PlayStation Support Offers Hundreds of Apologies to Disgruntled Users for PSN Problems

on December 30, 2013 5:25 PM

Sony’s PSN had quite a few issues in the past few days, from outages to considerable latency, mostly due to the heavy traffic coming with the Holidays.

Obviously those that bear the brunt of this kind of problems are often the customer support representatives, but those at the helm of the Ask PlayStation twitter account took the issue in stride, and started apologizing. A lot.

They actually apologized to basically everyone that complained, sending out literally hundreds of apology messages (you can see a very small excerpt at the bottom of the post), especially yesterday during the evening, and they’re still going even now.

While those that follow the Ask PlayStation account may have received just a bit of spam, it’s nice to see that they care.

According to the same support account, at the moment the PSN is still suffering from “significant latency issues,” and those affected are being encouraged to try again later.



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