Sony Teases Possible Naughty Dog Announcement (Or Something Else) for January 6th

Sony Computer Entertainment Italy seems to be teasing something on its Facebook Page.

The message in Italian, that appeared on the header of the page, says “We have been naughty, and we’re proud of it. 6.01.14.” You can see it at the bottom of the post.

The teaser image, that for the moment appeared only on the Italian Facebook page, is related to the tradition of threatening naughty children with the gift of a lump of coal on Christmas and on the Epiphany holiday (which happens exactly on January 6th, when kids receive gifts and candy as well, even if normally smaller ones than on Christmas), which is particularly rooted in Italy. Only, the coal is shaped like a PS4 controller.

It’s also worth mentioning for those that live in North America that in Italy dates have the day first and the month second, so 06.01 means January 6th, not June 1st.

The tease could be related to Naughty Dog, considering that the word “Naughty” in Italian is included in it. Of course it could also be something else entirely, and you should consider it a rumor until an official announcement is made directly by Sony.

We reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment Italy to ask if they have more information to share, and we’ll let you know if we receive any relevant details.

Update: further evidence emerged showing that the picture may have very little to do with Naughty Dog, and is probably just a celebration of the Holidays, as you can read here.


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  • Jonathan Crout

    itll be last of us dlc gameplay trailer more then likely if its uncharted 4 footage ill roll my eyes in utter disbelief so im not expecting already what best could be reveled so im not dissapointed

  • ISISSecretAgent

    it seems it has to do with a regional holiday? about a witch and bad kids and stuff

    dude in gaf: “Guys I’m Italian let me explain it better for you. First of all is a wrong translation, it says “we’ve been bad, and we’re proud of that”. Its bad and not naughty. Than the pad is made of coal because in Italy on January 6th it is the day of the “Befana”, a kind of old “witch” that put in something in the sock you leave hanging on your door: if you’ve been good she leaves candies, if you’ve been bad coal. That’s it, so nothing to do with naughty dog or anything relevant, maybe some promo…”

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It does, it’s the epiphany holiday here in italy, but it doesn’t mean it’s not teasing something. Otherwise why put it up 3 days earlier?

      • “You don’t “tease” a holiday just because especially three days in advance.”

        Because nobody wishes you a merry christmas before christmas… right?

      • extermin8or2

        hmmm apparently depending on dialect it could mean either bad or naughy although im going with naughty personally- also look at right hand side of the controller just infront of it-is that part of a paw print i see?

      • Guest

        Keep dreaming of it

  • Jessie Bristol

    I don’t think people should be hoping for a Naughty Dog Uncharted 4 reveal. They just announced not days ago that the Uncharted 4 engine has just been up running. I think they announced the game prematurely at the PS4 launch event as it will most likely be a Fall 2015 release (unless they only plan on a 12 month dev cycle).

    • bigevilworldwide

      How exactly do you prematurely reveal something that you showed NO game play footage for, and in no way shape or form revealed and tiny bit of anything resembling a release date? Nor did they say anything about being in the “launch release window”…..

    • jb223

      I’d say spring 2015 or right around June when TLOU drops would be more likely…see the thing about the announcement of the engine just getting up and running and why that isn’t as big a deal as it seems is because they are using the same engine that was used for their ps3 games, so they’ve been working on the game proper (we’ve already seen Todd Stashwick in mocap suits) while another subset was probably working on getting the engine running smoothly on the ps4 concurrently. Not necessarily a situation where the production hadn’t started until the engine was running on the system. That said, I’m still a bit doubtful of a holiday 2014 release per usual because of the lack of in game footage to accompany the brief teaser. I think they realized that TLOU did so well in June that maybe they should line up their video game blockbuster w/ the movies’ blockbuster season. I’d love to see it in 2014, but I’m a bit skeptical of that date

  • KeeseToast

    They teased nothing, the article is explaining it by itself ?!?

  • You are flat out wrong

    I bet it’s nothing.

  • NeoMahi

    If it is Naughty Dog related, expect a very short and vague trailer. Now, I digg Naughty Dog just as much as the next guy and Id really love to see something that really sheds light on the upcoming Uncharted game but, I’ve pretty well got this business figured out and Naughty Dog has a set pattern. They’ve become predictable. Come March April, things will start to unfold and the big reveal will be at E3. I’m predicting Uncharted for PS4 will release November of this year. Fortunate for their fans, they don’t like to make us wait long for their games because we don’t like to wait But, given Naughty Dogs style and track record sqq assuming the announcement is Naughty Dog– then it’ll be another teaser. If its anything else Sony PlayStation related… Whoopity do. It may be another teaser for something three weeks from now. Come on Sony, we know better. If you want to blow our minds, reveal The Last of Us PS4 or announce Shenmue 3

    • extermin8or2

      CES is on monday in the USA could always be using uncharted 4 to demonstrates ps4’s potential there? ….

  • PachterStation

    Fingers crossed that Uncharted 4 isn’t full of jungle and cave exploration (none of it in fact). The Vita version was quite a poor game (full of the above). Uncharted 3, they totally cocked up the control system. I think a new trend with new consoles is knocking out short games for a premium price. I would of much settled for The Last of Us 2 than Uncharted 4 (the 5th in the series).

  • Black Falcon
  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Savage Starlight puhleeeaaaase

  • Solid Snake

    Uncharted 1: Woods
    Uncharted 2: Snow
    Uncharted 3: Sand
    Uncharted 4: Lava?

    ….that would explain the melting DS4.

  • StupidGoogleTranslate