Final Fantasy XV Used to Be a PS4 Exclusive, Insider Claims

Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, nicknamed Thuway, is known as a fairly reliable source of rumors that has been proven wrong rarely. Today he gave an interesting snippet of information about Final Fantasy XV, that apparently, according to his sources, used to be a PS4 exclusive (and not just a PS3 exclusive in the guise of Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

FFXV PS4 Exclusivity, even to this day, some insiders claim, was a thing; and these insiders are about as trustworthy as they come.

Thuway went on to theorize that the reason behind the multiplatform nature of the revealed title might be that Sony didn’t care to pay for exclusivity, even if this seems to be just his personal speculation:

It could also be because Sony didn’t want to open their checkbook. Honestly, exclusivity in this day and age is stupid.

Of course, as with all the information coming from insiders like Rasheed, we should consider this a rumor. Unfortunately it’s unlikely that we’ll ever hear something more solid about it anytime soon, as this kind of deals are not spoken about in public outside of post-mortem interviews that normally happen several years afterwards.

If it’s true, I tend to agree with Thuway. There are better ways to spend resources than purchasing third party exclusives, especially on the long run funding first party IPs tend to be a better idea.

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  • PrinceHeir

    oh boy!!

    then again, i don’t really mind it being multiplatform. there’s no compromises now that both consoles are similar with one another.

    though i do wonder if this will be 1080 60FPS(or 30FPS)

    and what about Xbox One? 720p 60FPS(30FPS)?

    • T Dot M Dot

      Yeah this doesnt surprise me. Its annoyed me but really doesnt surprise… I sold my Xbox and got a PS3 when i heard VERSUS & KH3 was coming to PS3.. After waiting years for a release date i get a slap in the face by Sony OR SE, I doubt Sony didnt have the cash to throw down on their top 3rd party exclusive games

      • Suzaku Kururugi

        I will give you versus, but where the heck did you see a KHIII for PS3 announcement?

    • Michael Clanton

      you really dont understand the 720p and 1080p thing at all i see, great write up some where on this site as a news story. enlighten yourself.
      But ill help you, the more familiar devs get with a system the better, launch games tend not to be a representation of the system unless its a first party..there is a reason sony and ms first party games tend to look better.

      • Emedan

        That really depends, no amount of programming wizardry will make the Xbox One frame buffer big enough for 1080p with AA solution. 32mb eSRAM was a poor design choice when most modern engines use deferred rendering techniques which tend to result in a BPP over 20 in 1080p to be sized at 39.55mb which as you can see is too big for the 32mb eSRAM.

      • PrinceHeir


        i already know developers can achieved this, i’m asking if Square Enix themselves can achieved this.

        lol stop acting like you know what you’re talking about.

    • foureyes oni

      I doubt it will be 60fps but the 720 p xbox one and 1080p or possibly 900p for ps4 sounds about right.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Really no reason to even think about buying exclusivity. Sony [knows] that the PS4 will get a large(r) portion of XV’s sales regardless. Would have been a stupid decision.

  • Stranger On The Road

    Interesting, didn’t SE say that FFXV supported DX11, if I recall correctly they said that they could easily make the game a PC game if they wanted to because of how much work they have done on the game engine with DX11*.

    If the game was meant to be an exclusive, even for a some period of time, wouldn’t OpenGL be their primary graphics API to use instead of DX11?

    Any way, considering that the main market is the Japanese market, isn’t it a waste** to develop for a platform that doesn’t even have a release date in that market?

    * well, they didn’t say PC, but for all its worth, the Wii U support DX11 or something like that (didn’t read too much about it).

    ** considering the reason assumed by Rasheed for not making the game exclusive

  • Don’t put all hope on SE – that’s the lesson here.

    I don’t mind multiplatform, but I will be upset if multiplatform is the cause of down tuned performance for some titles to match the spec of the console.

    • GLsan

      In this day in age, I would assume they would be able to optimize each version for their specific consoles. And as far as I’m concerned, I believe most developers praised the PS4 for having a huge pool of memory and it was easy to develop for. I think regardless of whether it’ll be multiplatform or not, should be safe to assume that it will look fine at the end, on the PS4 at least.

    • Ritsujun


    • Miles Greb

      This hurts the game. It not being ps4 only harms the game.

  • Jesus Christ

    In Jesus’s (that’s me) Name, I don’t care about exclusivity at this point. Just get the game out or throw it in the trash and move on.


  • Kasual7

    I think sony has long passed the time to pay third party exclusives, they have 12 or more intern studios which works on simultaneously multiple projects , catering for those studios games budgets is enough cost.

    • foureyes oni

      i agree to an extent but this game would have been a heavy blow to xb1 if this game had been a ps exclusive. It would have made more people think this was the second coming of the ps1/2 era and probably would have made squareenix look good (that last part was just pure ps1 fanboyism i must admit).

      • PhantomVash808

        It’s not a big deal considering the fan base for both FF & KH are primarily on PlayStation. Besides Sony most likely cut a deal to release PS4 bundles with these games when they release. I’m sure gamers rather Sony take the money it would cost to make either game exclusive and use it to fund unique games like Puppeteer, Rain, Gravity Rush, Everybody Gone to the Rapture, Rime, & The Order 1886.
        If Sony chose to money hat 3rd party companies last gen gamers may never have gotten games such as Heavy Rain, LBP, Journey, Unfinished Swan & Demon Souls.

        • foureyes oni

          I don’t really mind that the game is on xb1 although i don’t get why kh3 is on it right after making a hd remakes for the ps3. i just hope Sony starts making their own first party jrpg’s . I know i kept hearing they were making their own but those tight lipped bastards won’t give us any info on it. considering how many jrpg games are coming out for the ps3 next year it really making me regret buying a ps4 since i don’t have any games i actually want to play on it. i really hope they talk those devs into porting those games to the ps4 as well.

          • Suzaku Kururugi

            Is there much of a point to making their own when they get a good majority of them? I know there was that little stint at the beginning of the generation where Microsoft threw money away for a shitton of jrpgs, but after that, it seemed as if every jrpg went to either PS3 or 3/DS with the occasional one being tossed at PSP/Vita or Wii/U.

            Most of their studios seem to be more action-oriented(non rpg action) anyways. Unless they have some Japanese studios capable of rpgs that I don’t know about.

          • foureyes oni

            honestly i just think that right now outside of the level 5 game and SE i don’t really see anyone making AAA jrpg. i figured Sony would be the only other company willing to put some money down on making one. I loved the 360 for the first years because of blue dragon and lost odyssey i just wish that Sony would do something similar. At the rate MS and Sony are going we won’t be seeing any next gen jrpg’s until the end of 2015.

          • Suzaku Kururugi

            Ah I get ya. I guess the only thing we can do is support the PS3 rpgs and be vocal about wanting devs to go to next gen as soon as financially possible for them. The install base of the ps3 is just so safe and comfy for them that most 3rd parties might not be willing to take the risk until XV paves the way. Sony funding an rpg could definitely help with that, but it wouldn’t probably reach anywhere until the timeframe you already mentioned.

  • Antonio C. R. Murray

    “It could also be because Sony didn’t want to open their checkbook. Honestly, exclusivity in this day and age is stupid.”

    That’s fraudulent and you know it. Its simple politics that what happened was that S-E wasn’t confident in Sony’s PS4 (oops), demanded some “compensation”, and Sony couldn’t afford to pay up. Does it make sense that KH 1.5 was exclusive yet KH III ain’t?

    All one needs to do is look at PlayStation North America/Europe E3 2013/gamescom 2013 vs PlayStation Japan / TGS 2013. PS NA/EU couldn’t get any 3rd party exclusives while PS JPN was able to get and showcase many. That’s why market share is important in which one of the keys IS exclusives.

    Why all the talk for Titanfall? Some people simply don’t want an Xbox One to play it. Why all the talk of Nintendo “need to go third party”. Some people simply want to play Nintendo games but not have to buy another console. Well if you feel that way, that’s your problem, not theirs. Just like any other, the platform holder’s job is to win by selling systems with games.

  • ragingmerifes

    Probably a moneyhat.

  • stealth20k

    Sounds like a baseless rumor if you ask me. I really feel FF 15 is an exclusive.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    “There are better ways to spend resources than purchasing third party
    exclusives, especially on the long run funding first party IPs tend to
    be a better idea.”

    Tell that to Vita.

    • Guest

      Exactly. If Sony would have kept Monster Hunter exclusive before 2010, then ultimately the Vita would have been much healthier now. Because of that, Sony now has to work much hard at their portfolio just to match that and meanwhile, hardware sales suffer, which then doesn’t impress developers, publishers, etc.

  • Galen Nycroft

    Very interesting indeed. I would think SE itself would go with the better system, in this case the PS4, since that’s where the JRPG audience is. It’s probably going to be a colossal waste of money and resources to try and put FFXV on the XBox One.

    Sony shouldn’t have to pay for exclusivity, especially for a lapsed brand like Final Fantasy. The developers shouldn’t even be considering porting it down to XBox One. Whole different audience IMO.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Square Enix better not pull off the platform exclusive DLC for FF XV and KH III like Kojima is doing with Ground Zeroes and possible The Phantom Pain.

  • N4GXboxFun

    120 FPS, 4K resolution – that’s what the Xbox 1 will do for this game! WiiU/PC and PS4 fanboys will be crying… HARD! 🙂

    • Ritsujun

      Not hard enough, dronie.

  • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

    I dont care for SE or FFvs13 anymore,they screwed me,only reason I bought the ps3 was for ff13 and vs13,and no it doesnt come to ps3,screw sony and screw SE,hope they both go bankrupt.I honestly dont give a shitt anymore about them anymore.
    I have only waited on this game since 2006,no biggie you know…

  • Guest

    And another one lost to Sony, what else is new.

  • Koroma

    I’m still have no intention of buying an xbox1 but iv’e always hated exclusives ppl seem to like them but they have no advantage only disadvantages for the consumer. The more that can play the game the better.

  • Yeah…

    …Exclusivity really doesn’t mean anything now. A game that is thought to be exclusive to one console usually shows up on the other one a year later (although I doubt Titanfall will come to ps4)…unless it’s published by Sony or MS. Even then though, Ninja Gaiden 2 was published by MS, and it ended up coming to ps3, except it had the “Sigma” name attached to it.

  • themuIe

    It’s going to sell the PS4 in Japan (much more than FFXIII did for the PS3, and it did well on that front), so that’s enough.

  • thebanditking

    eh doesn’t matter, the PS4 will account for most of its sales anyway. FFXV will sell PS4’s and FFXV will sell to those who already own PS4, the question is can the same be said for Xbone.

  • Jecht_Sin

    I don’t mind FF XV coming to XBone. I am still pist off about FF XIII moving to that DVD player, though. I find it curious that no insider mentioned the correlation between the first 2 DVDs linearity and the X360 port..

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  • Neco The Sergal

    Upon Squeenix finally making an FF7 remake, Sony would be smart to pay for exclusivity to make it a complete console-seller. FF7 Remake being a PS4 Exclusive would end the console war pretty much instantly if Squeenix make it right.