PlayStation Support Offers Hundreds of Apologies to Disgruntled Users for PSN Problems

Sony’s PSN had quite a few issues in the past few days, from outages to considerable latency, mostly due to the heavy traffic coming with the Holidays.

Obviously those that bear the brunt of this kind of problems are often the customer support representatives, but those at the helm of the Ask PlayStation twitter account took the issue in stride, and started apologizing. A lot.

They actually apologized to basically everyone that complained, sending out literally hundreds of apology messages (you can see a very small excerpt at the bottom of the post), especially yesterday during the evening, and they’re still going even now.

While those that follow the Ask PlayStation account may have received just a bit of spam, it’s nice to see that they care.

According to the same support account, at the moment the PSN is still suffering from “significant latency issues,” and those affected are being encouraged to try again later.



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  • Solid Snake

    this is getting ridiculous. When stuff like this happened with PS3, it wasn’t as bad because it was free. sony better fix this, because its its taking the piiss now.

    • Michael Clanton

      i agree, but sony does no wrong, and are never held accountable to anything yet.

      • Neil Dyson

        My Xbox One’s are just fine thanks – I always feel for the other side though, as it’s no fun on the Xbox side when things go wrong either. I hope they get it sorted soon but I said this in one on my rants published on N4G that Sony had under-invested in the servers for PS4 it was always going to happen.

        • brianc6234

          My PS3 is fine too. I haven’t had a single problem. But I’ve seen plenty of articles about Microsoft having problems too. This problem isn’t happening to everyone.

          • Neil Dyson

            Well I hope it gets sorted soon for you PS guys. Game on!

    • brianc6234

      It’s happening to Microsoft and Nintendo too. It’s normal this time of year.

  • Michael Clanton

    excuses about the xmas season, i keep reading that excuse…the thing is, the PSN network has never been that good…besides the free stuff that masks the problem of the actual quality.
    But now that we pay, this crap is nonsense.

    • Jason Mounce

      Even with all the downs, still better than Xbox Live membership. Enjoy your Assassin’s Creed 2, Halo 3 and ‘Gears of War 1’ freebies. You know, the games you already played in 2006-2008.

      • David Hoffman

        you know whats great though? there FREE. Actually free, not this “Oh here it is for “free” but ONLY as long as your a PS+ subscriber”. so your “free” games are only “rentals”.
        Where as Xbox live gives you the games. once its downloaded thats it, thats all you own them for life.
        (btw i own BOTH consoles, so not a fan boy. Xbox gives the games for free for life, but Sony offers BETTER games but only more of a “rental” so you better stay a PS+ member to keep them)

        • Jason Mounce

          “there FREE. Actually free, not this “Oh here it is for “free” but ONLY as long as your a PS+ subscriber”. so your “free” games are only “rentals”.”

          They’re* and, Free? Yes, you get them with a Gold Membership. Do you know what isn’t free? Your membership. Know what goes away if your membership goes away? Your games don’t vanish….but you lose All online services to said ‘Free Games’. So, SURE. You get free Single Player games that you likely already played before, you get any Free Online-heavy games? No, they aren’t free. They’ll be behind a paywall because? ONLINE USES XBL.

          Your argument is invalid.

          PSN+ as rental-concept or otherwise is still better because you get to play Newer games or games you may not have cared to try until the time its offered to you. Also, games that are Discounted by PSN+ are yours Forever. It’s only Free games that aren’t ‘Free forever’. Buy a $20 game for $5? It’s yours forever. PS3 wise it’s free server-wise too. Buy a Year of PSN+, your free games should honestly be already beaten and done with by then, if you’ve not beaten it, you likely don’t have a strong interest in the game. A Year-long rental is a good deal for ‘Free games’ that are New rather than 5-7 year old games you’ve already played before.

          PSN+ is $10 cheaper as well.

          Whether you own both or not, your ‘Opinion’ is flawed to me then, whether your opinion is formed with bias or favoritism or not. It’s inaccurate. ‘Gives games Free for life’ in itself has strings attached, you simply haven’t thought of it. Beyond that, comically, such features only exist so Microsoft can compete with PSN+ because they finally realize that it’s a threat now.

          • Craig Martin

            Whoever would cancel their ps+ is a complete fool. We know the value we get is 10x what m$ will ever offer, January is bio infinite, DMC(ps3), vita also gets 2 free games, and don’t starve for ps4 as members of ps+, xbox gets sleeping dogs…great game 2 years ago, and Lara croft GOL, great twin stick shooter 3 years ago. maybe a 20 dollar value

          • Jason Mounce

            $15 value max on that. Especially considering its price (Lara) is $5-10 on Steam

            I got PSN+ on sale during the Black Friday sales where a Year was $29.99. I got 2 Years PSN+ for $60. Mmmmmmyeah. ;O

          • Harerazer

            And PS+ got Sleeping Dogs like…a year ago.

          • Neil Dyson

            Does it have Halo? or will it get Titanfall? nah

          • Jason Mounce

            You don’t see PS Fans/Users crying. Titanfall is going on PC. Majority PS Owners likely own a PC, just like majority of Xbox owners likely have a PC. Thus, never include PC as a form of exclusivity, PC is (By ‘Fan’ perspective within Console owners) a Shared-Exclusivity platform.

            Just like how Planetside 2 isn’t ‘PS Exclusive’ since its on PC for everyone, or Sony’s MMO’s.

            I wish 343 Industries the best, certainly, as Bungie, aka, the original creator of Halo now become Multiplatform as Insomniac Games went multiplatform. So Bungie is now making Destiny for both platforms through which all can enjoy their quality-staff/devs. That and Destiny might as well be considered superior on the PS4 due to specs/reso and exclusive content.

          • Neil Dyson

            Maybe it will be and thats great for those end users but there’s no getting away from the fact that everyone who has bought an Xbox One that I know loves it. It didn’t play out Sony’s way in reality. Once they improve the kinect voice recognition it will remain the best console.

          • Jason Mounce

            Did you say ‘360’ will be the best console….. or Xbox One….?

            Either way, it may be your opinion but, my god is it a shitty one. You especially use the wording ‘Remain’ implying that any of them are ‘The best’ AS IS. 360 and Xbox One technically are 3rd Place in total sales too…Oh well, not like I’d expect a decent argument from you, you might shock me, but my expectations are down low to your potential.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            It will get titanfall eventually. I still think it is funny that M$ shoveled all of this money into its exclusives and thinking about getting games to their system first they forgot to make their system more powerful.

            Developers of their exclusives have already had to “cut corners” in order to make things happen on the XbOne especially in Titanfall. M$ have already been attacked for saying that their “multi-platform” games need to be released on the One first. Wonder why that is or could be? Maybe because of their systems lack of raw power and that games released on multi-platforms with devs taking advantage of the systems right out of the box it shows just that……weakness.

            Sorry to say that hardware doesn’t change in a console and if you come out day one with subpar specifications you are already behind the curve. So they are supposedly able to release a system update that gave %10 increase in performance……so that just mitigated the BS Kinect usage “%10” that was chewed up and reserved right off the top. And if day one developers argue right away that the PS4 is %50 more powerful than that of the One it really says something. Pretty interesting I think is that the GDDR3 memory in the One was such a poor decision in retrospect to performance. DDR3 just does not have the potential throughput for what these systems need hence the memory in both systems will be the bottleneck, that is if developers stay away from the HDD!

            And please before someone starts touting off about the Ones extra ESRAM or whatever it is called you need to do your research before putting finger to keyboard….. Look up at what resolution your ESRAM can be used at and is limited to. Also to mention what limitations it has on the frame buffers and settings developers are privy to. And already first party “first party” devs have been saying that without the “cloud” certain games wouldn’t even be possible. This right out of the gate. I mean this would be something I would be comfortable with if this was a couple years into a systems life cycle, but this was weeks after launch!

          • Neil Dyson

            Now thats a good deal. First decent comment I read on the PS side so far.

          • Neil Dyson

            Pretty sure Bioshock and DMC are old too dur!

          • Neil Dyson

            You are somewhat flawed. Microsofts games are free. It doesn’t matter that PS is $10 cheaper. Last year it’s ‘we don’t have to pay’ it’s hardly got better in that area has it?

          • Jason Mounce

            I’ll take your flawed opinion with no pinch of salt, thus invalidating your comical introduction which gives yourself pretty bad in first impressions.

            You still don’t have to pay for PS3 and PSV online, just because you saw numerous PS-fans state or boast “We don’t have to pay to play online” doesn’t mean you can equate that ALL PS-Owners have said it to validate your random petty argument.

            Secondly, many games are Not behind the Paywall of PSN+ on PS4 like APPS, F2P games, and all of which, whether it’s behind or inside the paywall of PSN+ is up to the developers outside of Sony’s Studios, so 3rd Party devs can make it so their Online game mechanics don’t need you to have PSN+ to play. Up to them entirely.

            Microsoft? It’s all FORCED. You have Apps you have behind a paywall, you have Apps that you can get for FREE ON PC, which is not free on Xbox’s, you have nearly everything behind a paywall and how the bloody hell, could you justify your blatant denial of telling me:

            ” It doesn’t matter that PS is $10 cheaper”. You don’t even tell me why it doesn’t matter. So, you’re essentially telling me that if games are worth $59.99 Retail, and then someone goes “Lets make all games prices $49.99 worldwide!” You’ll come out and go “PFFT THAT DOESN’T MATTER.”

            This ^ Above, alone? Makes you an Idiot and not worth my time beyond this post. A flawed man telling another that they’re flawed and without reason or rationality, you’ve proven to be worthless in disputes and logic.

          • Neil Dyson

            It’s been well dramatised that it is UP TO THE DEVS whether they go behind the wall of gold not Microsoft so this clearly makes you the idiot. I remember writing that very article which was confirmed by Microsoft themselves. Do your research. If Dev’s choose for it to be a gold only thing then thats down to them. Sure, I’m betting Microsoft can influence that via payments but they don’t control it.

          • Jason Mounce

            You call me an idiot.

            You tell me its up to the devs.

            Then please oh please tell me why Netflix is behind Gold paywall on Xbox systems, but is not behind PSN+ paywall?

            So, you’re trying to tell me Netflix themselves chose to take a Microsoft-approach of forcing the Xbox userbase to be behind a Gold Membership which serves Netflix zero royalties, zero benefits, and yet if Netflix was for EVERYONE and not behind Gold Membership. They’d clearly have more users using it.

            This one example alone shows how invalid and broken your argument is. The next would be Skype. Free on PC. Free on PSV…..Annnnd Microsoft pretty much owns Skype, but nonetheless, its behind a paywall on their own console but not on their rivals handheld? Nor on PC? Lol Tell me, can you access the Web Browser without Gold even? PS4 you can. F2P games you can 😉

            Microsoft is going to force you as MUCH AS POSSIBLE to be paying for Gold and likely telling devs to do so. ‘Influence’? No, Microsoft does whatever they can to control and gain more money, for you to constantly try to defend them and use misinformation is laughable.

          • Neil Dyson

            Name one misinformation I made. PERIOD. I’m not supporting the way it’s ran but clearly I’m also not supporting your views. I know Microsoft influence or I wouldn’t have said it. I run a gaming website and hear many views across various platforms. As you will see above, I am not for a second criticizing Sony platforms as my comments show, however I believe M$ as you so aptly put it are streets ahead with innovation over Sony. I learn this from posting news daily as well as researching daily. You sound like you have a valid argument to most, however those of us slightly above you in the news feed can see it a different way if we choose. I am not sponsored by M$ nor have I ever received any gratuities from them. In fact they likely don’t know I exist.

        • Craig Martin

          Have you ever tried to access those games offline friend? They become DEMOES

          • Jason Mounce

            If true, I didn’t even know about that. It has some kind of time limit or limited gameplay before boot to main menu orrrrr it asks for you to connect to XBL to confirm only to then ask you to pay for Gold? xD

          • Craig Martin

            When I had my 360 and moved we couldn’t afford internet right away, and my HDD was filled with arcade games, when I went to access then they were all the free demoes available in the marketplace, when I spoke to m$ they said it’s policy that if your not online the game isn’t yours, try it, they might have changed it but I highly doubt it

          • Craig Martin

            You can still log into your account offline but alas they are all still the demo version, I know both consoles(especially ps3, trust me, as much as it hurt switching to 360 after ps and ps2) 360 was the right choice last gen, if people don’t think m$ phones aren’t ringing OFF THE HOOK right now too, your crazy, ohh, I spotted this at Walmart this morning=)

          • Jason Mounce

            I’d try it, but I sold my 360 long ago after I beat the only game(s) I thought was worth ever owning the 360. Lost Odyssey and I had also bought to try out Gears of War 1 and 2 and Fable 2. I won’t doubt what you said, it sounds very true to what Microsoft/Micro$oft.

          • Neil Dyson

            If thats true, it’s likely that there is something written into the license so that if you get banned, you can no longer access the game fully, nothing more.

          • Neil Dyson

            gold is gooood

          • Neil Dyson

            Just tested this on world of keflings its not a demo

        • brianc6234

          Yawn. If you have PS Plus you have no reason to end it. You get a lot for the $50. Microsoft either gives away games nobody wants or games everyone already has. Big deal.

          • Neil Dyson

            Thats not actually true is it?

        • Neil Dyson

          You may have downed the post but its actually quite true.

      • Neil Dyson

        I’ll enjoy anything free cheers. Admittedly PS has served better free games but I don’t play many older games anyways so its less important. There’s only 24hrs in a day.

    • Neil Dyson

      You have only been paying for up to 2 months. It will take Sony time to achieve a better server base than that unfortunately.

  • verity treacle

    I think if people want to complain why don’t they tweet the guy at the top… President of Worldwide Studios, SCE… he has a twitter account… might make them listen… 😉

  • Guest

    Too little, too late $0N¥!

  • Craig Martin

    If you guys aren’t happy there is another 500 dollar BETA console out there that grinds, smokes, pops leaks, and doesn’t listen to a word you say, unless you mention drugs then it probably records for the NSA. and if your disgruntled they will give you a voucher for a free game…THATS ALREADY FREE. Oh…and an avatar shirt, ps4 is outselling xboxdone 2 to 1(and ALL OF LAST GEN all I played was my 360. Time2sh1ne look it up if you don’t believe me so I’m far from a fan boy) now they talk about how cloud computing will be tripling the power of your xbox done…it can’t even HANDLE the power it has now without something revolutionary happening like your console leaking oily substances, pluming black smoke, horrific grinding, popping noises, I’ve heard one pop and seen smoke while playing dead rising 3(which I LOVE BTW) at a friends. I guess it can’t handle 720p and 16-24fps, what do you think is going to happen when titanfall hits and then they hit the switch for the cloud to “super power” your console??? I’d be shocked if it doesn’t burn houses down

    • Neil Dyson

      Drama queen much? I have 2 Xbox One’s and no issues whatsoever. It’s an electrical item same as a PS4 or a kettle. Some will have issues in the early stages. There are far more blue light issues than there are blu-ray issues on Youtube and everyone knows it.

  • Russell Gorall

    And when it does connect, the Store now has Xbox styled ads. Every time I click on Games, it takes me to Pop Movie This Week ads. And the PS Plus section first tries to sell more PS Plus to me. This is getting just as bad/ probably worse, as the ads on Xbox.

  • PrinceHeir

    haven’t been online lately 😛

  • PS+ is a great value. Free one years rentals or how ever you want to spin it is a great value. Especially when you get FREE content across three brands: PS3, PS4 and Vita. I have experience some minor glitches with my PS4 PSN account. My biggest issue is when I log on to play COD my friends list sometimes disappear. Or If I want to view someone profile to do a friend request, I get an error message.

  • brianc6234

    This isn’t really a Sony problem. It’s happening to Microsoft and Nintendo too. It seems to happen every Christmas. More people get consoles and people take time off. No network can handle lots of traffic all the time. It’s no big deal. Just play a single player game until it clears up. Remember what single player games are?

    • Los Illuminados

      indeed. well said.

    • Neil Dyson

      Pretty sure the new MS Data Server in iowa is more than up to the task. I had a 5 minute blip at 11pm new years eve as the french mass messaged the world but apart from that its been super-dooper.

  • jspillen

    My buddy has been having the same problems with his Xbone. And we know there are nearly double the amount of PS4’s in consumer hands. I imagine the server loads were insane with that many people testing out their new hardware.

    • Bob

      It has been? I’ve had absolutely 0 problems with the Xbox One.

      • Neil Dyson

        Me neither