Square Enix Sells Lightning Returns’ Aerith Costume By Mistake, Breaks Exclusivity Deal, Apologizes

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has a costume reproducing the dress of Aerith from Final Fantasy VII, but to get it in Japan you need to purchase the V Jump Strategy Game for the game.

Or at least that was supposed to be the case, as Square Enix suddenly put the costume for sale as DLC a few days ago by mistake, breaking the exclusivity deal and then withdrawing the offer as soon as the mistake was noticed. Together with Aerith’s costume, the distribution of Cloud’s outfit and Yuna’s Kimono from Final Fantasy X was halted as well.

Today they posted two tweets to apologize for the mishap and explain what happened.

A notification and apology for Aerith’s costume from Final Fantasy VII. We’re reporting the circumstances about the the interruption of the sale of this DLC on Friday, December 20th. This DLC was available as an exclusive bonus to be released with a publication by Shueisha, but has been sold due to our mistake.

About this matter we apologize for the inconvenience to everyone and more than anything to our customers and to Shueisha. We will resume today the distribution of Cloud’s costume from Final Fantasy VII and Yuna’s from Final Fantasy X. We apologize to everyone that was waiting for the DLC.

Considering how keen publishers are, lately, on releasing this kind of exclusive DLC, it’s likely that quite a few angry calls have happened between Square Enix and Shueisha at the outset of this hoopla. On the bright side, a few customers managed to get their hands on Aerith’s costume without having to buy the strategy guide.

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  • Suzaku Kururugi

    SE must be upset that none of their characters from their games or magazine are gonna be in Victory Star Vs.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I don’t see why they would, since none of their characters has or had a manga serialized in Shonen Jump, which is what Victory Star Vs is about.

  • peterpansyndrome94

    That costume does not suit her.
    Release damn complete games, suckers!

    • LightningFarron19

      Oh the whiney fanboy is strong with this one!

      >That costume does not suit her.
      Then don’t get it. You don’t need this outfit to win the game

      True, but they did apologize and catch this mistake themselves.

      >Release damn complete games, suckers!
      You don’t need the DLC to complete the game

      >So glad this travesty of a series tanked !
      Actually, the game sold over 71.73% of it’s initial sales. The game will probably get around 2.7-3 million copies in a year.

      >Serves you right ScrewEnix for selling your souls to M$!
      Um, Microsoft came to them (SE), Sega and Atlus for multiplatform along to Bandai Namco and Mistwalker to exclusive games.

      >$100 million ain’t worth it to destroy your integrity and credibility.
      So apparently, accidentally selling 1 costume DLC, catching this mistake, apologizing for it and trying to fix the mistake is “Destroying your integrity and credibility”. Man you sure have such a delusional outlook on what is truly “bad”

      • Austin McDowell

        With your own bitching, it doesn’t seem like you’re any better.

  • stevenm281

    The Aerith costume is available to the West by purchasing the Collector’s Edition on Square Enix Online store.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Good call, thanks.

  • Kamille

    each FFXIII sells less than the one before it. The first one sold 7 millions, the second one less than 3 and the third one sold even less in its first week on Japan than the first 2 on the same time frame.

    I think this is a sign that people don’t want more of this crap and no costume will save it. This game is destined to be a commercial flop.