New Square Enix President Promises to Continue Releasing “Memorable Games”

It’s almost the new year, and it’s time for promises. The new President and CEO of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda made his pledge before entering his first full year at the helm in an interview on Famitsu.

In the future we’ll keep developing the games we’ve always done. I’m thinking of Square Enix’s “memorable games,” I want to continue releasing those.

He then further explained what he meant with “memorable games:”

I think Square Enix is known for releasing “memorable games.” We established our style in RPGs with Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. The Taito group has developed the original arcade game Space Invaders. Our Eidos group, that is also behind the original Tomb Raider action adventure, has been a pioneer in a new style combining RPG and FPS with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Thief will be released next year, and the original title was also an excellent work of stealth action. I think in this way the Square Enix group has built, regardless of platform, a style of game for each era. Since the appearance of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy many RPGs have been released. I want to create many more games like that.

Sounds like a plan Matsuda-san, just keep em on actual gaming-dedicated platforms and not on smartphones, ok?

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  • Kamille

    I bet they are just gonna keep milking Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy while making a bunch of low budget games aimed strictly at Japan and then more mobile games too. =/

    • theodor70941

      He said in another interview that Square would never focus on mobile gaming since their success was thanks to console and PC gaming!

      • Melanite Zaryus

        He’s lying they’ll go where ever the money trust me

        • theodor70941

          Yea all companies goes where ever the money is… But Square will never have mobile gaming as their main focus, last time I checked there are still alot of console and PC gamers out there that they can make money out of and as long as they won’t abandon ship they’ll not primary make mobile games!

  • Jonathan Crout

    only thing they need to go mobile on is ff type 0 even with that just port darn thing to vita or ps4 with original stuff japan had not cut version or your microtransaction version us westerners waited lonnnnnnnnnnng enougggggh

  • Matt Dickinson

    Hope the Taito side of them comes through.