January PlayStation Plus Free Games Revealed: Don’t Starve, DmC, BioShock Infinite and More

A promotional video appeared in the PlayStation Plus area of the PlayStation Store may have just revealed the free games that will be available for free to PS+ Subscribers in January in North America, as discovered by NeoGAF user Archie.

PS4: Don’t Starve
PS3: DmC: Devil May Cry, Bioshock Infinite, Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons
PS Vita: Smart as…, Worms Battle Islands

The list is definitely pretty good, especially for the inclusion of BioShock Infinite, Brothers and Don’t Starve.

Update: we could confirm the presence of the video in the “Free Games” section of the PlayStation Plus area of the PlayStation Store, so we can assume that the list is definitely legit.

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  • Solid Snake

    what about the UK!?

  • Great titles!

  • ragingmerifes

    Well, the Vita freebies don’t seem as great, but the PS3 is amazing. Goddamn.

    • rxl209

      smart as is actually pretty fun

  • HassanJamal

    Wow, thats awesome.

  • hunterslasher13

    You know was just thinking of buying Borthers but now don’t have to

  • uptownsoul

    this’ll be a good month

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    Now I don’t have to buy Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

  • Preston queener

    How cool I love ps+. Great games for only 50 dollars for a year subscription, I can’t wait until ps4 gets games like knack on ps+. But that might take awhile.

    • Gareth Hughes

      Don’t worry knack will be free some time mid next year. That’s why I held out on buying knack.
      Mind it may not make it they only use games with a 70+ rating from metacritic and knack didn’t get no where near it.
      EDIT: mind I don’t think contrast got 70+ so it could be on there

    • tomdville

      i pay 30 dollars for the whole year

  • Gamer1231

    I was planning on buying Don’t Starve and Brothers anyway. I’m mad I bought Bioshock like two weeks ago though…

    • Luis Solia Ser

      Meh, when the games are free you don’t play them THAT often, when you buy them you feel the NEED to play them so, that’s a plus 🙂

      • Losyak

        I’m afraid that’s what will happen after I sign up for Plus: out of greed I’ll download a bunch of games, and then I’ll never play them.

        • Luis Solia Ser

          I’ve personally played a number of games that are free from PS+ but not every free game, just the ones that I like or I want to try. So I don’t think it’s a problem 😛

      • Gamer1231

        I would disagree. like I said, I bought Bioshock a while ago, but I haven’t touched it yet. I downloaded Borderlands 2 for free from Plus the other day and I’ve been playing that a lot.

        • Luis Solia Ser

          That’s awesome, one can’t deny that PS+ is amazing nonetheless 🙂

  • chrisredfield31

    omg Bioshock Infinite!!! Beat the game when it came out via Redbox but been dying to play the DLC! Now I can just buy the DLC! Great to see the NA store getting some love!

  • Koroma

    Meh i have bioshock already on PC never played brothers though.

  • Russell Gorall

    While I already own Infinite, this is really good. I hope Don’t Starve is the first Tuesday of next month.

  • PrinceHeir

    wow DmC 🙂

    definitely a good thing i’m a PS plus member ^^

  • antiai84

    Bought Bioshock when they had the sale couple weeks back, beat DMC already, good game worth another play through, love PS+

  • Cahone

    Not worth buying on ps4 yet.

  • Escopablobar

    Those are some quality titles. I am not a longstanding member of Plus like many and I do regret that. There have been some great games I will never have access to through the service but in the short term I have played enough titles that more than justify the membership and it’s extremely low cost. Sony has brought tremendous amounts of unrivaled value that makes Plus a no-brainer.

  • Anders

    Good news for PS3 users who are waiting to get their PS4.

    And remember you can get the PS4 and Vita tiltles by going to https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/ even if you don’t own that system yet just add it to your download list to get it later.

    • Virualboy

      vita lol, love ps3/4 but vita , I’ll stick with 3ds for handheld, Sony handhelds dont sell and never have. sold my vita, no mario cart, zelda,pokemon no vita can hold up

      • datdude

        Said the hater who gets no free games. Wah…Wah…stop your crying.

      • Ibi Salmon

        Sad, but true. The games on the Vita simply don’t compare to the 3DS.

        And I say this as an owner of a vita.

  • Ryan Meitzler

    Pretty awesome games for January: stinks that Don’t Starve isn’t on PS3, but really looking forward to playing through Brothers

  • datdude

    Thank you Sony. Thank you.

  • My life right now.

    • Losyak


  • JackHamm3r

    Can anybody tell me where is war thunder?

  • Aerhi Encre

    Wait, does this mean it’s ONLY for the US?

  • Shady Shita

    great month for me !

  • Cahone

    Not worth PS + for ps4 yet I guess.