Deep Down Trademark Registered by Capcom for Both United States and Europe; Localization Incoming?

Capcom never officially announced a localization of PS4 exclusive Deep Down for the western market. All we know is that it’s being considered, but at last something seems to be moving on multiple fronts.

The “Deep Down” trademark has recently been published in the US database, registered by Capcom itself (you can see a screencap of the search at the bottom of the post). A similar trademark appeared previously for the European Union.

Capcom also had already registered the domains, .net and .org. While they still lead to a placeholder page, they have been updated very recently, on January the 1st.

With the PS4 heading towards its release in Japan, times seem to be mature for an announcement, and everything seems to be in place. Of course we should wait for the official announcement itself before getting too excited, but the cogs seem to be in motion.

DeepDownTrademark 1

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  • Anime10121

    Who DIDNT think it was coming? I mean every trailer released thus far has shown the game with English dialogue. I mean sure confirmation (or as close as you can get rather)s always nice, but I don’t think anyone could honestly say they didn’t see it coming.

    • drproton

      Not to mention how they announced the game in New York.

      • DarthDiggler

        I agree with both of you that it is unlikely this game will not come to the west, but Sony likely chose Deep Down in February 2013 because of it’s impressive visuals.

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing 🙂

  • Anders

    The audio in-game is English so I really hope that the game will come to Europe.