Kojima Talks Switching Controls and Consoles for MGS5: “Different Frame Rate Changes the Feel of Realism”

It may be the day after Christmas (in Japan), but Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima seems to be still hard at work on the game, and he gave us a glimpse on his daily routine checking the game.

First of all, he mentioned that it’s  annoying to continuously adjust for four different control schemes while checking the game every day.

Kojima2_1Then he explained that different framerate (between old generation consoles and new ones. The former run at 30 FPS, while the latter at 60) changes the sense of realism, but still Snake keeps fighting on all platforms.

Kojima2_2 Kojima2_3Switching between all those different controllers must indeed be quite challenging, and I wonder if the sudden frame rate changes make the difference between 30 and 60 FPS more visible. Luckily, as players, we have the option to choose one version and stick with it.


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  • PrinceHeir

    ehh? the PS4 and PS3 controls aren’t that different besides the addition of the touch controls on front of the DS4?

    Snake in 60FPS is gonna be good! been awhile since the last MGS was 60FPS(MGS2)

    • Bankai

      Yeah, Sony wanted to make improvements without altering its basic shape or layout, that way veteran PlayStation fans wouldn’t have to adjust to a new controller.

    • Solid Snake

      The fuk are you on about? The difference between the DS4 and DS3 is huge. I cant go back to playing games on my PS3 because of it.
      I’m waiting on a third party controller for PS3 that looks like a DS4.

      • Super Anonymous II

        actually i prefer ds3 much more by a long shot simply for the convex sticks

    • AceofSpades

      Just becuase a controller looks similar to another, doesn’t mean the
      technologi, calibration and programming are similar in any way. It would
      be as to say a PS1 should be able to play PS4 games “Because the discs
      look the same”.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Realism? I thought Metal Gear was supposed to be cinematic? Unstable 60FPS (Because let’s be honest, the only game Kojima has produce that had a completely rock solid stable framerate was Peace Walker. And that was only 20FPS. Every other game he makes constantly drops frames) isn’t cinematic at all.