could only match the current PC version graphically at 1080p 30FPS. One would at the least expect 60FPS for all that “next gen” console power and being able to get more out of the system with coding for only one set of hardware

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      They’re going to make a DX11 graphics version, but they said the PS4 version will match the *current* PC version, which is without a doubt the most graphically advanced MMORPG on the market.

      There’s nothing disappointing in that.

      • Jecht_Sin

        No, that still doesn’t make me very happy. It was in this very same site the article stating that the PS4 version will partially use DX11. Thus if it looks identical to the current PC version with not DX11 at all I call for bollocks.

        Not that it really matters, because I am enjoying a lot the game on PS3 already, but that article made my expectations higher.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          It was simply reporting what Yoshida said in an interview. We don’t know if this is the final version, and we don’t know if it’ll be enhanced when the PC direct X 11 version will be released. We don’t have an ETA for that, and Yoshida said it’ll be developed after the PS4 version is finished in the latest interview.

          With game development in general and even more with MMORPGs the golden rule is to keep expectations in check, no matter what developers say because surprise surprise, plans change. It happens all the time because developing a game is very fluid work, even more so when the game is a MMO. The PC version itself is very different now from what it was when that interview was done.

          The game looks fantastic. Better than any other MMORPG on the market and not even by just a little bit. The rest are numbers. And you don’t play numbers.

          • Jecht_Sin

            What I am saying is that Yoshida in that interview made me thinking that the PS4 was starting with the new DX11 client, although only using DX11 partially. Nowhere was mentioned that there will be two PS4 clients and this is obviously the current PC client ported.

            The two articles don’t match. I am not saying it is DualShockers fault, but at this point I’d love some more detailed insights on this.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            It’s been a lot of time since then, Plans changed. A lot of stuff got delayed (including patch 2.1) because of the initial hoopla with the servers. According to the latest interview the team will focus on the Direct X 11 version after the PS4 version is complete, and it wouldn’t make much sense to ship the PS4 version with Direct X11 features when the PC version still doesn’t have them, both from a workflow point of view and even just because it’d cause a nuclear meltdown between the PC players of the game.

            Very possibly they’ll add stuff to the PS4 version when the Direct X 11 version for PC will be finished, but we’re looking at several months from now.

            Ultimately we should look at the “now,” and the now is that there isn’t another MMORPG this graphically advanced on the market at the moment, and we should probably be happy with that. Other MMOs have Direct X 10 and 11 clients and they still don’t look nearly as pretty as this one.

          • Jecht_Sin

            I am not saying that the game looks less than gorgeous. Just that my understanding was that the PS4 client was rebuilt partially using DX11. Since this doesn’t seem anymore the case what did they do? They completely switched over making a port of the current PC client? That interview I refer to was made in September if I remember correctly.

            Still it doesn’t matter. My only complain about the game’s graphics is that when it rains it doesn’t feel like raining. Nothing gets wet, not even the soil. I’d just love to see that improved. Everything else is fine already to me in the PS3. I can even deal with the frame rate drops with the trees. Well, this graphically. Because the lag at FATEs is unacceptable.

          • Guy Brohski

            Microsoft owns DirectX, so no the PS4 will never use DX11. It will however use OpenCL/GL and an equivalent of DX11, to be precise.

      • Guy Brohski

        You’re wrong. Microsoft owns DirectX, so no the PS4 will never use DX11. It will however use OpenCL/GL and an equivalent of DX11, to be precise. But something like DX11.2 is exclusive to PC and Xbone.

        • Daniel Lawson

          I don’t think that OpenGL has matched DX11.2 yet in features…. the hardware tiling is going to be a big advantage

          • punkchobit

            PS4 doesn’t need hardware tiling, as that’s used to make up for a lack of RAM. ie: How Xone only has 32 MB of EDRAM, meaning a rendering target can’t be any bigger than that (without introducing a ton of trouble/work)

        • Universe

          WTF are you talking about? The PS4 has DX11 support, or else it wouldn’t run most modern games. Only DX11.1 is exclusive to Windows 8 and XOne.

          • Guy Brohski

            Just stop, you’re all wrong buddy. Sony doesn’t use DX anything. It’s Open CL/GL with DX11 equivalent shaders. Go do some research, blah blah.

      • klepp0906

        Bait and switch on the dx11 client

  • Jecht_Sin

    Why the gamma difference? I can’t believe it is still happening that some console games either look washed on PlayStation or too dark. on Xbox.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That’s normally an effect of livestreams. Compression flattens colors.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Oh.. Obviously I didn’t read the article. I jumped straight to the pictures and their notes. Still i see that happening in some games with the images grabbed straight from the HDMI.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          The images are actually from the PS4’s built-in streaming feature, but there’s no way around compression when you livestream.

          If you tried to stream uncompressed footage it’d stream at 1 frame per second or less, considering that one minute and 40 second of uncompressed 1080p footage is 3.90 GB.

          • Jecht_Sin

            I was talking about Digital Foundry’s grabs.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Ah oh yeah. Screen capture is a very problematic thing, different hardware and settings will bring very different results.

            The good thing? Normally Square Enix provides uncompressed PNGs when they send screenshots to the press, so when they’ll be ready to share some of the PS4 version the comparison will be near flawless.

  • โ“‹โ“„โ“ˆโ“‰โ“„โ“‡โ’ผ

    Mad PC users always see only graphics

    • I mean when every game you play is basically point and click with pretty graphics, you gotta understand their plight :p

      I jest. It’s been nearly a year since I partook in the PC vs. console nonsense. I’ve held my tongue too long :p

  • Guest

    So a game that’s made for console looks just like the port to pc of the same. We are really surprised!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Actually the game has been made and optimized for PC first. And it shows ๐Ÿ˜€

      • klepp0906

        Uh no. They were actually made simultanously and the entire UI was made for console/gamepad compatability “and it shows” lol

        • Sucka Free

          They weren’t. The PC version of ARR was released a whole year before the console version

  • Diago

    The PS4 version can’t look this blurry, your capturing is way off.

    Edit I see you recognize this way below in a reply, I think its a good idea to edit the article stating that the PS4 shots are taken from a poor quality VIDEO STREAM…


    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s not *my* capturing. May want to read an article before commenting. It helps ๐Ÿ˜€

    • amateur*

      I’m always a big fan of irony ๐Ÿ™‚

    • punkchobit

      It says that in the article, it’s your fault for not reading it

  • thebanditking

    I would like to see direct feed off of both, because honestly those PC screens make the PS4 ones look last gen lol. I mean its painfully obvious with how washed out the colors are.

    • punkchobit

      He explained why…

  • Guy Brohski

    Wow PC destroys the PS4, lol. Playstation 4 games always look very washed out compared to Xbone and PC, which are more rich and detailed.

    • *sigh* really dude? I don’t see the comparison screens between PC and Xbox One. .. oh wait. The game isn’t on Xbox One.

      Whomp whomp.

      • Guy Brohski

        What a shame, a game that got worse reviews than Knack isn’t on the Xbone. Whatever shall I do?
        Zing zing.

        • de fuego

          why are you here again?

          • Guy Brohski

            As a PC gamer, I wanted to see how the PS4 stacks up. It doesn’t, naturally.

    • BobFour

      obvious troll..

    • You are flat out wrong

      PS4 games look more like the PC version than Xbone crap ever does. Whomp whomp!

      • Guy Brohski

        Is that why the PS4 games look washed out and fuzzy compared to the Xbone and PC, which basically look the same?
        Whomp whomp!

        • You are flat out wrong

          lmao this must be those Xiglet prescription lenses in action.

          Is that why the PS4 version of AC4 looks beautifully clear and is similar to the PC whereas the Xbone is jaggy as all hell and looks like the Wii U version?

          Xbone is underpowered cancerous dogshit. What a shame.

  • Kyle Jackson

    There’s no difference, they both look equally terrible.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Thick glasses. You need em ๐Ÿ˜€

      For a MMORPG it looks fantastic.

      • Kyle Jackson

        That’s probably the only genre I haven’t play on.

  • PachterStation

    Both look graphically crap. Final Fantasy is a dying franchise, more so outside Japan. Gaming comes with so many overrated franchises.

  • PlayStation 4 version looks WAY BETTER than the PC version.
    PC gaming is dead.

    • Atreia

      better buy glasses, instead of ps4.

      • Stranger On The Road

        You Sir/Madam deserve a drink on the house ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Lol, nice response xD
        That was a joke anyway, they looks pretty much the same.

        • Midori Inaba

          LOL I laughed xD

  • Frankiemazz

    Could you do a comparison with the PS3 version too? I’m curious to see how big the different is

  • Who Knows

    The PS4 photos look like they were taken from a video, which adds a slight blur effect. The true comparison waits to be seen

  • Midori Inaba

    Ok, so… someone
    How the hell will people be able to take screenshots on the PS4 version?
    I mean… PS4 doesn’t even have software to view photos… I’m concerned about that, since I’m getting that version of the game.

    • Allen Kowal

      Lol… The PS4 has a screenshot button on the controller and a gallery to view the photos.

      • shinitaru

        LMAO, bet he(she?) was wondering what that button on the top-left of the controller did, maybe afraid it was a self-destruct?

      • Midori Inaba

        Does it?
        I thought the Share button only uploaded stuff to the internet, not the console, and that you had to go to a sub-menu, not instant as it’s on the PS3 today.


    PC best grรกfic insane ….

  • WaCrex

    You can still not really compare them, as the image quality of a live stream will always be lower than that of a still image screenshot on a PC.

    There’s multiple factors what you need to take into account, such as the setup they were live streaming from, the bandwidth, the lossy compression algorithm, as well as the hardware and setup on the computer it was played on.

  • Auron Leonheart

    wow.the pc beat ps4 on this game graphics and its without DX11! if ts with dx11 im sure thers well be much diff…im going swich from ps4 to pc better..

  • Auron Leonheart

    im really dis about ps4 that well not get upgrade graphics like pc dx11 i mean thats why im going pc…