Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation for PS4 will Run at 1080p, 60 FPS, Gets First Screenshots and Info

Yesterday we reported that Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation will receive a PS4 port slated for release in Japan on February 22nd, and today we got some new info and even a batch of screenshots.

According to Tecmo Koei the grand strategy game will run on PS4 at full 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. In addition to that the camera has been improved, the cap of men available to command at the same time has been raised from 300 to 1000 and the touch pad of the DualShock 4 will be used to let the player scroll over the map.

All the DLC that will be released for the PS3 version will be included in the PS4 one free of charge. Below you can see the four new screenshots.

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  • Solid Snake

    Glade the touch pad is being used well in games. I can see the Xbox Ones lack of a touch pad being a problem for it in the future. Games like blacklight: retribution would never work on Xbone because of it.

    • Usman Khan

      so pc has touch pad? lol

      • Savas

        PC has a mouse… the touchpad is working as a mouse… Do you know?? Touchpad…?? Like a Notebooks Touchpad?? Mouse- Touchpad??

        • Usman Khan

          a touch pad can never work like a mouse, u ever played an fps with laptop’s touchpad?? mosue is way more precise. if blacklight can’t be posible on xbox without touchpad whats the reason of call of duty being best selling fps on xbox??

          • Savas

            I thought we were talking about a strategy game here…

      • Solid Snake

        PC has a mouse.

        Also a quote from a developer who works on blacklight:

        One of the challenges of porting a PC game to a console is that you lose
        out on having a keyboard that gives you a lot of options for input. The
        DualShock 4 controller really helps us rise to the challenge of mapping
        keyboard commands to the controller. We can get really creative with the
        touchpad and come up with great ways for the players to give input.

  • Budgiecat

    imo , for a PS4 game, the game should visually look just like that 2D artwork but in motion.

    Of course, Koei don’t wanna put in the effort….oh well…