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Cannons Lasers Rockets Fires Into Steam This Month

by on January 2, 2014 12:04 PM 2

Everyone wants to be a space pilot. But not every game makes that dream easy to accomplish. Enter Net Games Laboratory, whose Cannons Lasers Rockets seeks to combine 2D spaceship combat and 3D environments for one smooth experience, and which will be available this month via Steam Early Access.

Taking the simplistic controls of 2D space combat games and applying it to the MOBA genre, NGL seeks to put the focus on tactics and playstyles, not on complex flight controls that deter from the fun of the game. Instead, players focus on what lasers, explosions, asteroid collisions, enemies and other sci-fi conventions come their way.

Cannons Lasers Rockets is set to be “free-to-play” but not “pay to win,” meaning that while there will be an in-game shop, it will be used for ship designs, skins and decals, not for gaining an unfair advantage over other players with the power of the green. The game will feature team-on-team battles with up to 40 ships on a single map.

Cannons Lasers Rockets will be available sometime this month via Steam Early Access. Check out the Cannons Lasers Rockets Steam page and the Cannons Lasers Rockets website for more information. For a closer look at the game, check out the Cannons Lasers Rockets YouTube channel and the screenshots and trailer below.

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  • Godmars

    Oh boy; another trailer which gives little if no indication of real gameplay…

    • Masoud House

      Check out the Youtube Link, there’s plenty of stuff there.

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