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The Last Guardian’s Creator Fumito Ueda Will Give News as Soon as Possible

by on December 28, 2013 7:17 PM 11

The Last Guardian’s Creator Fumito Ueda, who suddenly left Sony in 2011 but is reportedly still working on the game as a freelance, has been quite tight lipped both about the game and about his future projects, but apparently he’s just waiting for the right time to give us an update, and that right time could be soon.

During an interview on 4Gamer he was asked to give a message to the readers and his aspirations for 2014, and his response was brief but quite the tease:

As soon as possible, I think I’ll be able to give some kind of update.

And it would be about time, especially considering that all we received in the last few years about The Last Guardian and Ueda-san’s current labors are teasing words and half promises. Come on Ueda-san, you know you want to tell us.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Yeah, it’s about time. PlayStation Meeting 2014 will be perfect timing for him. He must show it there.

  • Bankai

    If I had one, I’d sell my soul for The Last Guardian to be completed.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      We believe you-but the truth is my friend it will see the light of day and won’t disappoint, so your prophetic pilgrimage is appreciated but not necessary as the life of this title is ensured by its creator and master mind, Fumito Ueda.

  • Cayal

    As far as I am concerned this game is vapourware.

  • PrinceHeir

    about time Ueda-san :)

    • Guest

      Well, you’re half way there dude! :)

  • Christian Dixon

    I don’t understand the secrecy behind the subject matter. Just tell us that it’s being worked on, and that it’s going to be on the PS4. Which is all i’m expecting anyway from them.

    • Cayal

      Yeah, this really bugs me about gaming. They’re so secretive.

      What’s the big deal if you reveal/discuss a game?

    • Quincy

      Yeah I scratch my head sometimes but oh well hopefully they reveal the game soon.

  • PachterStation

    Can’t say I rated Ico and its sequel, two very overrated games. Had an idea a while back that Guardian had moved over to the PS4 as it all went quiet. As Ico and Shadow flopped, I’m surprised that there’s a third game. Somehow, I can’t see Guardian being a hit or a console seller. I’m not sure what news is going to come out. Rumours of it totally being canned can’t be true. Or it might’ve been put on hold for a while.

    • nathanL0

      Neither game flopped. both were considered amazing games by both critics and gamers alike.

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