PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets Fantastic Screenshots of Dungeons and Monsters and New Information

on December 26, 2013 4:24 AM

Capcom just released a new batch of screenshots of the upcoming PS4 Exclusive Deep Down, showcasing the environments of the game, and more precisely the dungeons influenced by the feelings of Wrath and Sorrow. In addition to that we also see some fantastic effects in the darkness generated by a peculiar monster and another that will look quite familiar to many.

According to the information accompanying the screenshots, dungeons of wrath will be illuminated by red light and engulfed in fire, while there will be magma pouring from the walls. Magma will also burn under the floors, and will be visible through the manholes.

Dungeons of sorrow will be encased in thick ice, that will refract the light creating an eerie and brighter atmosphere. Ice will also work as an obstacle to those braving the dungeons.

The screenshots also showcases the “night light,” a monster that is quite peculiar as it’s completely hollow inside. It also emits light from its eyes and mouth (generating an impressive effect, mind you).

Finally, one last screenshot showcases another monster named “jakki”, that can spawn legs and whip-like thorns and definitely looks like a mimic from the Final Fantasy and Zelda series.

You can check the gallery just below. Most of the screenshots are unfortunately small, but definitely beautiful.

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