151 Japanese Devs Name Best Games of 2013: The Last of Us Dominates, Nintendo Games Shunned

The Japanese video game industry is becoming less and less insular lately, with local developers opening themselves to influences from the west, but what are the titles that impressed them them most this year? 4Gamer asked that question and a few others to a large group of prominent Japanese devs, and we took upon ourselves to count the “votes” and compile a ranking to see what their favorites are.

Some of the results are fairly predictable, some others not so much. Here’s the full list, with the number of preferences given to each title.

  1. The Last of Us – 14
  2. Grand Theft Auto V – 12
  3. Dragon’s Crown – 12
  4. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – 11
  5. Kantai Collection (browser) – 9
  6. Beyond: Two Souls – 6
  7. Candy Crush Saga – 6
  8. Monster Hunter 4 – 4
  9. LINE Pokopang – 4
  10. Chain Chronicle – 3
  11. Hotline Miami – 3
  12. Rain – 3
  13. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – 2
  14. Earth Defense Force 4 – 2
  15. Dragon Quest VIII – 2
  16. The Walking Dead – 2
  17. Cookie Clicker – 2
  18. Nyanko Dai Senso – 2
  19. Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi – 2
  20. Puppeteer – 2
  21. Pokémon X & Y – 2
  22. FarCry 3: Blood Dragon – 2
  23. Detakadodasu Aikatsu (arcade)- 1
  24. Brave Frontier – 1
  25. Sports Champion 2 – 1
  26. Battlefield 4 – 1
  27. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl -1
  28. World of Tanks – 1
  29. Plague Inc. – 1
  30. The Wonderful 101 – 1
  31. Rocksmith 2014 Edition – 1
  32. Gone Home – 1
  33. Antichamber – 1
  34. Anata Te Yokumiruto Dobunezumi Mitaina Kao Shi Teru Wa Ne – 1
  35. Keri Hime Sweets – 1
  36. DanganRonpa – 1
  37. Oshioki Punch Girl!!! – 1
  38. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies – 1
  39. Bear Tomo – 1
  40. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 1
  41. Minna no oshaberi Chat – 1
  42. Majo to Yuusha – 1
  43. Deemo – 1
  44. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation – 1
  45. Papers, Please – 1
  46. League of Legends – 1
  47. Fantasy Life LINK! – 1
  48. LINE GAME – 1
  49. Panini Football League – 1
  50. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 – 1
  51. The Stanley Parable – 1
  52. Sega 3D Classics – 1
  53. Color Zen – 1
  54. Drift Spirits – 1
  55. Payday 2 – 1
  56. The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki – 1
  57. Yokai Watch – 1
  58. 3D Afterburner II – 1
  59. Despicable Me: Minion Rush – 1
  60. Tearaway – 1
  61. Gran Turismo 6 – 1
  62. Astebreed – 1
  63. Clumsy Ninja – 1
  64. Tomb Raider – 1
  65. BioShock Infinite – 1
  66. Killer Instinct – 1
  67. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – 1
  68. Resogun – 1

It’s worth mentioning that five developers didn’t have a preference or refused to give one.

The Last of Us is the game that impressed most developers, with fourteen “votes”, followed by Grand Theft Auto V and Dragon’s Crown, that were deemed the most impressive by twelve developers each.

The Last of Us was favored by legendary names like Final Fantasy developer Hiromichi Tanaka, Comcept President Keiji Inafune, Yakuza series Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama and Nihon Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo.

Grand theft Auto V was preferred, for instance, by Gung Ho Online Entertainment President Kazuki Morisihita, Yakuza series Producer Toshiho Nagoshi and Director Hiroyuki Sakamoto, Rain Director Yuki Ikeda and Ni No Kuni Director Ken Motomura.

Dragon’s Crown received quite a few votes from Capcom developers, in addition to Killer is Dead‘s Director Hideyuki Shin, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Designer Yuji Abe and Nippon Ichi President Souhei Niikawa.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn impressed many, and is the only MMORPG with a relevant presence in the list with eleven preferences (World of Tanks got a single vote).  Final Fantasy XIV was favored, between others, by Valkyria Chronicles Producer Shinji Motoyama, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Director Keiji Sato and Level 5 President Akihiro Hino.

Interestingly enough, the Japanese browser game Kantai Collection was also quite popular, following suit with nine votes, while Beyond: Two Souls got six preferences, together with the mobile classic Candy Crush Saga. 

Surprisingly, best selling games like Monster Hunter 4 and Pokemon X and Y didn’t get that much attention from developers, receiving respectively only four and two votes (don’t be surprised if you don’t see Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the list, as it was released in 2012 in Japan).

As an interesting tidbit of information, indie hit Hotline Miami got two votes despite the lack of a Japanese release in Japan on consoles. One was from SCE Worldwide President Shuhei Yoshida and the other from Grasshopper Manufacture Director Goichi Suda.

Completely absent from the list is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, that apparently was completely overshadowed by XIV‘s epic rebirth.

What about Nintendo? Classic first party franchises from Kyoto’s historical developer were almost completely shunned. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds got a single vote, and there’s no trace of Mario or Pikmin in the list. Wii U games are also hard to find, with a single, lonely vote given to The Wonderful 101.

The next generation still hasn’t dawned in Japan, so only Resogun and Killer Instinct got one preference each between PS4 and Xbox One Exclusives (but Resogun‘s vote comes from legendary Drakengard director Yoko Taro) .

Ultimately, it’s definitely an interesting list. Japanese games are still definitely there, but western games like The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V have a much stronger presence than many would expect.

There are a lot of different mobile games, and the lack of Nintendo games is a bit depressing. While being appreciated by developers doesn’t necessarily turn into big sales, it’s still quite telling.

It’s nice to see Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn up there. The development team made an almost superhuman effort to steer around that sinking ship, and that seems to have gained them the respect of their peers.

It’ll be definitely interesting to read their opinions next year, after the Japanese release of the two next generation consoles.

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  • Malakym

    15. Dragon Quest VIII

    Goddamn tease.

  • ChronoX5

    They are probably all jealous of Nintendo for Dominating Japan with sales.

    That list is embarrassing.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Are you embarrassed because they don’t like the same things you do?

      “4gamer is really not all that reliable when it comes to polls, so I am going to take it with a giant grain of salt.”

      This is not a poll. They interviewed them all. You just seem quite mad.

      • ChronoX5

        I am embarrassed because this has nothing to do with what they like.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Really? Should I take your word or their own on what they like?

          • ChronoX5

            I dont expect you to do anything. I found it funny, you do the sales figures 9 weeks out of 10, yet you werent the one to do the sales in Japan last week……..its interesting.

            Dont you find it interesting we have no idea who these devs are? What if they upvoted there own games. What if Nintendo devs werent even included?

            But your going to take this ridiculous poll as fact?

            come on.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yep, having the flu is interesting for real.

            But hey. the but*hurt is strong in you just because people don’t like what you do.

          • ipwnerz

            Reported to a mod for abusive language.

          • Yldefonso Then

            Oh, don’t you know Keiji Inafune from our beloved Megaman, Onimusha series? Toshiho Nagoshi of the Yakuza series?

          • Yldefonso Then

            Don’t you know who’s Keiji Inafune from Megaman and Onimusha, Toshiho Nagoshi of Yakuza, Goichi Suda aka Suda 51, plus you have Valkyria Chronicles dev and two Platinum game devs who voted for FFXIV, oh hold on a sec, isn’t Platinum the same devs that worked on Wonderful 101 and now Bayoneta 2 for Wii U, wow, they didn’t vote for any Nintendo games, and you saying we don’t know who these guys are? You’re a complete failure.

        • ipwnerz

          Lol, let these Sonysuckers be, they have no brain anyways. ^_^

          • James Cluckey

            That says a lot coming from a person who plays only child games.

          • ipwnerz

            Lolz, by “Child Games” you mean Super Mario Brothers? All video games are childish, because they are means of having fun. Your “COD” or “BATTLEFIELD” or “KILLZONE” or “UNCHARTED” or “LASTOFASS” (which has truly seen the last of my ass!) or “MODERNWAR” or whatever the hell you could think of, are the same lame game. They should all just be called one name to make it more simple, “Lameass Shooter”. ;P The only difference is that Super Mario Brothers is actually fun, and not just a bunch of blood spewing in your eyes and a constant *BOMBOMBOMBOM* noise screeching in your ears, for the cost of $59.99.

        • Yldefonso Then

          They’re developers, but they’re people too, and they have every right to speak their minds, Nintendo fans aren’t the only consumers that matters, so take off that Mario hat with Link’s shield and accept reality, that is why Nintendo does not 3rd party support, because of fantards.

    • Budgiecat

      Maybe they realize that Nintendo has been milking the same damn things all the time since 1985

      • Stealth

        Most Japanese devs have been copying Nintendo since that long too…..thats a pretty interesting lol

        • Bankai

          That’s actually false. Seemingly, when it comes to Nintendo, the idea that 2 games share the same genre flies out the window and is replaced with the idea that that second game is a copy.

      • ipwnerz

        LOL, you fail.

        • Ritsujun

          Dis Nintendoomed Nintendood.

          • ipwnerz

            Dis Ritsujun Retardzlool.

        • Yldefonso Then

          How is it a fail when it is in fact the truth? You fanboys are ignorant.

    • Bankai

      “Japanese Gamers have spoken and Nintendo reigns as King.”

      Developers seem to think otherwise. Oh, and the operative word in your first sentence is “probably”.

      • Stealth

        Developers arent succeeding in Japan outside of the big boys really.

        • Bankai

          That’s a cop-out if I ever heard one, and it’s a terrible one at that.

          • Stealth

            Its fact. Unless your Nintendo, no other hardware is actually selling decently, and unless your Nintendo, Sony, Namco, Square, ect your softare isnt selling either.

            I am not saying its how its going to be in the future, or even that its right. Its just how it is.

        • Elvick

          Depends on your definition of “succeeding”.

    • brianc6234

      Cry much? Now run along and play your kiddie games.

    • ipwnerz

      You’re right, but don’t mind these people on the “Dualshockers”, they’re
      all composed of playstation “playas” and xbox “badboys” -_- Don’t
      bother with their ass, their asses are already plugged. Beyond two souls
      is a garbage game and everyone knows it, it’s just that the developers
      asked ALL make Sony games, because their games are not good enough to
      get on golden seal Nintendo consoles.

      Ignore the downvotes,
      after all, the name of this site is called “dualshockers”, and I heard
      that DualShock is the name of the PlayStation PlayBoys controller, so
      obviously this is a Sony fanboy website. Go downvote your ass off into
      the sky Sony fanboys, and be in denial of the truth! Drugs are bad!!

    • Ritsujun

      Go cry in dat corner, Nintendoomed Nintendood.

    • Yldefonso Then

      If that’s the case, then why Zelda doesn’t do that great in Japan? Nice try troll lol.

    • James Cluckey

      Mario may be better if it was the first time you ever played it. But after playing 10+ different Mario games it becomes more worn out than Call of Duty.

  • ChronoX5

    “While being appreciated by developers doesn’t necessarily turn into big sales, it’s still quite telling.”

    Not really. In fact it means close to nothing.

  • ragingmerifes

    Japan has some great taste in gaming.

    • AlonditeMX

      Is that why their #1 game is total garbage?

      • ragingmerifes

        Which one? The critically acclaimed award-winning worldwide success that a random guy from the internet says it’s garbage as a fact because “personal reasons” and “opinions”?

        • AlonditeMX

          I love this response.

          “Critically acclaimed.” By whom, exactly? By journalism majors who play video games and have zero knowledge of interactive system design?

          But please, point me in the direction of a game design thesis, or even essay written by any video game critic that demonstrates any knowledge. Better yet, point me in the direction of any game design paper written about The Last of Us.

          It’s also not an opinion if I can use specific, observable examples of poor game design present in the game.

          For the record, a proper video game review written by someone with the necessary knowledge to qualify such a critique looks something like this: http://critical-gaming.com/blog/2008/1/7/the-aims-of-bioshock-shoddy-shooting.html

          I’m sure you could even apply some of the critical evaluation in that review to The Last of Us and find out for yourself why it’s not a good video game. Would surely save me some time explaining something to you when you possess no knowledge of any of the concepts required for such a discussion.

          • Carlos Kempe

            yes, nintendo is god….

          • AlonditeMX

            Holy hell you’re mentally deficient.

          • ipwnerz

            Wow, totally! ^_^ Yeah, no one even cares about the fact that everything
            in the Last of Us is just a bunch of uninspired and unoriginal “walking
            through the corridors and rubble” that doesn’t take any creativity to
            make, with the occasional “mindblowing twist” of walking through the
            snow or something. This is why it takes so little time to push out these
            games, just wait until next year, they’ll have The Last of Ass TWO
            (which really should have seen the last of my ass in the FIRST game), and it’ll
            be the same lame game. Compare it with Super Mario 3d World, there’s a
            new creative twist to EVERY single level. Why do all of these people
            only care about the “story” nowadays? That mean’s that these “pro video
            game makers” should be making books or movies if they think they have
            such captivating stories, not video games. These people are basically
            playing video STORIES in the illusion they’re playing video GAMES, it’s
            just that they would feel like 5 year olds if they actually knew the
            truth, that they paid $60 for half-ass story time when they could just
            ask their mom for “Moby D¡ck” from her attic. -_-

          • The First of Us

            How is The Last of Us poorly-designed anyway?

          • Tyler Hale

            Who judges who has the right to give “proper” video game reviews. The Last Of Us is popular worldwide. No wonder they remastered it. The story, not shitting like half the games out now with all action. Multiplayer is great! What is SO bad about The Last Of Us that makes you want to argue?

      • vizard00

        and urs is Call of shity

        • AlonditeMX

          If by “Call of shity” you mean “Fire Emblem Awakening,” then yes.

          • Carlos Kempe

            awakening is good but is not even close to game of the year material. GTAV and the last of us are.

          • AlonditeMX

            And your reasoning for this is based on…?

            Is it their complete lack of quality interaction? Disconnect between narrative and interaction? The fact that there aren’t any key dynamics to be found in either?

            Please, do elaborate; I could use a good laugh.

          • vizard00

            what is the gaming part of GTA 5 , big city , 3d models , killing … where is the artistic and game design part .

      • Leo

        Says the guy who likes Final Fantasy XIII. lel

        • AlonditeMX

          Thanks for proving that you lack even basic game design knowledge and critical evaluation skills. Saves me from proving that XIII is the most well-designed game in the numbered series.

          • Leo

            Well, aren’t you the smartest gamer of all time?

            I’ve seen a lot of your comments on other websites and you never proved anything, especially regarding Final Fantasy XIII, everything you ever did was just speaking as if the game’s battle strategy was anything different than the “attack and heal” strategy the series has had since… ever, when it’s not, it’s actually even more shallow than other games in the series because at least in those ones you had to actually do something instead of just changing between “attack” or “heal” mode, those of which limit your actions in battle, and mash the Auto-Battle option in the menu, there was hardly any time in all of the XIII games that I did anything that doesn’t revolve attacking with an attack-based paradigm shift or heal with a heal-based one when necessary.

            If one battle or another in XIII requires more strategy, the other games in the series were exactly the same in that department, I never really used that Stagger thing unless it was one of those occasional challenging battles that happen not only in XIII but in any game in the series, so if you think the other games in the Final Fantasy series are bad for being about attacking and healing, you’d better be off to play something else, because XIII is NO different in that, no matter how much you try to convince people that it’s a genius game that requires strategy, timing and blah blah, it rarely does so.

            Also, if you knew the first thing about game design, you would know that being as linear as FFXIII was is indeed a flaw because it makes the game downright boring and repetitive, variation is also a key element to making a good game, throwing a bunch of hallways and calling them “maps” it’s not a good design choice, hence why the other FF games are more open world-ish and all of them were better-received, and not only limiting myself to the FF series, a LOT of other JRPG games out there are well-designed and present an open world and exploration element that FFXIII was missing, that thing is not a good game, never was and never will, maybe the battle system could be fleshed out and something interesting would have come out of it, but that would be a “what if”, as it is, Final Fantasy XIII is a poor man’s Final Fantasy game and the hate on it is completely deserved.

          • AlonditeMX

            I tried saving you the time. You have the exact same argument as all other XIII haters, which has been proven numerous times by numerous people to be factually incorrect. Thankfully, your view is so poorly thought-out and reasoned that it won’t take a significant effort or time commitment on my part to deconstruct.

            “at least in those ones you had to actually do something instead of just changing between “attack” or “heal” mode, those of which limit your actions in battle, and mash the Auto-Battle option in the menu”

            Actually do…what exactly? Summon Knights of the Round infinitely? Spam your most powerful attack until you need to heal? Before XIII, every Final Fantasy revolved around optimization rather than interaction and gameplay. Once you find that single best strategy, there is no reason to deviate from it because there are no battle dynamics that force you to change strategies at any point.

            What you also fail to realize is that “limiting options” actually makes video games better because it creates scenarios where there is no obvious solution. Instead of simply choosing the best option, you have to exercise your knowledge and skill to solve the problem and execute your solution. Here’s an example:

            In FFVII, you can pair HP Absorb with KotR, and have party members Mime it to fully heal each time KotR is cast. Providing that you don’t die in a single hit (something that can be bypassed simply with HP Plus materia), this strategy is infallible. There is nothing more effective in the game, and as such, there is no strategic development. That is true linearity. The worst part is that the actual forming of such a tactic occurs in the menus and outside the context of battle. The gameplay doesn’t even occur in the game.

            Please outline a strategy which is the most powerful in every scenario in XIII. You can’t, because one doesn’t exist. Therefor, you’re forced to use your knowledge of the system to find the best solution for that moment, a moment which is constantly in flux because of the dynamic of the stagger damage multiplier and the stagger state itself.

            Healing in other FF games has no effect on the success of future tactics because time is not a functional dynamic, even in ATB systems. After you heal, you go back to doing full damage immediately after. You also don’t have to worry about changing enemy states limiting your damage potential.

            In XIII, healing and attacking are at opposite ends of the action spectrum. You cannot heal without limiting damage potential, and you cannot do damage without limiting your ability to heal and protect yourself. Every action in XIII has a cost that cannot simply be replenished with ethers. Suppose you decide to heal instead of attack, what happens? You heal, but the stagger gauge decreases, and the damage multiplier doesn’t increase. Compare that to a scenario where you attack, perhaps pushing for a stagger before you die. Whatever the reason, you attack, you increase the stagger gauge, and you increase the damage multiplier.

            Now lets compare those two scenarios after you’ve made the decision to heal, or to continue attacking. At this point, you will be attacking in both scenarios. In any other FF, the only difference between the two would be your health and enemy health. That’s also true in XIII, but the system is more dynamic so there are other differences. If you chose to heal, you will now be doing less damage that you would if you would have continued attacking. Each decision affects future actions. That is depth, that is dynamic. Let me take it a bit further though.

            Supposing you chose to attack, you’re now left with low-health. This is going to require judicious use of defensive paradigms such as Sen/Sen/Sen to avoid additional damage at minimal time cost. Changing paradigms happens in real-time and is not bound by any timer. If you see your enemy charging up Ultima, you can switch to a defensive paradigm to counter it. Not only does this add a real-time element, but it also stresses other DKART skills such as reflex, dexterity, and adaptation that are ignore in other FF games. The system is dynamic because it layers 3 asynchronous timers that govern all of the actions and give the player more to consider at any given moment.

            But suppose you decided to heal and now have more health. Maybe now you can make the battle a bit less stressful for yourself bu using Syn and Sab roles to buff or de-buff. You might even be able to catch up damage-wise with the “attack” decision. So that beg the question: what is the best option? The simple answer is “neither.” There is no best-option, the outcomes are ambiguous. This is not only far less linear than previous games in the series, but also allows emergent possibilities and expression through “play styles.”

            I’m sure you can also see now how “Auto-Battle” is not only not a drawback of the system, but in fact actually makes it better. As I’ve outlined above, micro-selecting individual attacks is, and has never been, the source of deep, interesting strategic development in Final Fantasy. The games have always been about the big-picture strategy of the battle rather than individual attacks. This makes manually selecting attacks redundant; you already know what you want to do, you don’t sit in the menu staring at attack names trying to select the best option. You’re essentially forced to make the decision twice. “Auto-Battle” simply executes the decision that you have already made rather than forcing you to have to make redundant button presses. If you find that “auto-battle” doesn’t follow the specific strategy you have in mind, you can always select attacks manually. You don’t actually even need to use it if you’re so against it. It in no way makes the game require less strategy.

            If I cared to carry on this conversation, I could also explain how XIII’s linear macro-progression actually makes the game better, how removing most of the stats makes the design cleaner and more effective, how removing most of the items makes it less cluttered and keeps you in the actual game instead of the menus, how the weapon design is better, etc. etc. I could even go into how XIII-2 improved on the XIII’s system through attack focus and wound damage.

            However, you haven’t demonstrated the critical-eye to identify how game elements function, or the language to be able to effectively communicate your observations. This is largely a waste of my time.

          • Leo

            Yeah, yeah, I’ve read all of that before and you’re actually the only person I have ever heard of who used any sort of strategy in FFXIII, everyone else I know completed the game without even trying to formulate a proper strategy for battles other than mounting some damage/stagger-based paradigms with Coms and Ravs and healing ones with Meds and sometimes Syns, and it doesn’t require the least bit of strategy you make it look to win about 90% of FFXIII’s battles.

            Ironically, that actually IS the “best strategy” in the game and it only doesn’t work when an enemy has a time limit to get beaten or when it’s considerably stronger than your party, which is the case of a good chunk of Gran Pulse’s monsters when you first go there. You can practically beat this game with only that “attack and heal” strategy in mind, everything else you’re trying to pass through as “strategy” about using other abilities to minimize damage and blah blah blah could be applied to any other Final Fantasy game ever, the whole series was never known for being extremely strategical, I know exactly what I’m talking about, I’ve played every single mainstream FF game and it’s all the same when it comes to battles, XIII is NO exception, it might have all the complexity you’re trying to make up conceptually, in the paper, but it was not executed that way, otherwise nobody would be able to breeze through the game without worrying too much about strategy, you’re just purely biased towards this game because maybe you wanna be some sort of edgy guy who likes something people hate, and that’s funny in a way.

            So yeah, keep telling yourself that Final Fantasy XIII is some kind of a holy grail in the series or the JRPG genre in general, and I’m glad you’re part of a very small minority who little to nobody actually agrees with.

          • AlonditeMX

            I never said that XIII was any kind of Holy Grail. The game is average at best, but even still, it’s a far better game than any other in the series and the design has legitimate potential to be a great game, whereas the others do not.

            “other than mounting some damage/stagger-based paradigms with Coms and Ravs and healing ones with Meds and sometimes Syns, and it doesn’t require the least bit of strategy you make it look to win about 90% of FFXIII’s battles.”

            So you proved that people don’t use strategy…by using an example of a strategy that people used? How does that work, exactly? You did manage to point out XIII’s biggest flaw though: a lack of difficulty. The game seems to be designed for difficult battles, what with the rating system, linear macro-progression, and auto-healing after battles, but a majority of them are very easy. The difference, though, is that the more difficult battles in XIII require strategy, whereas the difficult battles in other FF games do not. You just keep spamming that optimized battle tactic endlessly, because it works against everything. Try that against a Long Gui or Vercingetorix in XIII. It simply will not work.

            While XIII’s difficulty design leaves something to be desired, it’s still substantially better than any other game in the series. What’s to stop you in any other FF from just power-leveling and blowing through all enemies easily merely because you’re a high level? Where is the strategy in that? XIII’s level cap prevents that.

            Not only that, but open-world design destroys difficulty design. You either need to design whole sections of the world with the same relative difficulty, or risk the player venturing into areas that they are woefully unprepared for. The former is just as functionally linear as “corridor-style” because you still need to advance through set events to progress the game. The fact that you can walk in different directions completely out of the context of gameplay is entirely irrelevant. It also makes poor use of space because so much of it is functionally redundant. The latter of the two is even worse design.

            ” everything else you’re trying to pass through as “strategy” about using other abilities to minimize damage and blah blah blah could be applied to any other Final Fantasy game ever”

            Sure, you can use more strategy in other FF games, but there is ALWAYS an obvious, single-best option. The games also require very little more than mashing “attack” endlessly to succeed. When discussing strategy, you need to talk about the base-level strategy needed to overcome a challenge, which in other FF games is almost always “level up more,” which isn’t even a gameplay element so much as it is an abstract reward that powers up the player avatar in parallel with the player becoming more skilled at the game. I trust you can see the problem there.

            I don’t even see what kind of point you’re trying to make. If you’re implying that XIII (and XIII-2 by extension) isn’t the most well-designed game in the series, you aren’t accomplishing much. I don’t believe that’s the case here, though.

            The only thing you seem interested in is attacking me personally. What’s the point of that? “Oh I have to show this guy that he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does!” Is basically the extent of it. I’ve suggested that a game you don’t like is better than games you do like! How criminal of me! I use basic reasoning skills, vocabulary, and don’t try to hide the fact that I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a college education! How arrogant and pretentious of me! I’m trying to imply that I’m smarter than you because I use “big words,” punctuation, and evidence to support my claims! Better attack me and knock me down a peg, because objective observation and reasoning is so damaging to the world.Or is it damaging to your ego?

            Please, grow up.

          • Leo

            I’ve pointed an “attack and heal” strategy which ironically enough is the one best option for a strategy in most of XIII, if you didn’t notice, but a lack of difficulty is actually the problem with XIII and the whole series, that was my point, XIII has all this cool concept of staggering and whatnot, but the game allows you to just use the same Attack and Heal strategy you always used in every other game in the series and rarely punishes you for doing so, it didn’t help that much in the end, and XIII-2 is surprisingly easier than that, I don’t even remember having any particular part in XIII-2 where I had to use strategy at all, but I admit I’ve beaten it in 2011 and never even touched the game again, so maybe it’s just my memory failing me.

            And there you go, XIII makes use of a level cap so you can’t simply be overpowered, but I think this was completely unnecessary and just took even more control out of the player, one of the most fun aspects of an RPG is leveling up and making your character(s) stronger, but XIII constantly restricts you from this, I get it that they did it to prevent the player to be over-leveled, but if that was the case, I could simply limit myself by not grinding too much, you could play the other games in the series whichever way you would like, if you want to be over-leveled, you can, if you just want to follow the game’s story and not grind, you can, the only thing that makes XIII artificially “balanced” is that level cap that shouldn’t even be there, and even with that the game still manages to be goddamn easy most of the time.

          • AlonditeMX

            Except the other FF games can’t be turned from an average game to a great game simply by increasing the difficulty. They require a complete mechanical rebuild to achieve that level.

            You assume that more player control is a good thing. Video games are designed with rules for a reason. Think about how any game or sport would be completely destroyed if the players could alter the rules at their will. Maybe players decide that the defense can have as many players as they want on the field. Maybe they decide that a touchdown should be worth 20 points.

            It is the responsibility of the gamers to solve problems and overcome challenges within the rules of the system. That is the point of game design. It focuses the experience reflect the designer’s intent. The principals of designing video games is the same as designing or engineering anything else. When you start messing with the design, the system doesn’t work in the way that it was designed, and becomes compromised. That’s why customization is so damaging to gameplay potential. Whether or not people have fun is irrelevant, because fun is subjective.

            You could limit yourself by not grinding, but it should never be the player’s responsibility to design their own experience. That’s what game designers are paid to do.

          • Revolutionfag

            “Actually do…what exactly? Summon Knights of the Round infinitely? Spam your most powerful attack until you need to heal?”

            Isn’t that exactly what you do in XIII when you obtain Army of One, an attack that deals a ridiculously high amount of damage even on a non-stagggered enemy and can be freely spammed it without any sort of limitation from the game?

            Hahahaha. Oh wow, Final Fantasy XIII is really a well-designed game, I’m totally convinced.

          • AlonditeMX

            Army of One is not even in the same league as KotR as far as effectiveness goes. You can’t pair AoO with HP Absorb and Mime it for no cost to deal massive damage while fully healing simultaneously.

            Not only that, but AoO has a very specific use; it does NOT cause massive damage. In fact, even a single uncapped attack can deal more damage than the entirety of AoO. AoO works to raise the chain bonus on a staggered enemy. Consider than AoO comes at the cost of 5 other attacks, using it effectively for net gain is a far more involved decision than mindlessly spamming KotR.

            Please, feel free to explain how FFXIII is a worse game than other games in the series using specific examples and a critical evaluation and explanation of how particular design elements function to make a game better or worse.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    I think the fact that Candy Crush and Cookie Clicker got more votes than Mario/Zelda is crazy. There had to be some developers voting for their own games, right?

    • ChronoX5

      Thats exactly it. You cant take this seriously.

      • Bankai

        Why is that?

      • Elvick

        “These opinions do not align with mine, therefore you can not take it seriously!”

        Solid logic you got there.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No developer voted from his own game. No.

      • Justagamer

        Candy crush and cookie clicker are crap..so im see they like crap..Hummm!

  • MarkMan23

    I was the one guy that voted for Zelda: Link Between Worlds? WTF.

    • Sorry Mark. Guess the other Japanese devs didn’t agree with you. 🙁

      • MarkMan23

        As it turns out, at the time of this polling, the game wasn’t even out yet in Japan. Oops! haha.

  • Stealth

    This poll really was one of the worst I have ever seen. But what can you do?

    The only thing the game companies really care about is, do the gamers who buy our products love our stuff. No developer worth his salt would put 2 seconds of thought into this.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You sure have a lot of respect for developers just because some of them happen not to like what you do. Kudos.

      • Stealth

        Your making a big assumption this poll is legit/

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          I don’t have problems in considering legit something even if it doesn’t fit my personal taste.

          Apparently you do.

          • Stealth

            The majority of these games, Japanese gamers didnt care about. If these devs have hopes of succeeding in the Japanese Market, this list really wont be of assistance.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You seem to think Japanese developers should like only what sells. Interesting standpoint.

            Thankfully Japanese (and western mind you) devs don’t normally agree with that.

          • Stealth

            I think it plays a big part in what games they pick and dont pick. Again your assuming this list is legit.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yeah. I’m assuming that the list is legit because 4gamer is one of the most relevant gaming websites in Japan, and they’re definitely more credible than you 😀

    • TalesOfBS

      Sonysuckers site. What would you expect?

  • Budgiecat

    Despicable Me: Minion Rush??

  • ChiffonCake

    Interesting to see Dragon’s Crown tied for #2, as well as Hotline Miami getting votes at all. Though one’s from Suda, which is not that surprising.

    Also lol @ Kancolle at #5

  • James Darkly

    Dragon’s Crown!!11

  • z_merquise

    I’m just happy to see Dragon’s Crown in the top 3. And as stated in the article above, it seems that some of the votes come from the Capcom staff. I read that the Capcom producer wanted to develop 2D beat-em-ups like they used to in the 90’s. As a fan of the genre, I wish to see more of it.

    My brother recently got The Last of Us. I’m actually looking forward to play that too.

  • z_merquise

    I tried checking the article. Hideki Kamiya’s best game is After Burner while Metal Gear Rising director Keiji Saito is FF XIV. But what interests me is Saito’s favorite film and anime are Pacific Rim and Kill la Kill, respectively.

    Kill la Kill game by Platinum, please Mr. Saito!!

  • Justagamer

    Wii U is still the better console but it’s their loss ..Super Mario 3D World got 10/10 and most those game never got that score..Hummm they must be mad..LOL

    • Stealth

      Famitsu Scored Mario higher than 99% of the games.

      • Justagamer

        Mario is better than some of the stuff they release these days

        • ipwnerz

          *most 😛

    • Elvick

      Only one that sounds mad is you.

      • Justagamer

        Nah i own all the new consoles ..Just think Wii U is more awesome…Better luck next time trooper!

      • ipwnerz

        Actually, the one that sounds mad is you, and now me, because I am directly opposing your comment with a *fire of ass*, just like you did to his comment by firing back violently, “only one that sounds mad is you.” OHHHHH, BURNNNNN!! screech the four retarted fuckheads that upvoted you. roflolz, you fail.

    • Yldefonso Then

      It isn’t my loss because I never liked nor have any interest in playing any Mario and Zelda games. To me it seems you and Stealth are the same troll with multiple accounts, such a sneaking troll lol.

      • Guest

        Wow… I actually feel sorry for you. You want to troll SO bad, but you fail at it. Keep that helmet on, and don’t let all the rejection letters from the special Olympics get you down bro. Someday they’ll say you aren’t too retarded to join them! Keep reaching for the stars!

        Oh and Im not the one stuck to one console..I don’t do console wars so keep trying trooper. We all know the truth

      • Justagamer

        Oh and guy..Your trolling skills suck…Keep trying!

  • TalesOfBS

    Is this a joke? Surely a bad one, because it is not even funny.

  • PrinceHeir

    glad Hotlne Miami is on the list 🙂

    Dragon’s Crown as well! maybe a rebirth of the 2D Beat’em up genre?? 🙂

    i’m surprised there’s no Terraria? didn’t the game came out on Japan on PS3 this year or last year?

    The Last of Us definitely deserves it. Naughty Dog is just amazing on how much they can produce something fresh from an old concept ^^

    • z_merquise

      Hotline Miami is so fast-paced and addicting. One of my surprise hits of 2013.

      I checked that 4Gamer article and Suda51 is among of the developers who chose Hotline Miami as their best game of 2013.

  • brianc6234

    Maybe Nintendo got shunned because everyone is tired of the same few games getting remade every few years.

    • Yldefonso Then

      Totally agree.

    • AlonditeMX

      Lol. You obviously don’t understand game design at all.

      • Carlos Kempe

        you totally love and are baised towards nintendo… a fanboy one would say.

        • AlonditeMX

          Right. Based on what, exactly?

          I do enjoy Nintendo’s games more than other games in most cases, but not because of bias. I enjoy them because they are observable more well-designed. Find another game not made by Nintendo that has the depth of interplay or rich counterpoint of even the original Super Mario Bros. Good luck.

  • Cherenando

    Developers are just jealous…it’s so obvious

    • Ritsujun


  • You are flat out wrong

    No Crimson Dragon. Good start to the Xbone’s Japanese output, there.

  • Elvick

    Just one for Tearaway. ):

    At least Puppeteer got 2.

    Love that Beyond and The Last of Us did well.

    • ipwnerz

      There should have been zero. Everyone knows that Tearaway is garbage game, literally, and that torn paper belongs in the trash, not in a $50 video game. BRB, time to f*ck, and resume to read the third line of your comment, because the second line doesn’t even make sense. ;3

      BACK! What the sh¡t?! Oh, more garbage games like Last of Ass and Beyond Two Tits have gotten on this list, goddamn. The Last of Ass was certainly supposed to have seen the last of MY ass ^_^ but, I already know that it’s going to have a “surprise” announcement and a new one scheduled for 2014. And, my oh my, Beyond Two Tits, why the f*ck would I need more than two to slobber my disgusting dhiarrhea d¡cks inside? The third one and “beyond” would just bat against the back of my head, shove me inside the original two, and suffocate me. -_- These games need to go on a horse’s ass, and be trotted back off to the local landfill to be consumed by time and torture. By the way, you people fail like John McCain, and if you excuse me, it’s TIME TO EAT MAI CHIKYN POT PAI! ^_^ BAI!

  • dsad

    oh no! rising sun flag = nazi

  • PachterStation

    The only game I played in the list was Battlefield 4 which was a poor game. Not played The Last of Us or Turismo 6 yet. I’m betting that The Last of Us will be great, but Turismo 6 will be a bag of nuts ‘n’ bolts like Turismo 5. All the other games, I’ve no intentions of playing. But looking at that list, it proves how much crap, average and the same old is released every year. To save gaming, most franchises should be given a long rest. If devs think they’re good enough, most games should be new franchises / originality, more so from Nintendo. It’s totally justified that Nintendo is nowhere to be seen. Testing times for Nintendo is 2014.

  • the dev who chose Resogun as best game must really be a crap game:/
    probably a dev who makes phone games>:/

  • vizard00

    3D and nice gfx are made by HArdware and technology , good games and design are made by good and talebted game designers . thats why u enjoy ur old pc games

  • John

    GTA V, Beyond Two Souls, and Candy Crush are within the top ten? Is Japan smoking something?

    Super Mario 3D World isn’t even on this list and Revengeance only has two votes…

    • Jimmy Lin

      Developers and players sees game very differently, this is not a list about how good of a product the game is, but instead about concept and application of each individual parts.

      For example The Last of Us is impressive is that despite a linear game, the game more than makes up for it with clever level design, and the individual parts all work together very well. The standard that developers judge games is not based on how fun it is, but rather how it overcome the usual complains and still make those flaws unnoticeable.

      While players judge games by entertainment value, developers judge games by finesse. A simple game that still finds it’s niche is more valuable to developers than a high production value game that only does decent.

  • @Eddie The Last of us is something unique kind of concept. I feel that development team did brilliant job because people became to keen while playing this game.