Sony Santa Monica May Be Working on Something for Sony’s New Virtual Reality Headset

on January 2, 2014 4:09 AM

Ahsan Rasheed, also known as Thuway, has been dropping quite a bit of interesting information lately. He’s known as a fairly reliable industry insider that has been proven wrong rarely and today he had something to say about the rumored virtual reality headset Sony should be working on, and will possibly be announced at CES.

E3 came and went, the surprise never showed up, I’m beginning to think its the VR headset. I hear Santa Monica is doing something with it.

Whatever the teams at Sony Santa Monica studios have been doing in the past few months, it has been kept closely under wraps, so it’s quite possible that one of them they may indeed be working on applications for the VR headset.

Of course you should definitely treat this as an unconfirmed rumor until an official announcement is made directly by Sony. We’ll keep you updated if anything more surfaces on the topic.

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