Valkyria Chronicles 3 Fan Translation Finally Available: Lets You Play the Game in English

If you are one of the many disgruntled Valkyria Chronicles fans cursing Sega at least once a day for refusing to localize the third chapter of the series, i come bearing gifts, as the fan translation of the game is finally available.

A group of valiant fans took upon themselves to translate the whole game on their own free time, and finally managed to release the first playable patch, that works with the Extra Edition of the game and translates it all besides a few small areas here and there and the extra missions (that will be covered in a future release).

The patch can be downloaded here, and you can also find instructions on how to get it up and running. It also reportedly works on PS Vita, as mentioned here.

Normally we wouldn’t support something that requires you to install a custom firmware on your console, but western Valkyria Chronicles fans have been denied for way too long.

Of course we strongly encourage you to legally purchase your copy of the game. Conveniently, it’s on sale on the Japanese PSN for 980 yen (less than 10 bucks) until January the 8th. The patch does work with the digital download of the game, and you can find details on that here.

Can you imagine a best way to start the new year than playing Valkyria Chronicles 3? I really can’t.

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  • ekibyougami

    And it’s only the 2nd day of 2014!!!!

    *tears of joy*

    • NeoTechni

      First day

      • Guest

        Ever heard of different timezones dude? For example, it’s already 4:21AM over here at my side.

        • NeoTechni

          No dice. I’ve set up a small apartment here for you to move in. One time zone only.

        • Koroma

          far be it from me to judge, Why are you awake at 4 something am on internet comments.

  • Chris Yuen

    VC3 in glorious English. I really tried to stay away from using the fan patch, I really did, but SEGA just keeps on refusing to bring a official version over to us. SEGA: Nah, more Sonic and wow! We are bringing Hatsune Miku to the Vita. That’s all good and stuff, but there’s this white elephant in the room: Valkyria Chronicles 3. Why aren’t you guys doing anything about it? Why not contact the Japan office, and ask if it’s possible to assist the fan-group in turning their project in a official one?

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the guys that worked hard at bringing this project to us Valkyria Chronicles fans. Maybe I’ll finally buy that Udon Valkyria Chronicles 3 artbook. Had been tempted before, but didn’t want to spoil myself more than what I have watched of the VC3 OVAs.

    By the way, Abriael…just a heads up…the Final Fantasy Type-0 fan group is estimating a release date for their project in say…2 to 3 weeks. Keeping an eye on it for sure. Cheers.

    For releasing this on December 25th, the VC3Translation group saved Christmas. (Along with Trigger Studio’s releasing of the Kill La Kill soundtrack of course)

    Just look at the screen! I really wish the series can be revived on the PS4. SEGA’s CANVAS engine is still one of the best to grace the PS3.

  • British_Otaku

    I’ll grab my brother’s Vita and look into patching the digital copy right away then.
    I bought all three artbooks and Project X Zone just because it gives me more translate VC goodness, I can’t resist when it costs only 980 yen.

    EDIT: It is super awesome that the digital copy on sale is the definitive version of the game.

  • PrinceHeir


    shame Sega could have put this on Vita with original Japanese audio only.

    i played a few fan translated games(Chaos;Head) and they did a good job. though i notice a few misspellings and errors. so i won’t be surprised if this one has one as well(not that i’m complaining)

    anyone gonna enjoy this for sure!

  • Budgiecat


  • GLsan

    That was the fastest 10 dollars I ever spent lol. I kinda wish the money would go to the translators instead of Sega though. They really suck right now. Where’s our PSO2 dammit?

  • rgegrerg gergerg

    God, thanks.