Wii U Sales Still Soaring, Pokémon X and Y at Number Two, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Rounds Out Top Ten

Media Create and Famitsu software and hardware sales from last week have been released today, which will give us a good look into the overall sales of last week’s Japanese market. Here’s the software chart between December 16th and December the 22th. As usual, new titles are bolded and lifetime sales are in parenthesis. (Heads up, Famitsu combines 3DS and PS Vita sales, and includes any bundle sales in their overall numbers.)

Media Create Software Sales:

  1. [3DS] PazuDora Z: Puzzle & Dragons Z – 256,373 (800,003)
  2. [3DS] Pokémon X / Y – 212,666 (3,572,829)
  3. [PS3] New Dynasty Warriors: Gundam – 126,019
  4. [PS3] Drakengard 3 – 114,024
  5. [Wii U] Super Mario 3D World – 86,408 (327,514)
  6. [PS Vita] New Dynasty Warriors: Gundam – 52,667
  7. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 41,137 (3,564,124)
  8. [3DS] Friend Collection: New Life – 38,405 (1,584,122)
  9. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 – 37,034 (3,067,313)
  10. [3DS] Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy: Big Bang / Supernova – 33,328 (155,488)

Media Create Hardware Sales:

  1. 3DS LL – 164,078
  2. Wii U – 109.113
  3. 3DS – 68,522
  4. Vita – 50,087
  5. PS3 – 24,573
  6. PSP – 9.905
  7. Vita TV – 5,504
  8. Wii – 1,711
  9. Xbox 360 – 763

Famitsu Software Sales:

  1. [3DS] PazuDora Z: Puzzle & Dragons Z – 271,947 (806,729)
  2. [3DS] Pokémon X / Y – 231,112 (3,820,346)
  3. [Wii U] Wii Party U – 128,026 (431,504)
  4. [Wii U] New Super Mario Bros. U – 113,773 (890,663)
  5. [PS3] New Dynasty Warriors: Gundam – 113,493
  6. [PS3] Drakengard 3 – 103,487
  7. [Wii U] Super Mario 3D World – 92,993 (338,882)
  8. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 – 46,279 (3,252,974)
  9. [PS Vita] New Dynasty Warriors: Gundam – 44,889
  10. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 44,691 (3,979,859)

Famitsu Hardware Sales:

  1. 3DS (Both original and LL) – 245,046
  2. Wii U – 119,159
  3. Vita – 49,366 (Both original and Vita TV)
  4. PS3 – 23,493
  5. PSP – 7,697
  6. Wii – 2,444
  7. Xbox 360 – 607

It seems that the Wii U’s momentum has been continuing this week as well, since for both Famitsu and Media Create it’s the second best selling system. Pokémon X and Y, which came out in October, is holding on to that number two slot. Super Mario 3D World still manages to stay in the top ten with some solid sales all around. Puzzle & Dragons Z is unsurprisingly number one and a little under 200,000 shy of 1,000,000 units, while Monster Hunter 4 hasn’t lost its top ten spot as of yet.

Two new games, New Dynasty Warriors: Gundam and Drakengard 3, are in the top ten for both chains as well and in Gundam‘s case, for both systems. However, it seems that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is not even in the top 20 or 30; strange since she’s so beloved in Japan. God Eater 2 also dropped off from last week and is not listed as well.

Reflecting on hardware sales, Wii U seems to still be building up momentum, as sales increased to over 100,00o for both outlets. The 3DS is, of course, the number one selling system and the PS Vita is doing pretty decently.

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  • ragingmerifes

    Wii U and Vita are back to life!

    • Well, Wii U is. Vita, however, was never “living” to begin with, so it isn’t exactly “back to life.”

      • ragingmerifes

        That’s funny, because the Vita has a much higher lifetime sales than the Wii U, and arguably much better third-party support.

      • Losyak

        Really? As far as I remember Vita has been selling decently in Japan (Top 3, even reaching No.1 some weeks) for the past ~6 months, all the while Wii U was selling <5K units/week ever since launch, and only recently (1 month? ago) started catching fire. To make my point, I would say, neither came to life, since neither "was "living" to begin with," but if you still want to make that argument, Vita came back to life much earlier than Wii U.

  • AttentionDeficitKing

    Wow, I’m REALLY impressed with the WiiU’s performance. It seems to be making a major comeback!

    And it’s also nice to see that the Vita hasn’t lost much momentum since the sale increase a month or so ago. Here’s hoping it stays strong, and gets even stronger!

    • Jack Slater

      Do you realize what you are saying?
      This is Christmas ( even though it means nothing, in japan), and it’s about the biggest Nintendo title, super Mario.
      If the Wii u was successful, or this Mario game was being released on the Wii, or any other Nintendo console, back in the days, this game alone would sell, 2,3,4+ million consoles, in no time at all.

      95% of the Nintendo fans that wanted to buy a Wii u already have it. Their loyalty towards the brand made them buy the console day one,for must buyers.
      These gamers spent one full year, alone in the market. Nintendo has had a full year advance, and could have managed to sell +10 million units, and maybe 2 or 3 extra million, during Christmas, if only regie, with his troll face, didn’t spend their time making fun of the competition, saying amazing titles would be coming to the Wii u, and was totally sure of what they were doing, market wise.
      While microsoft, and specially Sony, used all their resources to build a ultra solid PS+ base, with x gamer saying to his friend, who told his schoolmate, who told his cousin, who told his neighbor, that for 59$, (or 49$, like in September, with price reductions), he could get a PS+ subscription, and have almost hundreds of AAA titles available for free, many titles being offered 3 or 4 months after release, most, 8-9/10 titles. I got my vita last year, bundled with need for speed, for barely 240$, and only spent like 20-30$ on a couple of titles. I need to get killzone mercenaries, that’s all for now, because I have a 32gb card + 1 16gb + 4x 4gb cards( a store was selling them like 4.95$ each, instead of the already discounted 12$ each . The games manager must be drunk, that day. I grabbed the 4 units they had, of course, for that crazy price.. would have picked 10 units, at 4.95$ each, if they had more stock).
      That makes 64 gigas totally full with maybe 20-30 amazing vita games. All, for free.
      If a fanboy is just too dumb to not see the fantastic amazing deal the PS+ is, I really feel bad for him!

      And slowly, many many people, who had skipped, or hadn’t had the opportunity to buy it, just grabbed a 199$ ps3, a PS+ subscription, and without spending a dime, he will be able to play 64 games, most being AAA titles, like uncharted, mass effect, batman, etc etc etc,really, the list would be too long to post here. That new gamer, who maybe had been having a great time with his x360, will be able to discover and play dozens, almost hundreds of great titles, totally free, via his PS+ subscription. That makes 4 full games per month, or 1 per week. Without even mentioning the huge price reductions. For barely 250$, that smart gamer will have a great AAA title to play and finish, every week.sure, not 100% of the titles are 10/10 titles. But who cares, a 8/10 game for , say, peter, may well be a 9.5/10 to jack. Different tastes.
      And then, for just 40, or 60 bucks per year, the price of a single game, he won’t need to buy games, as long as he has his console. And he will ‘download-cancel’ all free titles, even those for vita, and the day he gets a vita, he will maybe have a list of 50, 100, or even 150 full titles, like uncharted golden abyss, just to name one. If he gets his PS vita, say, on 2014 Christmas, he may be able to download and play tones of vita games, for free. He won’t need to buy new PS vita games before several years(with his ps3 games, he barely has the time to play 20% of them, let alone the vita ones).

      Why I say all this? Just to show how busy the competition was, this year, gathering new customers and gamers, maintaining the old customers happy with mall the free stuff, and preparing amazing stuff for next gen.
      Meanwhile, we can read regie interviews, where he is so sure about himself, the company and the Wii u, that it’s almost comic. And he keeps saying that great titles will come,etc, and buyers will have the best games ever, etc etc.
      Re-meanwhile, gamers spend one full year, posting hope comments, defending the company and console, while waiting 6-9-12+ months before the next big AAA title is released, like super Mario kart Wii u.they defend it with all their soul, exactly what Nintendo wants to see, read and hear.

      Other companies, with a console like the Wii u on their hands, should and would be much more modests, for many reasons. They wouldn’t be so proud of the hardware, they wouldn’t be so proud about the future games, would admit 3rd party not playing the game do hurt sales, and forces nintendo gamers to look around, and go where that great new AAA title/fps/goty game is, and wouldn’t be so sure 99% of the Wii owners will buy a Wii u, sooner or later. And also, wouldn’t make fun of Sony and microsoft. But, that’s exactly what Nintendo does. And fans got tired of waiting for the next big Mario, Zelda or Mario kart game, and those 300-500$ saved on nonexistent Wii u games, just went to microsoft or Sony pockets. And they’re now having tons of fun, playing ryse, or killzone shadow fall, on their new powerful next gen consoles, where games like killzone, infamous second son, titanfall, etc, will make the Wii u hardware look like a massive joke. Let’s not even talk about uncharted 4 or halo 5.

      All the Nintendo fans that will down rate me, and post the same old speech “we prefer gameplay over graphics, Nintendo games are about fun, family, friends, or, the Wii u hardware is fantastic, just needs time for devs to truly use it, or, the Wii u will sell billions units, like the X nintendo console that started slowly, then sold +100 million units, or, there are already many amazing games, and there are great new ones coming, or, Wii u sales are really great, or, etc etc etc”,please, turn the ‘loyalty’ button off,for a few minutes, and face the reality.

      The new Mario should have sold 2-3 million consoles, but it didn’t. Next Mario kart should sell 4-5 million consoles, but it won’t. Like the next Zelda won’t sell 3-5 million Wii u either.

      Regie should stop acting like that, and being over confident. They should, by now, have already designed a new Wii U 2, with current hardware, that can output amazing textured games, instead of the same cartoon/ 5 colors graphics, on 95% of the Wii/Wii u games. And release it asap. Because with PS+, ps4 games and amazing ps3 games list, and the PS vita that already has hundreds of amazing games,and the xbox 360 and xbox one, even though Nintendo have many many billions in cash, with the Wii u flop, if suddenly 3ds/2ds starts selling less, because people got a ps4, and a PS vita, for remote play, etc, and start buying games exclusively on PS vita, and only get a couple of AAA games per year, on the 2ds, there aren’t thousands of different products Nintendo can sell.
      Regie… an advice…. stop trolling… and stop thinking your fans are ultra happy and satisfied, and will never abandon you.just look at the Wii fans, and the 1% only of those fans that boght the Wii u. People have absolutely no problems, in 2013-2014, for moving from one brand to another, as long as they get what they need.
      If you have any doubts, just call Sega, they will better explain you what can quickly happen to a big great successful company.

      • Kenny

        Do your research before you write! The Wii U console itself sells like hotcakes right now becuase of quality titles and exclusives. And yes Mario sells well for both exisiting users and new users. You can`t compare sales of Mario on the previous machines, that is not fair. The world is in a very bad economic shape as we speak, so comparing things that has happened to things right now is not realistic. We can`t see the future for any of the new consoles, things changes all the time. Today PS4 dominates, tomorrow maybe it it will be the Wii U. People bashed the 3DS when it got released, look now it is the best selling console of them all! Quality software drives sales, and Nintendo is now entering their second year with the Wii U, 2014 will see many great titles and people will notice that and buy it because of that reason. We are talking to the end of March next next year before we see a quality title on the PS4 (Infamous), and the Wii U will then already have seen the next Donkey Kong Country game for the console. Super Mario Kart 8 is coming short time after in April, and many big Nintendo titles are releases right after.that. Good software drives console sales not the specs, and Nintendo can offer people quality software, So far Sony has not won that battle!

        • Andrew Clear

          Don’t forget Bayonetta 2 in May

      • AttentionDeficitKing

        Couple of things:

        1) If you want your comment to be taken seriously/actually read, keep it fairly short. If it’s more than 500 words, there’s a good chance most people won’t even bother, and the rest will probably stop halfway through and at most skim the rest.

        2) I’m not sure why you’re on about Mario NOW. SM3DW released in Japan over a month ago – it’s long past the point when it should be moving a significant number of consoles, yet the Wii U is doing better now than it has been in a very long time. This isn’t about how well Mario is selling. This is about the Wii U (and yes, game sales and hardware sales are connected, but one game, or franchise, does not a console make).

        3) Never have I tried to argue that the Wii U is a massive hit or a best-seller – but the fact remains that it’s domestic sales have increased tremendously this past week, losing only to the 3DS (which has been selling incredibly well in Japan for a while now). It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s still something worth celebrating, even if just a little.

      • Andrew Clear

        Haters will always hate. BTW, the Wii U is actually a game console. PS4 and Xbox One, well, they are just MS and Sony’s version of the Mac Mini, except they don’t have regular applications.

        Gotta give Nintendo credit for actually engineering a game console, and not just grabbing a bunch of PC parts and making a quick PC system and calling it a console.

        I love my Wii U, it has some pretty good games. My PS4 is collecting dust in the corner, and I wont buy an Xbox One, until I have a reason to.

        I love that Wii U has increased its sales, but I hope those people buying it will buy some 3rd party titles, so we can continue getting support from 3rd parties on the Wii U.

      • Isaac Sanchez

        mario 3d for the u is sold out at most toysrus even with the 60 dollar price…

  • PrinceHeir

    glad Drakengard 3 made it on top!!!!

  • WellWisher

    That’s pretty great for Wii U, considering Christmas is hardly even a thing in Japan. Hopefully it can maintain the momentum.

  • MasterofMidnight

    Puzzle & Dragons Z is getting a lot of exposure here in Japan right now. I see adverts for it on the train and convenience stores all over.